Finally Violent Antifa and Anti-Trump Protesters Confronted by Police!

Finally Violent Antifa and Anti-Trump Protesters Confronted by Police!
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The violent far-left anti-Trump groups like antifa, black lives matter, bamn and others were finally confronted by police at the President Trump rally in Phoenix, AZ. These extreme leftist groups have agitated and initiated violence at Donald Trump campaign rallies that have escalated into an active, organized element of the coup d’état against America and President Trump.

Such a vile display of lawlessness and hypocrisy is attempting to incite more violence leading to civil war. Not only do democrats and the propaganda media refuse to call out these groups by name, they go so far as to protect and coddle them because they are players on the same team of malcontents. The nerve of the media to force President Trump to condemn white supremacy groups by name while they refuse to do the same for the leftist thugs.

The distortion and twisting of facts by the tyrannical leftists, especially those surrounding the staged Charlottesville protest is a disgrace. Do the delusional media think they are the only providers of footage of the Charlottesville Charade? They blatantly lied about what happened in Charlottesville and in President Trump’s response … Shameful!

Such propaganda is the stuff of Nazism and Goebbels and yet they delude themselves into thinking they represent truth, the higher ground and the sentiment of the nation? While the political structure, government, banking, Silicon Valley and large corporations may be totally corrupt, a vestige of America disdains such corruption, race baiting and gender politics.

The propaganda media will not so much as mention the names of the violent leftist groups but only lump them together under the banner of anti-Trump.  After all, are not all the aforementioned active participants in the coup d’état and anti-Trump agenda?

The gas mask laden antifa garnished weapons and engaged in several skirmishes with police after the President Trump Phoenix rally. Peaceful Trump supporters vastly outnumbered the violent rioters and social malcontents. There were four arrests which are grossly lower that what should have been, but at least there were no stand-down orders like in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Portland and other democrat controlled cities and states.

The violent antifa were geared for battle like they always are with offensive and defensive weapons. These are all Soros funded anarchists, fascists and totalitarian globalists, socialists and communists. Let the media refer to them as who we are in America while condemning and portraying the peaceful Americans as the culprits.

The propaganda media is the violence for their vicious assaults on America and her values, history and culture. The hate America agitants occupy the lamestream propaganda media, politicians, democrat party, RINO GOPe and deep state and are the same folks involved in the coup d’état against America.

The President Trump speech was a resurgence of the man we saw on the campaign trail that garnered multiple millions to support the America first agenda to soundly defeat Hillary Clinton. He rightly and properly singled out the propaganda media and politicians fueling the violence in the streets. You cannot defeat a problem until you are willing to identify the problem. President Trump was back in true form.

His speech was spot-on in most key areas but there is still evidence of the militaries globalist chokehold on President Trump. All-in-all the speech was a three-run homer and had it not been for the embrace of military globalism, it could have been a grand-slam.

Of course with that there were strategic leaks from ‘unnamed’ White House aides to disavow the prepared speech by President Tramp at Phoenix. I think these leaks are strategic for General Kelly does not appear to be the ally that President Trump believes he is. He appears to be yet another globalist general along with McMaster doing a slow walk of President Trump to the gallows at the hand of Mueller, the assassin. This leak appears to be from Kelly associates and the anti-Trump aides, which are many, distancing themselves for a powerful speech by our President.

The draining of the swamp is not going nearly as well as it should. Strategic gatekeeper positions are all manned by the enemies of President Donald Trump.


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