Google, YouTube Teams With Far-Left Groups to Assault Free Speech

Google, YouTube Teams With Far-Left Groups to Assault Free Speech
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Fake NewsGoogle announced it will be teaming up with far-left groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the propagandists BuzzFeed News and New York Times; and ProPublica to ‘snuff out’ conservative and libertarian websites. This latest assault relies upon the false flag and staged events at Charlottesville as justification for implementing the totalitarian globalist agenda and rescission of individual rights.

It is well documented how BuzzFeed News and the New York Times tends to fabricate news to advance the globalist agenda. The New York Time should change their service mark to ‘all the news that’s fit to fake’ as we have seen them do throughout the fake Russian ‘Delusion of Collusion’ farce. President Trump is being investigated for non-existent crimes while the true criminals continue to enjoy their exemption.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is notorious for targeting legitimate conservatives groups, and branding them as “hate groups” because they hate the fact they refuse to embrace the far-left globalist agenda. SPLC is renowned for using lawsuits as a tactic against conservative groups and individuals. By forcing them to spend legal fees ranging from multiple thousands up to millions of dollars defending themselves, they are being diminished in advancing their conservative, Constitutional message.

Many are forced to declare bankruptcy or just go out of business for lack of resources to defend against such frivolous lawsuits. This tactic has proven effective in silencing opposing voices. Others far-left groups like Google and YouTube use censorship and search engine algorithms to silence and bury these groups from having their website and topical information found by those entering internet search parameters.

BuzzFeed News and the corporate legacy media like the NYT, Washington Post, CNN and the rest of network and cable news rely on character assassination to silence opposition. Collectively these tools have been effective in assaulting Conservative and Libertarian groups by erecting a straw-man they can dismantle and attack. Free speech, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the enemy of tyrants for they are impediments to totalitarianism and globalism.

Google SpyingThis latest assault is for Google News Labs to create new algorithms and automated tools for the propaganda media to use as a defense in their attack on liberty, American values, free speech, privacy, and illegal seizure of data on private citizens using technology. Personal data is stored on iPhones, notebook and desktop computers accessing the internet and transacting business electronically. With a far-left activist judiciary, many such cases have ruled in favor of the tyrannical organizations.

This assault on liberty is unprecedented in American history and is only dwarfed by the NSA and Intelligence Communities (IC) illegal spying and data seizure of Americans and foreigners alike. When the truth is universally revealed that 20 Million Americans were spied upon by the Obama regime and IC agencies, it will convulse America into demanding a complete shutdown and re-evaluation of the governments and private sectors use of data mining, surveillance and spying activities. WikiLeaks Vault 7 releases reveal a frightening level of covert technology used to spy upon and gather data against ordinary Americans.

The overt and covert surveillance genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back in. Such a blatant disregard of the Constitution by the illicit partnership between government and Silicon Valley must not go unprosecuted and unpunished. Fines alone are hardly appropriate considering the magnitude of the crime.

If privacy rights of citizens continue to be disregarded and trashed by technology, this nation will not survive as a free constitutional republic. Then again is that not precisely what these tyrannical globalists desire?

Truth New hate SpeechThe Google News Labs partnership with ProPublica in creating a ‘Documenting Hate News Index’ is the stuff of tyrants in silencing opposition to their totalitarian regimes and agendas infesting America. They are not cataloging ‘hate groups’ or hate crimes but rather an enemies list of people, organizations and businesses effectively upholding the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and championing the cause of liberty for all Americans. It is our opposition to totalitarianism the left hates for it thwarts their tyrannical schemes. A link to the hate new Index is in references below.

As is common with all tyrannical leftist groups, they present a benign and superficial demeanor to appear quite innocuous until we delve a little deeper and peek behind the curtain. We see the usual totalitarian suspects who finance violence and hate then blame the victims. It’s an old propaganda tactic that has been working like a charm for these globalist tyrants.

