Jack Posobiec Organizing Nationwide March On Google

Jack Posobiec Organizing Nationwide March On Google
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Jack Posobiec is hoping August 19, 2017 may be a day of reckoning for tech giant Google for creating algorithms that enable widespread search engine censoring; suppression of content; data mining and information sharing with USA Intelligence Agencies like the NSA and CIA along with website suppression and other violations of the 1st and 4th Amendments.

On Saturday August 19th netizens throughout the United States will gather to protest anti-free speech and illegal seizure of private information monopoly Google at many if not all of its nationwide offices. Jack formed a coalition of free speech activists to help coordinate the logistics and protest marches.

YouTube, a wholly owned Google internet video platform is aggressively censoring, demonetizing, not contacting subscribers of newly posted videos and hiding videos in ‘Ghettos’ deep within their site. Ghettos are where these videos go to die for they cannot be found using key word searches. site all videos, channels and content producers that do not stand in agreement with their ideological and political bend.

So far confirmed marches will be taking place at 5 of the 30+ Google/YouTube locations: Mountain View, CA; New York City; Washington DC; Austin, TX; and Boston, MA.

NewsHawk Network is a victim of Google and YouTube censorship and will help by serving as a contact point for coordinating the Google marches in Dallas, TX and Mayes County, OK. If you are located near these locations and want to participate or help organize the march please Contact Us via our website.

Organizers are reaching out to James Damore, terminated engineer at Google for writing an internal memo entitled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” where he argued that Google had shut down the conversation about diversity, and suggested that gender inequality in the technology industry was “in part” due to biological differences between men and women to speak at an event.

Oh the horror of James Damore to suggest that men and women have biological differences! The left has gone completely mad. Organizers are planning a “Google Meme Contest” so post your BEST Google Memes to the hashtag #MarchOnGoogle – the winner will be announced with a special prize on the day of the march!

Protesters may also be exercising their free speech rights, which Google does not respect, by protesting in front of the homes of Google’s executive team. The date of those protests will be announced soon.

If people do not rise up now to claim their Constitutional Rights codifies in the Bill of Rights which is the highest law of the land our liberties may be lost forever. Its up to us to see this does not happen.

True to form Google is suppressing and censoring the publication of this event. Please share and make it go viral. Freedom is not Free and must be fought for every day!


Website: MarchOnGoogle.com

Website: Google Locations-USA

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