Original 99 Page FISC Memo Released!

Original 99 Page FISC Memo Released!
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Thank you Alex Jones and INFOWARS for releasing the original 99 page FISA memo filed with the FISA Court (FISC). This is the primary document used to create the four page summary memo by the House Intelligence Committee. The full memo is available as a pdf file at the link below.

Now we wait for the declassification from the Intelligence Committee by President Donald J Trump. We need to have the names released so we can purge the FBI and US Government from the criminals infested by the two Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes. The infestation runs deep and does infect the rank and file despite the many claims from politicians and the Lame Stream Media that they are all ‘good’ people.

Wishful thinking does alter truth or reality. The US Government Purge is underway. Thank you President Trump!

99 Page FISC Memo




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