Aaron Klein Reveals HR McMaster/George Soros Connection

Aaron Klein Reveals HR McMaster/George Soros Connection
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Aaron Klein, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Breitbart News reports that McMaster was involved with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) for 11 years as a consulting Senior Fellow. IISS receives funding from Ploughshares Fund and the Open Society Foundation, organizations controlled and backed by far-left globalist billionaire George Soros.

Klein has come under vicious attack by left-wing reporters working for far-left propaganda organizations that were once in the news and information business. That fact alone all but confirms the accuracy and reliability of the Breitbart report on McMaster.

The ‘has-been’ journalists take the position that any criticism of George Soros is anti-Semitic and rail against anyone making such claim. Truth of the criticism is irrelevant. Attack dogs like Media Matters and Think Progress are extreme globalist orgs funded by George Soros to devour anyone who criticizes McMaster or other key globalist deep state or elected officials.

Their criticism of Klein as anti-Semitic is almost laughable considering that he is Jewish and that Soros as a young man was a NAZI collaborator being paid to sell-out his countrymen seeking refuge from the purveyors of the holocaust. Over 11 million Jews were brutally exterminated and George Soros did all he could to help the NAZI regime achieve their ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem.

McMaster is purging the National Security Council of all voices who oppose the globalism agenda embraced by him, Obama and Clinton. Anyone taking a hardline stance on Iran is fair game and removed from the NSC by McMaster who was a leading proponent of the dreadful and treasonous Iran Nuclear deal perpetrated by far-left globalist John Kerry when he served as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Just recently McMaster removed Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a Trump aide and Iran nuclear deal opponent from the National Security Council along with Rich Higgins the NSC Director of Strategic Planning for being an Iran hawk and revealing the domestic coup d’état by globalists and Islamic insurgents into the United States.

Derek Harvey, who held the Middle East portfolio at the NSC was an Iran hawk and also removed from service by McMaster. McMaster will simply not allow any pro-President Trump conservatives and libertarians to serve on the NSC as evidenced by his refusal to grant security clearances; remove clearances and terminate everyone in opposition to globalism and its agenda.

The battle between McMaster and Steve Bannon is legendary. Again it begs the question why President Trump keeps McMaster around. McMaster is pressuring President Trump to recertify the Iran deal; is aching for war with Russia; and wants to invade Syria with no less than 150,000 troops. So far President Trump has been able to keep the McMaster invasion of Syria and his other highly aggressive recommendations at bay.

Who knows how long President Trump will be able to suppress this active and escalating coup d’état against America and his Presidency? Why McMaster is still employed as his National Security Adviser is remarkable. The cliché of keeping friends close and enemies closer as justification is an absurdity in this situation.

Breitbart News is actively investigating IISS and questioned them why they scrubbed from their website donor’s page the George Soros controlled organizations. They restored the scrubbed entries without comment. IISS is financed through Ploughshares who in turn is financed through George Soros and his Open Society Institute; the Buffett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York; the Ford Foundation; the Rockefeller Brothers Fund; the Rockefeller Foundation; and the Tides Foundation which is one of the largest funders of the radical left. Tides is funded by Soros.

The list above is a who’s who of far-left donor organizations. Ploughshares was instrumental in selling the Iran deal to the public along with former Obama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. The marketing plan, according to the MixedTimes report, seized advantage of the ‘absence of rational discourse and utilized outside groups, including Ploughshares.

The absence of rational discourse is the hallmark of the far-left and the Obama regime in passing Obamacare and a majority of the globalist platform. Once rational discourse is engaged, the far-left ideology has but one outcome, unmitigated failure.

All-in-all Aaron Klein did an outstanding job in his investigative reporting. This piece is but a summary of his finding. An article written by Klein is in the references below. The more we find about HR McMaster the worse he becomes. Mr. President, if there was ever a man deserving of your infamous, ‘Your Fired!’ it is General HR McMaster. Stop putzing around and get on it!



Article: H.R. McMaster’s MSM Allies Panic: Claim Breitbart’s Jewish Jerusalem Editor Is Anti-Jew

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