When Draining The Swamp, Did You Think The Creatures Would Not Object?

When Draining The Swamp, Did You Think The Creatures Would Not Object?
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The Who’s Who of Swamp Creatures

President Donald J Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp” as a campaign promise to America. One thing we can say about President Trump during his first two weeks as President of the United States of America is he keeps his promises. Let’s begin with a photo array of the Who’s Who of swamp creatures.


Swamp Creatures: The LameStream Media

media logos








Journalism died a long time ago and ratings and entertainment has replaced the news. The arrogance of the lamestream is when they saw their ratings tanking years ago, they concluded it was because the sitcoms and variety shows were their competition. Wrong! The biased presentations and fake news is why you all lost market share.


Swamp Creatures: The Democrat Party









The democrat party made an active effort to rid itself of moderates who tended to support the mainstream view during the Obama years. While George Soros is not an elected official, he is certainly a renowned political puppet master who owns many key democrats and republicans loyal to the globalist cause and creation of a new world order, world economy and world currency. Their obstructionism is about globalist survival and our fight is about the survival of our nation. It’s about defeating globalism and the globalist agenda for a new world order. Nationalism, patriotism and America First is the biggest threat to globalism and why the psychotic conniption by the left.


Swamp Creatures: The Republican Establishment








The establishment Republicans are globalists and not any different from the democrats when it comes to supporting the globalist agenda. All the republicans listed in this photo array are financed by and in the pocket of George Soros. They and the many other establishment republican globalists like Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell and Reince Priebus who join with democrat traitors to this nation. When one takes an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, it is traitorous to legislate for the globalist vision of one world government. That’s what these traitors have done and are continuing to do now by opposing President Trump and his nationalist agenda.


Swamp Creatures: Activist Judges, the Fed, Traitors and Other Bad Actors










There can certainly be more added to the general bad actors list. Hollywood should be included for whom better to present fake news than those trained in being fake themselves? Most LameSream anchors and reporters are actors and actresses for image trumps substance (pun intended) in the world of make believe. Hollywood is replete with useful idiots pretending to know something and playing roles for the amusement of others. However, when they speak they reveal themselves to be as fake and ignorant of the real world and in a desperate search for identity.

The studios and the producers are a different breed for they are the true source of evil. They use the power of pictures for propaganda, manipulation and to satisfy their lust for money, power and influence. That puts them in the same class as the lamestream media and ironically the people they pretend to expose.

George Soros has been disrupting world economics and the overthrow of governments since he began his pathetic life of treachery when he betrayed his people to Hitler and the NAZI Stormtroopers as a youth. Activist judges who legislate from the bench as did District Judge James Robart who is a radical Social Justice Warrior, Black Lives Matter supporter and anti-police agitator are in the same class of traitor as George Soros. Men like Robart who inappropriately scolded police for doing their job in open court in 2016 and Soros who finances the treachery of violent groups financed by Soros’ Black Lives Matter are traitors and bad actors responsible for the societal decay judges are empowered prevent.

It is especially villainous when judges forsake their constitutional duty. Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch is a former Justice Department prosecutor, proclaiming James Robart’s decision against President Trump as illegal. Klayman states, “The ruling is regrettably not surprising, as this judge not only disobeyed and flouted the law but apparently was more intent on making a name for himself in a very leftist state, Washington, and around the nation.”

The Federal Reserve, created in 1913 is yet another bad actor. The Fed is unconstitutional and their activity has undermined the economic stability of the US by illegally usurping the constitutional mandate of Congress to coin money and print currency. The Fed is not subject to government oversight as an independent corporation and is responsible for every war of this nation since their inception.

Yes, the swamp runs wide and deep and permeates every aspect of America and its culture. The draining quagmire is cause for the desperate creatures to squeal riotously and viciously attack those responsible for disturbing their habitat. This is to be expected for these loathsome creatures know their time is short. The swamp is their sanctuary of evil and without such their bile has no environment to flourish.

As the bayou continues to drain so does their life-force and at that time their tactic may change to an impassionate plea for survival. Evil is a sophisticated manipulator and fierce resistance must be exercised by all patriots at that time. Any capitulation at this time will unleash a ferocious, unrelenting and merciless onslaught of biblical proportions … literally. My biggest fear is that our desire to show compassion and understanding to evil is to not see and identify the malevolent forces of globalism.

We cannot make any concession to allow globalism to survive or to allow those who seek to destroy us any remnant of power for if we do it shall surely be to our peril and demise. Do not forget we have been granted a Divine Reprieve and to fail to fulfill this exoneration will surely usher in the prophetic end of days.

Victory is expected and this must be the price we are willing to pay to restore this nation to its constitutional and godly roots. We all have a part to play in the restoration. We are winning for the swamp is being drained. An activist judge rendered an illegal stay and prepare that an equally activist and notorious 9th circuit court of appeals will uphold the illegal decision. That particular appeals court is not called the 9th circus for nothing. They are the most defiant and radical appeals court in the land. This will absolutely be overturned in the Supreme Court and why we must all become very loud and active in applying pressure to have Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed immediately. Protest, tie up phone and fax lines non-stop until confirmation is in order and an acceptable means to achieve our end.


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