A New Era in America Begins With President Trump

A New Era in America Begins With President Trump
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January 20, 2017; Northeast Texas. Today we have inaugurated the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump before throngs of supporters and well-wishers eager to revel in their victory against tyranny and oppression. The inauguration of President Trump marks the first true nominee of a political party and president elected by the American people since Ronald Reagan. Today is about America and her people refusing to have their voice silenced by the enemies of state who have usurped control of our government away from we the people via fear, deception and intimidation. Though there seems to be many whose purpose in life is to repress our right to inaugurate the person of our choosing through threats of violence, riots and assassination; our God and Divine Providence has refuted any and all such attempts at denying our duly elected President from taking office. Our joy is restored as we inaugurated the man of our choosing to serve the people of these United States, President Donald J Trump.

This inauguration day is not about the stranglehold of anti-American globalist tyrants who successfully silenced the voice of mainstream America in days gone by; It’s not about the oppressive boot of big government upon the throats of Americans who are having a hissy-fit due to their resounding defeat; It’s not about the propagandist LameStream Media that once upon a time reported public opinion rather than manufacturing it through false polls, deceptive reporting and fake news stories intended to misinform the American people; It’s not about the indoctrination centers, you know those institutions we used to call schools, colleges and universities that now hire educators, teachers and Marxist professors to rewrite history, distort facts and malign our heritage in order to dumb-down the population as preparation for totalitarianism. This day is not about any of those things.

This inauguration day is about the rise of the common American who simply wants their nation restored to the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be that guarantees and protects our God ordained rights to freedom, liberty and justice through our Constitution. This day is about the people of America who once again want their voices heard and to see America restored to her roots. It’s about ridding themselves of the corruption, fraud and abuse that have come to be the trademark of DC politics. This day represents more than the complete repudiation of progressive statist control of the totalitarian boot of big government tyranny and oppression upon the throat of the American people and small businesses striving daily to support themselves and their families in an ever deteriorating economic and social fabric that made America the envy of the world. This day is about the fundamental restoration of the Christian values of the American family and way of life that made America the beacon of light and envy of the world.

The LameStream Media (LSM) would have us believe that government tyranny rather than the sovereign individual knows what’s best for ourselves. The LSM propagandists lie, distort, twist and malign the message of hope in their incessant attacks upon the one whom we the people have chosen to be our President. They have recently taken away our free speech and liberty through NDAA which is bondage and buried justice by not having it apply to those in government and the elite. The LSM and tyrants adopt the methods of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to stage and report on the false “paid for” rioters and protesters as representing America to further their illusion and fake narrative that they, not we, know what’s best for us. That’s all we heard from the LameStream media about this day; they will have you believe that a handful of ineffective protesters and would-be rioters created mayhem and havoc on this inauguration day much like they did after election day. The LSM wants you to believe their false narrative that Americans are opposed to President Donald Trump. The truth is we outnumbered them by a more than a ten to one margin, and their predictions of violence and mayhem proved to be a dud. Despite this fact the fake news media would not relent from their incessant attacks and insults in an futile attempt to rob us of our joy. The LSM and the handful of paid rioters and protesters for the most part took their money and went home.

While there will be plenty of time to report and fight for truth and justice, that day will begin in earnest tomorrow because today is our day to celebrate. Today is our day of joy, today we once again rose up in overwhelming numbers to celebrate the people choosing the man we want to represent us in the Oval Office, and that man is President Donald John Trump who today in fulfillment of his promises made went to work and did just what he said he would do on day one. But that too is a story for tomorrow. Today is our day of celebration!

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