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At the time of this writing around 90% of the county votes are in and Judge Roy Moore has an 11% lead. A common comment heard by the deplorables on social media is nobody can call them Zombie Voters … and as far as Alabama is concerned they are absolutely correct!

The race was never really that close and the early count needed to favor Luther Strange … it did not and he never really came close to victory. Strange won the city of Montgomery located in the largest county in Alabama but that’s about it. When it’s all said and done he’ll settle in with a solid 9 point victory.

The lamestream propaganda media is sure to use this as a referendum against President Donald Trump and as usual this would be more fake news spewing from the mouth of the tyrants. Democrats are an irrelevant party and the RINO GOPe is right on the heels of the democrats in terms or irrelevancy.

The fake news propaganda Newsweek predicted a Roy Moore win could expedite a Trump impeachment. It is either delusion or deception; cluelessness or manipulation; the latter part of the two pairs is most appropriate. This diminishes any Trump impeachment but not the effort for one. War drums to remove RINO Mitch McConnell have already commenced. When Mitch is removed from Senate leadership shall Ryan also be removed as House Speaker? Long overdue! This may quell impeachment efforts.

This primary election is about America’s rejection of Tyranny and Globalism. There are 2 distinct factions in the Republican Party: The RINO GOPe is the establishment that embraces tyranny, totalitarianism and globalism. They represent around ⅔ of the Republican Party. Dividends are already produced for RINO GOPe Senator Bob Corker, R-TN has announced he will not run for re-election in 2018!

The other faction is the Liberty Patriots who are comprised of Conservatives and Libertarians. These represent about ⅓ of the Republicans … for now. Today’s primary victory for Judge Moore has nationwide and worldwide repercussions. This reignited the nationalist movement to oppose the new world order and is on the heels of Germany’s AfD party winning enough seats to make them the 3rd largest party in Parliament.

The fear of God is being sent into the Tyrants here and abroad. The problem is their god is Satan and their stranglehold on America and Europe is loosening. This is when they become most dangerous. They see their power eroding and the tendency is to strike hard before it’s gone. Look for more instigation in North Korea to get Kim Jong-un to do something really stupid unless China and Russia can get him on a short leash. World War III with Russia was always on the globalist agenda.

The Tyrannical globalists may also try to derail the American economy before it can pick up more steam. The globalist agenda was to collapse the economy to replace Capitalism with their new world order economy and to collapse the petro-dollar with a digital currency or a globalized regional currency. With Donald Trump as President it is unlikely he will abandon capitalism or agree to a non-sovereign US currency. The move to impeach President Trump has just accelerated.

Things are about to get very real. The cabal and central bankers may need to settle for war and subvert the economy when they have their stooge in place to implement their plan. That was the role Hillary Clinton was slated to fill. Amazing how an Alabama Senate Primary election has ripple effects felt around the world.

The Great Purge of 2018 is on! We will see droves of liberty candidates throwing their hats into Congressional races to first challenge the tyrannical RINO GOPe in the PRIMARIES and then go on the defeat the far-left tyrants of the socialist and communist democrats in the GENERAL ELECTION. 2018 will indeed be the Great Purge and if we are successful you may see a new 3rd party emerge for the establishment.

Liberalism got squeezed out of the democrat party for they have gone hog-wild in embracing globalism, socialism and communism. The Great Purge of 2018 will squeeze out the liberals from the Republican Party and flip them to the minority. This may drive the liberals from both democrats and republicans to start their own party if they seek to survive politically. This all hinges on our successful RINO Purge of the Republican Party in 2018.

Stay tuned folks. Things just got kicked up a notch.


Article: Roy Moore Victory Speech

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