Comey-Less Democrats Lament “Gimme Shelter” from Their History of Russian Collusion

Comey-Less Democrats  Lament “Gimme Shelter” from Their History of Russian Collusion
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Now that the royal guard has been fired, the Comey-less democrat left is scurrying like roaches when the lights come on. Oh what a sight to behold! Now that their cover is gone it’s all hands on deck for the major assault on President Trump.

Their lives as free people may very well depend upon their ability to depose President Trump and the war is on. Yes I mean war literally. This is a good-news, bad-news scenario.

The good news is the evil players can’t help but expose their evil deeds for all to see and the bad news is they may inflict harm to President Trump in the process. The good news is all impeachment attempts will fail and if they cross the line, which in fact they already have, sedition charges must follow.

Why do the leftist’s believe a coup d’etat is an acceptable political and judicial strategy without consequence? I originally posed that as a rhetorical question but on second thought perhaps it warrants a response. The major reason is to avoid prosecution and prison! That includes James Comey.

For those of you who follow my articles, you may think my comments are idle expressions of angst toward the left. It is angst but it is also based on facts and a long history of Russian collusion. Democrats, the DNC, the Obama regime, the Clinton’s and their Foundation could all be prosecuted under RICO for they all operate as a criminal enterprise … and you can include the corporate mainstream media. Yes, I’m dead serious.

Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane an see all the democrat collusion with Russia. It includes allowing Russia nuclear proliferation, and financial collusion and investment in Russia. Now these same criminals  want to accuse President Trump when there is no evidence of Russian collusion!

Elections Are Impossible to Hack Externally: democrats voraciously defended this point along with the fake news media and demanded in advance that Trump accept the 2016 election results because to not do so would harm the nation. Hmm. I guess that only applies to Donald Trump for the democrats and GOPe have been engaged in treason ever since Donald Trump won the election. No sedition charges?

All elections including national elections are run and managed by counties according to state rules with each state having their election and tally system. Vote tabulation is generally not done online and therefore impossible to hack at least from outside influences. Results may or may not be posted online but regardless the tally is set long before posting. However, internal manipulation and tallies may be and often are wrought with fraud depending upon who is managing the elections. Election fraud is massive and commonplace with democrats primarily and GOPe.

Soviet Penetration of democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration And Deep State: during WW2 and thereafter newly unclassified docs show over 300 democrat Americans spied on behalf of the USSR.

Democrat Party Supported the Russian “Nuclear Freeze Movement” in opposition to President Ronald Reagan: who ran on a ‘peace through strength’ platform that included modernizing the nuclear missile deterrent systems at home and abroad through NATO. The World Peace Council and the US Peace Council were two ‘Communist Front Groups’ operating in the US that were fully supported and funded by democrats.

Obama Appeased Russia Rather Than Strengthening NATO: in 2009 Obama unilaterally cancelled the hard-won pact negotiated over a number of years by the Bush administration with Russia to deploy a new generation of NATO defensive missile systems in the Czech Republic and Poland. I guess we forget about that destruction of legacy but more important world safety, huh.

Obama Crimean/Ukraine Affairs: when the Russians annexed the Crimean peninsula and undertook subversive military action in eastern Ukraine, Obama found reasons not to arm anti-Russian factions in either area or to provide resistance. Democrats only resist America, not the Russians.

Obama Syrian ‘Red Line’ Episode: that Obama refused to enforce. Instead, Obama proposed to partner with Putin in bombing the Syrian resistance. Yet another capitulation to Russia by Obama.

Democrat Party Mocks Mitt Romney as a ‘Cold War Relic’: for saying that Russia still posed a threat to the USA during the 2012 presidential election.

Obama ‘Open Mic’ Flexibility Deal with Russia: where Obama promised them a ‘better deal’ after he wins his second fraudulent election. That is so good we need to hear it on tape. Yes, both Obama elections were anchored in election and voter fraud. Its how democrats win.

Obama Russian INF Treaty Retreat: in 2013 Obama cowered and capitulated yet again to Russia when they illegally developed their Yars M Missile System which is banned under the US-Russian Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Obama’s Secret Nuclear Funding Deal with Iran, Russia’s #1 ally in the Middle-East: that paved the way for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. If that’s not bad enough Obama paid Iran $150 billion in cash that helped weaponize islamic terrorism. Thanks Hussein O! Dare I mention the $400 Million for the release of hostages and the $1.3 Billion in foreign currencies paid to Iran one month later? Nice job traitor Obama.

Hillary Clinton: far-left democrat queen who sold 20% of the US uranium stockpile to the Russian government for a $2.35 Billion ‘donation’ to the Clinton Foundation and a $500,000 fee to Bill Clinton for a Moscow speech paid by those with ties to Russian intelligence. Oh nothing to see here, let’s just move along.

John Podesta: democrat operative joined the board of directors of ‘Joule Unlimited’ an energy company and essentially became a business partner with the Russian government investment fund ‘Rusnano.’ The fact that Putin has ties to Rusnano is of no import at all even though he was advising Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the same time he was working with Rusnano. Nah, no conflict here either.

Tony Podesta: John’s brother receives $170,000 in 2016 by a Russian government bank to become a lobbyist and petition the Obama regime to end the sanctions imposed on Russia after its seizure of Crimea. Gee, do you think if Hillary won the 2016 election, the Podesta boys would play key roles in her administration? Oh no, perish the thought!

Prominent Russians Invest $Multi-Millions in the Clinton Foundation: If Hillary had won do you think they might be looking for some return on their investment? Wait, that can’t be because the democrats tell us that Putin and the Russians want Donald Trump, a political unknown to win the election and we all know democrats don’t lie. Forgive me for not being the brightest bulb on the marquee but does this not sound like Russia was expecting Clinton to win the campaign? If they indeed did hack the 2016 election why do we believe it was to benefit Trump? Wonder if the Foundations is offering refunds?

DNI James Clapper: democrat whose job it was to review and consolidate the findings of all 17 US intelligence agencies, reported under oath there is no evidence of Russian hacking or collusion to benefit Trump in the 2016 election. Wonder if we reworded the question from Trump to Clinton that would still ring true?

Senator Diane Feinstein, D-CA: acknowledges as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee that there is no evidence of collusion with Russia by President Trump.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA): is the Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who also states there is no evidence of collusion with Russia by President Trump.

James Comey: the disgraced FBI Director states there is no investigation into Trump collusion for there is no evidence to support such an investigation. Comey has been a shill for the Clinton’s for many years seeing that investigations are deflected and suppressed. He carried that into the FBI and is why he disgraced the FBI. He is protecting himself as well as the Clinton’s and their Foundation; The Obama regime, and the DNC. Be wary of statements made against President Trump since his firing. They are all desperate and extremely dangerous.

Books can and will be written on these things but the short story is the democrats and the GOPe are not guiltless and have erected a government corrupt and criminal to its very core. President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions pose grave threats to the continuing criminal enterprise and they being in the habit of never answering for their crimes. The scathing attacks on President Trump are desperate attempts to depose him by any means necessary.


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