Far-left financiers like George Soros’s Open Society Foundations has been financing violence and havoc since World War II when he was a NAZI collaborator. His other evils include the overthrow and collapse of several governments and banking institutions; Billionaire Herb and Marion Sandler’s Golden West Financial Corp. allegedly targeted subprime borrowers with “pick-a-pay” mortgages that led to toxic assets that were blamed for the collapse of Wachovia. These are purposeful disasters designed to pave the way for a globalist economy that must first destroy capitalism.

Soros, Sandler and others are financing the Google/ProPublica Hate News Index and ProPublica-led coalition that includes The Google News Lab, Univision News, the New York Times, WNYC, BuzzFeed News, First Draft, Meedan, New America Media, The Root, Latino USA, The Advocate, 100 Days in Appalachia, Ushahidi, and SPLC.

Just because far-left tyrants hate your speech, that does not make it hate speech. In fact it us truth they hate. When people like us see their evil schemes and reveal such it is we who get labelled as haters when in fact it is they who use force and violence to achieve their end. Opposing these groups is a heavy lift because they are backed by our tyrannical federal government but nonetheless must be done.

CensorshipFree speech is protected under the US Constitution regardless of whether it is labeled as hate or otherwise. Speech cannot be silenced but only opposed in the arena of the free exchange of ideas and ideologies. The tyrants of the left are bereft at articulating totalitarianism as the ideology they seek to impose upon all. Their main concern is disguising their ideology.

When the far-left globalists present their totalitarian scheme it is summarily rejected for it only benefits the elite at the top. As is evident by their loss in 2016 presidential election and subsequent coup d’état they tyrants refuse to accept defeat but rather use force, violence and the threat of violence to achieve their ends.

President Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office is a threat to the tyrants for he can expose and prosecute their myriad of crimes. The federal government is continuing its operation as a lawless crime syndicate as it has for several decades. Forgive my brief digression but it was appropriate to address this so we can better understand what and why the coup d’état against America and President Trump is escalating. The tyrants are in self-preservation mode in addition to trying to advance their globalist agenda.

Who do we want to define hate speech? Private interests … government … judiciary … congress? These are the tyrants seeking to trample the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not preserve it. When the overseers cannot be trusted to champion liberty and our Constitutional rights, where do we turn? Where we should have been right from the beginning; we turn to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They need no permissions to implement and why the tyrants are ready to implode.

Freedom demands diligence, learning and educating citizens so they may make informed decisions on what they choose to believe and why. We as a society of free people ran amuck in allowing things to progress this far. It is not the place of tyrannical government, their lap-dog corporate cronies and the propaganda media to justify the seizure of liberty and impose their extremist dictatorial will upon sovereign citizens. This tyranny will not stand.

Yes, all American citizens are sovereign and those individual rights are enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as our unalienable rights bestowed upon us by God. The extreme ideology of globalism is totalitarianism where only the state is sovereign and individuality is a threat. Globalism states the individual has no purpose or function unless they are assimilated into the collective under a functional sub-group. This is the antithesis of American sovereignty and violates our Constitution.

Globalism sees national sovereignty as a threat so why would they not see individual liberty and sovereignty as a threat as well? Both the individual and the nation-state must be eliminated by any and all means regardless of necessity. Dominance and total control over the people their game and full subjugation is their play. The tyrants have no limits or restrictions on how they achieve their end as long as they do.

The wisdom of our founding fathers demanded restrictions upon their newly formed government based on liberty is because they understood that power corrupts and power is tyrannical. Human history is one of tyranny by the few who formed human government. The purpose of the Second Amendment is the ‘anti-tyranny’ provision so that government shall fear the people they seek to govern thereby guaranteeing liberty.

Today the opposite is true where the people fear their government thereby guaranteeing tyranny. We exist to put fear of the people back in government to reclaim our liberty and sovereignty. To do that we must invoke our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land once again and be prepared to fight for it.

The judiciary is out-of-control and dominated by activist judges seeking to legally eradicate Constitutional superiority through extreme jurisprudence of case law. Case law has been used to subjugate the Constitution to a lesser position than supreme law. Tyranny encroaches in small digestible pieces and water that slowly comes to a boil will surely cook the inhabitant of the pot unawares until too late. We are now at that boiling point.


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