UPDATED: Deranged Leftist Opens Fire on GOP Softball Practice

UPDATED: Deranged Leftist Opens Fire on GOP Softball Practice
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Deranged far-left gunman opens fire at a Republican softball practice early this morning. Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA) was shot in the melee according to Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) who tended his hip wound in his phone report provided to CNN.

There was several injured and security returned fire and called for backup. Practice was being held on the old Titans field in Alexandria, Virginia in preparation for the charity game with democrats tomorrow evening.

The deranged gunman fired at least 50-100 rounds according to Mo Brooks and was reloading based upon short pauses in the firing. Several staffers and two Capitol Police were shot and bleeding though Brooks was unable to identify who they were.

UPDATE: Shocking Video below

The shooter began opening fire from behind the first base dugout according to Brooks then circled around the third base area then started to make his way toward home plate where some wounded and others were seeking shelter. When the gunman approached the home plate area he was shot down by police on the scene.

The wounded and some others were seeking shelter at home plate behind a plastic backstop that provided some minimal cover. Police there were protecting those at home plate that were pinned down and unable to seek better shelter.

The police cordoned off an area behind the first base dugout to provide better protection in the event there was a second shooter. When the all clear signal was given, Mo Brooks ran into the outfield area where many wounded were on the ground including Steve Scalise whom Brooks starting to offer medical assistance.

Wounded Steve Scalise crawled into the outfield leaving a trail of blood in his desperate attempt to get away from the unhinged gunman. Congressman Brad Wenstrup (OH) is a physician that joined Brooks to offer help and guidance on how to best treat those shot until medical help arrived.

A helicopter landed in the centerfield area to airlift out the wounded starting with the most critical.  Both Brooks and Wenstrup remained to assist the wounded until relieved by medical personnel.

The far-left gunman was a middle-aged white male who asked the group if they were democrat or republican. When he learned they were republican he began to open fire. This murderous leftist had political motives and the rantings and ravings of all these fake news reports; calls for assassination; the Kathy Griffin jihadist mock beheading; the disgusting violent play in NYC; and the daily onslaught of violence by antifa, BAMN, BLM and other democrat supported domestic terrorist groups are all the evidence one needs for their role in this crime.

The democrat call for violence is taking its toll on America and for what? Not getting the election result they wanted? The unhinged left with false narratives of Russian collusion; the judicial coup d’état to handcuff President Trump’s ability to protect this nation; the democrat obstructionism and witch hunt special prosecutor all contribute to today’s sick shooting by yet another blood thirsty democrat.

This nonsense must end now. There is no reason for special prosecutor Mueller to remain for the witch-hunt is exposed and this bloody dog and pony show must cease. This is sedition, inciting riots, inciting murder, treason and the democrats, the corporate media, Hollywood and the other deranged snowflakes and cupcakes are all culpable.


Most the information provided in this report was taken from the phone conversation of eye witness Mo Brooks in his phone call with CNN. The call is posted on their site and is the first article listed below.


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