Hey Deplorables, Act Now or We Lose This Nation Forever

Hey Deplorables, Act Now or We Lose This Nation Forever
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Clint Eastwood could have easily starred in his movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” if it were filmed in the DC Swamp. The adventure and fights would still be epic. It seems not all snowflakes, cupcakes and buttercups are on the left for it appears we have more than our share here with our basket of deplorables on the right. Did these trumpets entering to the political scene for the first-time think that winning the election was the victory? If they did, they are woefully mistaken. Even the snowflakes are hitting the streets to support their misguided cause.

The left assaulted the January 2017 Republican Town Hall meetings to give the false image that the public is hostile toward the repeal of Obamacare and that constituents are disillusioned with President Trump. Do a YouTube search for House Speaker Paul Ryan 2017 Town hall meeting and you’ll see CNN is the sponsor.

CNN Town Hall with Paul Ryan

That’s right, CNN the undisputed king of fake news held these events across the nation at key republican districts. They stack the place with their plants and hammer House Speaker Ryan and other GOP establishment republicans at their district town halls as well. The GOPe needs very little justification to treat President Trump as an enemy combatant.

Ryan-McConnellPaul Ryan as Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader never obstructed Obama nor did they mount anything that can be misconstrued as opposition. Nonetheless, they have already mounted more opposition to President Trump in his first few weeks in office than they have Obama in his eight years. Oh, they put on quite a show for the cameras in 2008-2010 when they were the minority and stated they could do nothing to stop Obama.

Judging from what the democrats led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing to Trump, we can only conclude the GOPe was pulling the wool over our eyes then, or they are doing so now. The republican establishment is not inept, they are simply not who they pretend to be. They are RINO: Republican In Name Only. They do not adhere to the core values of conservatism but are globalist leftists put in leadership positions by Reince Priebus when he was RNC Chair and now Chief-of-Staff for President Trump.

I vehemently objected back then by my cries and pleas fell upon deaf ears by those reveling in the election victory. I hope y’all have come down from your high for if we do not hit the streets again with a sound strategy to counter the left we will lose this country forever. Knowing that both Ryan and McConnell have betrayed America already should tell us all we need to know about these wolves leading both houses of Congress.

Both have claimed they will not provide funds to investigate the rampant scourge of voter and election fraud plaguing this nation. The nonsense that there is no evidence of fraud by the left and very little evidence of fraud by the RINO GOPe again reveals who these turncoats are. Truth is the 3Million incidents of fraud claimed by President Trump is a lowball figure for the true number based upon an algorithm of know fraud puts the nationwide number for the 2016 election in the range of 6-8 million fraudulent votes.

They have also questioned funding for the wall and other President Trump initiatives. With the democrat filibuster of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court, reversing the illegal stay of immigration from the 7 Middle Eastern caliphate terror states by activist Judge John Robart is unlikely. The 9th Circus Court of Appeals is also a group of radical activist judges and why they got that name many years ago.

Truth is the republicans could push the entire Trump agenda through IF they were so inclined. Reality is they do not want to for the GOPe is in full agreement with the globalist democrats for they too are globalist embracing that evil agenda. We have got to replace RINO Ryan and McConnell now before we lose the traction and momentum President Trump provided in his first two weeks in office. Make no mistake and do not be deceived … Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will subtly do everything in their power to derail the Trump Train while pretending to be on board. Welcome to the Swamp. Will you actively support the Drain or stay on the couch?

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