Election Losses, Bogus Investigations & Worldwide Terrorism Fuel Democrat Implosion

Election Losses, Bogus Investigations & Worldwide Terrorism Fuel Democrat Implosion
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Scandal Obama versus AmericaDemocrats were under an utter delusion during the Obama regime that their far-left globalism agenda made them the party of choice. Good choice if you’re morbid or goth, but for the rest of the free world that survived the globalism surge it was a travesty that will not soon be repeated.

The elections in Georgia and South Carolina were landslide victories for Republicans … again. They failed to hear the message America was telling them … NO MORE! No more lawlessness, no more globalism, no more socialism, no more communism, no more open borders, no more illegal alien coddling with benefits, no more criminal cover-ups. But democrats are deaf, dumb and severely mentally retarded … literally.

The democrats do have a message … globalism … and that is being wholly rejected by America and the peoples of the western free world. The democrats are being told in no uncertain terms to STOP! And when I say democrats I include those in the corporate lamestream fake news media trying to set America ablaze with hostility and violence.

It’s not working. America has woke up and rejected democrats and their dangerous games. We’ve had enough and it is going to end NOW! We know there are two underlying motives to all this nonsense since Donald J Trump got elected as 45th President of the United States of America.

Trump & Brexit thwart globalismMotive 1: The globalism game was in its final stages and it went to Hillary Clinton to close out the game and ‘checkmate’ the nationalists. This was supposed to be the dawn of a new world order that was planned for a very long time dating back to 1860. In 1913 it became reality with the trilogy of horror that year that created The Creature, The Beast that would rule of America and eventually the whole world.

The passage of the XVI Amendment to the constitution changed the essential financial system in American taxation with the creation of the income tax which is clearly unconstitutional. The first move in this chess game established the feeding of the Beast that no one but the creators saw coming.

The passage of the XVII Amendment disenfranchised the states from their voice in federal government. This now paved the way for electoral control for the people could always be fooled, manipulated and controlled. The Senate being composed of individuals selected by the state legislators and approved by the Governor simply would not do for the scheme being implemented. They are not easy to fool or control.

The creation of this Creature from Jekyll Island happened on Christmas Eve in 1913 when most political evil takes because many in Congress have recessed for the holiday. Evil works best in darkness when most are distracted by other things.

It was Christmas Eve when the obamanation called Obamacare became law in 2010 that nobody could see or read until ‘after it was passed’ because it was designed to fail, blame the insurance companies and Hillary would implement the ‘single payer solution’ to give total control of ‘everything’ to the federal government under the guise of ‘healthcare.’

It was Christmas Eve when the NDAA became law in 2016 that empowered the illusion of the invisible and manufactured ‘Russian’ beast was created and stripped away most of our free speech rights by the purveyors of the internet because the election loss was blamed on free speech and the term ‘fake news’ was invented. Everything not corporate controlled is fake according to the fakers.

The Beast created in 1913 was The Federal Reserve System and America was never the same since. The Fed took control of the monetary system away from Congress including the printing currency. The Beast did substantial damage to America when and birthed the US Central Banking System and globalism. It handed control to international central banks and created global institutions to regulate finance and the economy to the international bankers and power brokers.

Spies - SabotageMotive 2: To make sure the criminal enterprise of the democrats and establishment elites would never see the light of day for prosecution. Somebody like Donald Trump was never to hold the reins of power for if he started to speak of such foolish things like integrity, honesty, accountability, justice, nationalism and the like their scheme to fundamentally bankrupt the USA and roll it into a larger global community would crumble to ashes.

Why do you think there are such extremely unhinged folks having daily conniption fits? The powers that be are paying snowflakes and cupcakes to riot, protest and create violence and property destruction daily. It is escalating to assassination attempts to anyone in Congress supporting President Trump.

The GOPe and DNC are together and in agreement that President Trump must not be allowed to implement the agenda he was elected to do. The myth of Republican versus Democrats is just that … myth.

The Judiciary has 80% of the judges appointed by Obama, Bush and Clinton and they are all-in with the globalism agenda and destruction of the sovereignty of America from a legal perspective. That is why they have ‘illegally’ blocked passage of the Executive orders of President Trump and will do everything they can to see his agenda derailed.

Activist Judges

Courtesy of AF Branco Legalinsurrection.com

Though judges have lifetime appointments there are still accountable via the Constitution. Their appointment according to Section 1 of Article III of the US Constitution states, “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts shall hold their offices during good behavior…” Are rulings based on ‘personal’ preferences and items outside the scope of law good behavior? No it is not. Judicial Impeachments are in order.

Congress is also around 85% globalist with no discernable difference between GOPe and democrats. How else do you think the Trump Agenda is being stalled? You must realize by now that Paul Ryan, House Speaker and Mitch McConnell are GOPe and with the globalist democrats. These two must be removed and it is up to the conservative and libertarians in Congress to make it so. Their strategy is obstruction, plain and simple.

The Deep State is also culpable for it has been their pattern since the early 1900s to make elected officials know in no uncertain terms who runs this nation. These are the full-time federal employees in key management positions who see administrations come and administrations go. The deep state says they are in charge and they run the government. Leaks and assassinations is how they do business.

