No Hiding DNC Connection to Seth Rich Murder

No Hiding DNC Connection to Seth Rich Murder
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DNC DeathsThere’s no more hiding the DNC connection to the Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas murders or the Hillary Clinton connection to the John Ashe murder. Democrats are up to their eyeballs with murder and the facts are pouring in and … the ‘conspiracy theory’ defense no longer holds water.

Even the corporate lamestream ‘fake news’ propagandists cannot continue to pretend these murders are not connected to democrats and the DNC. In fact all their denials may serve to indict them as co-conspirators and accessories after the fact.

The criminal enterprise is quite extensive for it includes politicians, judges, lawyers, law enforcement, the media and deep state operatives. Debbie Wassermann Schultz shut down the Seth Rich murder investigation back in 2016. The DNC and media are actively shutting it down every time it tries to resurface. In spite of the depth and breadth of the swamp it can’t be covered-up any longer.

There are several investigative journalists from the new media that simply will not let this go. This nation owes a debt of gratitude for tenacious investigators like HA Goodman; Sean Hannity; Julian Assange of WikiLeaks; Kim Dotcom; InfoWars; American Intelligence Media; Judicial Watch and several others. Thank You!

So what is the motivation for the left to suppress this information and keep it from getting out? When it does get out it will completely obliterate the false Russian narrative of hacking the DNC server and the Trump team’s collusion with the Russians and essentially everything to do with the Russians. In fact, if the Russians had any vested interest in seeing a candidate getting elected in 2016 it is Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Mocks JusticeIt was Hillary Clinton that sold 20% of our Uranium stockpile to the Russians for $2.35 Million ‘donation’ to the Clinton Foundation. It was then FBI Director Robert Mueller who acted as ‘courier’ for the stolen Uranium sample he personally delivered to Moscow … and he’s now the Special Prosecutor investigating the Russian connection to Donald Trump?

Let’s not forget that as part of the Clinton Uranium deal to Russia former President BJ Clinton received $500,000 speaking fee paid by operatives with ties to Russian intelligence for a speech given in Moscow. Forget collusion, is this not treason?

We’re far from done. Prominent Russians invest multiple-millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation after that deal in 2015. Could it be they were expecting favorable terms to deals yet unknown? Does this not sound like the Russians are ‘buying favor’ for whom they believe will be the next President of the United States?

So what does this have to do with the Seth Rich murder? When the truth comes out that it’s not President Trump or his people with the ties to the Russians but it is and has always been the democrats. That ends all the false flag investigations into Trump … and starts real criminal investigations into the true crimes committed by democrats during the Obama regime.

Susan RiceWe’d be investigating how Obama and his cronies illegally spied on multiple thousands American citizens he believed were opposed to him and his agenda.

We’d be investigating how Obama and his cronies illegally spied and ‘unmasked’ his political enemies and blackmailed congressmen to not oppose the Obama agenda.

We’d be investigating how Obama and his cronies illegally spied on republican candidates in the 2012 and 2016 election to acquire dirt or uncover political strategies they could use for political advantage.

Folks, I could go on and on how the entire Obama regime was a criminal enterprise of sedition and treason to undermine the Constitution and fundamentally change American culture and political landscape. You see, all this begins to happen when we realize it was Seth Rich who leaked all this information to WikiLeaks and not Russian hackers.

Seth Rich was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter and when he saw the fraud on how the DNC and Hillary Clinton stole the primary election from Sanders through fraud and deception he was compelled to act the only way he could. The email leaks supplied the evidence to initiate the lawsuit against the DNC for fraud by the Bernie Sanders supporters whose money the DNC essentially stole.

Debbie Wasserman SchultzThat lawsuit is where the Shawn Lucas murder comes in for he was not only the process server but a Bernie Sanders activist who got a special level of satisfaction and gloating in serving the DNC and then Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The investigation is stonewalled and we’ll not get to the true motives for him being slain until reopened. The zombie media has ‘blacked out’ all reporting except for their ‘conspiracy theory hit pieces’ on anyone wanting to investigate the murders.

Once Seth Rich investigations comes full force it will cause an avalanche of other criminal activities like pedophilia; election and voter fraud; extortion; and more murders like that of ex-UN official John Ashe. Ashe “accidentally” crushed his own throat and died a week before he was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC.

There is certainly no shortage of dead bodies wherever the DNC and Clinton’s operate is there? Even if indictments do come about will a fair trial be possible with this activist criminal judiciary? Though I want to believe yes, I am not so naïve to expect it will be so.

How did we allow things to get so out-of-control? The merciless attacks on President Trump are because if even a remote expectation of justice on the democrats is possible, he is a major threat to bringing down their house of cards.


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