Mueller Has FBI RAID Manafort’s Home … Really?

Mueller Has FBI RAID Manafort’s Home … Really?
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If ever there was a reason to fire deep state operative Robert Mueller for his masquerade as special counsel this it! A raid when Paul Manafort is cooperating with Mueller’s request for documents? Well fair is fair for they did the same thing to Hillary Clinton when they raided her home for her servers used to commit crimes of espionage.

What? Wait, Oh! They didn’t do this for Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Farkas, Rhodes and many other lawless criminals in the Obama regime. My bad! The insanity of the lawlessness globalist coup d’état is accelerating out of control. This is unacceptable on so many levels and an affront to law abiding Americans everywhere.

Did our new FBI Director Christopher Wray authorize this raid request by Mueller? If so, he too needs to answer as to why such an over-the-top tactic was granted. This smoke and mirror mirage has gone on way too long already. In fact it should never have come to be in the first place.

Here’s the million dollar question that all special counsel investigations must be able to answer according to law. What is the crime being investigated?

The Russian hack and collusion delusion is a manufactured ghost story to tie up the Trump administration and keep them on defense so they will not move forward in investigating the most crime riddled administration in American history … the Hillary Clinton and Obama regime.

This is nothing but a target investigation which is illegal. American law does not permit an investigation into someone because you dislike them or hate them and think they must be guilty of something so you investigate them in hope of finding a crime. Our Constitution forbids such thing, but since the constitution has been shredded one slice at a time over the last century, it is little more than a museum relic.

There is more of a factual case against Mueller and the Clinton’s collusion with Russia than there is with President Trump. Let’s summarize shall we?

  1. Robert Mueller was the courier who delivered stolen Uranium to Russian operatives on the Moscow tarmac as part of the Uranium One bribe to the Clinton Foundation.
  2. Robert Mueller was offering disgraced FBI Director James Comey legal counsel before he would testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chaired by Jason Chaffetz, R-UT.
  3. Special Counsel Law prohibits a person from being special counsel who has a personal relationship with a target or key witness in an investigation, both of which apply to Mueller-Comey.
  4. Hillary Clinton had the Russians pay her as a bribe $145 Million as part of the Uranium One deal.
  5. Bill Clinton had his speaking fee doubled to $500 Thousand for speaking at a Moscow event. This was orchestrated through Hillary and the additional $250 Thousand was to cover-up an additional bribe associated with the Uranium One deal.

Just how much more of this nonsense are we expected to take. Mueller must be fired immediately in spite of the threats issued by the far-left democrats which in itself is a crime.


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Thumbnail-Robert Mueller Crimes and Criminal Cover-ups

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