The deep state is mainly composed of the alphabet agencies and departments like the DOJ, IRS and EPA; the 17 Intelligence Community orgs like the NSA, CIA and FBI; and the military leadership. They are appointed to their positions and usually loyal to their appointees because there is usually ideological kinship. Secrecy tends to shroud these agencies thus allowing for much mischief. Oversight is usually a joke so over the years much power is amassed.

shadow governmentThe deep state works with key leadership of both parties to see they don’t run candidates that journey too far off the reservation. Often blackmail occurs by taping and video recording embarrassing and often illegal activities, often set-ups to force full compliance if they can’t obtain loyalty. Those in Congress; those who hold high lofty offices and those who move up the party ranks usually come from this crop of controlled minions.

Do you now understand why a person like Donald Trump is seen as an unacceptable threat? They are doing everything in their power to orchestrate events with President Trump while simultaneously seeking to overthrow the government by a bold and in your face coup d’état by all factions of the government.

The truth is they can be defeated but there will be a huge cost for doing so. So now what? Is there anything we can do to turn this around? Of course there is, I wouldn’t be writing otherwise.

FIRE ROBERT MUELLER IMMEDIATELY. No need for Russian investigations into Trump or his team. No need for obstruction of justice for how can there be obstruction when there was no investigation? The Flynn investigation is concluded and there was NOTHING there. Is anyone surprised by that?

This Russian collusion hacking and collusion was a ruse hatched the day after the election by the Obama White House with the plan delivered to the Hillary campaign. The election and voter fraud by the Clintons was massive but not enough for victory due to the overwhelming turnout for Donald Trump.

Stealing five states from Trump still had them come up short. There never was any Russian collusion. This whole thing was invented to depose of Michael Flynn, a staunch nationalist and replace him with HR McMaster, a staunch globalist as President Trump’s National Security Adviser.

Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein, a deep state operative who will tie up President Trump from implementing his agenda. The special counselor is a guillotine blade being held over President Trump’s head and is useful for the media barrage of fake negative stories from ‘undisclosed sources’ which we should now know is fake news. Mueller is desperate to find something of Trump though his job approval rating hit 50%.

We see how quickly special prosecutor Mueller has gone out-of-control. After the Comey testimony and all the IC heads who state there is no evidence of Russian collusion by Flynn, Trump or anyone else that investigation should be terminated. But Oh No! Now they want to create another fiction for Obstruction of Justice by Trump when real obstruction by former AG Lynch goes ignored?

Comey was responsible for many leaks in addition to the one he confessed to under oath. I believe the lamestream are also writing stories based on imaginary sources and non-leaks. The few legitimate leaks are only those that may be interpreted as negative to President Trump directly or to any of his team. There just now there.

Robert Mueller is there for one reason only: Discredit and delegitimize President Trump. He must be fired immediately but by whom? Deep state operative Rosenstein will not fire him; Jeff Sessions recused himself improperly or perhaps to prevent the leaking of dirty laundry? Who knows?

Will Trump fire Mueller? Probably not so the real life version of Julius Caesar gets played in DC while the stage version to incite their lunatic base to assassinate Republicans got real results. This is all proceeding as plan B, C, D, E and F of the globalists.

Obama Military PurgeREINSTATE THE 200+ GENERALS OBAMA PURGED FROM THE MILITARY. Remember back in 2013 Obama purged all the nationalist generals and other high ranking military officers from the military. This was unprecedented and purely political. What all these purged officers had in common was nationalism and loyalty to protect and defend America from enemies foreign and domestic. We have no military to speak of to defend against the domestic coup d’état underway now. This puts this nation at grave risk if these purged officers are not reinstated with back pay.

FIRE ALL THE GLOBALISTS ON THE NSC IMMEDIATELY. There are additions not reflected in NSC Chart. The globalists are united in their objective have WW3 with Russia. Russia fully rejects globalism and is therefore a threat. The globalists comprise around 75% of President Trumps NSC.

The globalist deep state operatives have 75% control over President Trump’s NSC and why we are a mere breath away from WW3 with Russia. This was always their plan to have war with Russia for they are not embracing globalism and the evil empire mantra must be rekindled.

President Assad of Syria is not globalist and opposed to the Islam terrorism and why he must be deposed. In fact the alleged gas attacks of 2013 and 2017 were not Assad but covert operations to justify deposing him. There was a consistent effort going back to Bush I to rid secular rulers in predominantly Islamic states for Islam plays a vital role in transforming the nation state into globalism through destruction of national culture and law. Elimination of borders for future restructure is what this is all about … globalism.

Islam JihadiIMPLEMENT COMMON SENSE IMMIGRATION EXECUTIVE ORDER. The judicial coup d’état is operating in this arena by blocking common sense Immigration control. They have prevented President Trump from implementing order well within his legal duties to act. The judges are blocking because they are globalists and their decisions are not based in law.

European terrorism has escalated greatly since President Trump’s inauguration and escalated again within the last month. It is utterly insane for unelected judges to prevent a President for exerting his power of office purely for political reasons. These judges must be removed from the bench, lose their law license and face treason charges at a minimum.

These few things will go very far if they can all be done. The appointment and reckless activities of Robert Mueller is the most dangerous aspect of the coup d’état and he is desperately seeking anything regardless of how minor the democrats can spin into justification for impeachment.

Mueller himself has violated the Special Counselor provisions with his many conflicts of interest. He must be removed on that basis. But who will do it?


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