The Normalization of Deviancy, Perversion & Violence By The Political Left

The Normalization of Deviancy, Perversion & Violence By The Political Left
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The deviancy and perversions of the political left are threatening our sociopolitical structure as a nation. The recklessness, lawlessness and untreated mental illnesses of the left are collapsing the social fiber of the United States of America since the 1960s.

The grand-daddy of deviancy and mental illness is homosexuality for it opened the floodgates for all other forms of sociosexual perversions. That may sound harsh given our permissive anything goes society but that statement is absolutely valid. The sexual landscape is becoming more decadent daily by normalizing deviancy and violence.

Many may or may not know that homosexuality is a treatable condition and was listed as a mental illness in the APA, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) up until 1973. The DSM is still used by the APA to classify mental illness.

Many believe homosexuality was removed from the DSM due to medical research and studies into homosexuality but they’d be flat wrong for this is nothing but spin by the homosexual activists. Nonetheless it was removed due to sociopolitical forces, and not scientific research and advancement. The tactics of the leftist are well known to us today: boycotts, protests, violence, threats, lies, intimidation, and political pressure.

That is the modus operandi for the left for it produced results and why it persists today. In 1973 homosexuality was downgraded and renamed in the DSM and the travesty since then was allowing the mentally ill to function in society without fear of consequence and without needed treatment.

The untreated mental disease of homosexuality predictably deteriorated and escalated into many other sexual deviances like incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, sadism, masochism, transvestism, transgenderism and the new ‘catch all’ phrase sexual paraphilia. Look what just happened in California.

The Sunday June 18, 2017 edition of the NYT states regarding California law, “legally, Victoria Bianchi became her daughter’s parent only this fall, joining a small but growing number of Americans who have persuaded courts and legislatures to give legal recognition to what’s sometimes called ‘tri-parenting.’”

Tri-Parenting? Are you kidding me? This is a homosexual and transgender abomination accelerating the decline of the American nation. The left coast is mentally ill as are the activist leftist judges ruling on these abominations. California is the spawning grounds to float just how decadent America can go and the litmus test to the limits of societal temperance. Mine temperance has reached it limit.

Robert SpitzerLet’s return to the source and examine how and why homosexuality got declassified as a mental illness. To do that we need to examine the work and capitulation of Dr. Robert Leopold Spitzer who was a psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at Columbia University in New York City.

Dr. Spitzer was a major force in the architect and development of the DSM. He spent most of his 49 year career on the research faculty of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research where he earned his reputation as one of the most influential psychiatrists of the 20th Century.

Dr. Spitzer achieved such renown for he let the purity and honesty of the facts, data, statistical analysis and the evidences drive the conclusions of the research. The left will only accept such conclusions when it suits their narrative and political aspirations. Herein lay the facts and results when these two forces collided.

We witness other such collisions in climatology, environmentalism, biology, anthropology, physics and well, all the sciences. All had similar results: a tainting, distortion and manipulation of the facts and data to yield to the political aspirations of the left. Human behavior is also be molded, manipulated and tainted in social and business institutions like corporations, schools and churches via the abomination called political correctness.

Dr. Spitzer and his work were victims of contemptable political pressure and revisionist history. Most of the truth is scrubbed from the internet and obtainable only through diligence and persistence. Factual remnants survive though they are few and far between. We can tell what has been manufactured when revisions and timelines clash and do not measure up or make sense. Some things can’t be covered-up completely.

For example Dr. Spitzer came under fierce attacks and constant badgering from the homosexual activists and their organization most of whom receive tax subsidies. The onslaught caused capitulation by Dr. Spitzer in 1973 when he succumbed to declaring homosexuality as deviant but harmless. His proclamation is a compromise statement.

Had Dr. Spitzer known then that homosexuality would become the spawning grounds of disease in just a few short years one can only wonder if he would have held his ground or make a different compromise. It’s not ironic that the AIDS disease also came under attack by homosexual activists to deny homosexuality as a contributing cause.

The revisions come from accounts like that of Wikipedia that the public creates that state Dr. Spitzer was a champion of the changes being imposed upon him in 1973 and 2012 and make no mention of the unbearable forces for him to capitulate to the homosexual activist groups harassing him constantly. No doubt they are significant authors to the Wikipedia account.

Dr. Spitzer’s research in 2012 confirms that homosexuality was still a topic of research and study by he and others. This refutes the claims that he was pro homosexuality being removed as a mental illness from the DSM. According to, “Spitzer was famous for capitulating to homosexual activists twice in his career, in both cases to the benefit of the homosexual political agenda. The first and most famous was his decision in 1973 to advocate removing homosexual orientation as a mental illness from the DSM.

Spitzer met with homosexual activists after they engaged in multiple disruptive protests at the APA annual meeting in the early 1970s, and agreed on behalf of the APA to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders in cases that do not cause ‘distress’ to the homosexual. The illness of homosexuality was replaced by a ‘sexual orientation disturbance’ category, a move barely approved by the APA’s membership.”

The results over time have been disastrous. A trend in downgrading and renaming homosexuality and sexual deviance as mental illness commenced until it was removed in its entirety from the DSM in 1987. During that time we witnessed a dramatic change in the role of psychiatrists to agents of ‘social control’ guided by politics rather than medicine.

The second significant capitulation came in 2012 when Dr. Spitzer was forced to apologize for engaging in a 2001 study that that demonstrated homosexuals who undergo therapy or seek to change their orientation, experience meaningful change in their sexual urges and behavior. Needless to say the firestorm created by the study and results was catastrophic for Dr. Spitzer.

This began an 11 year blitzkrieg by the media and merciless protests by the homosexual activists who attack his work, his reputation and him personally. The activist homosexual community was actively spinning a new narrative and pressured others in the medical community to accept and defend that homosexuality is genetically predetermined and therefore not treatable. The Spitzer study completely refuted these claims with data and supportive evidence. Spitzer now became the arch enemy of the homosexual activist organizations.

The genetic argument is wholly without a single study being conducted and completely without data and supporting evidence. Truth and facts matter not to the left and the homosexual activists when they have an agenda to advance. Their tactics now include violence, murder and attempted assassinations. The left is out-of-control.

The barrage of pressure caused Dr. Spitzer in 2012 to retract his study in writing for the toll of constant death threats, defacement of his property, and smear campaigns of his work and defamation of his character became too much to bear in his advancing age. Dr. Spitzer died three years later in 2015 at the age of 83. Thanks to Dr. Spitzer we know homosexuality is a mental illness and treatable for those who desire a healthier lifestyle.

Based on empirical evidence of democrats, globalists and leftists I am convinced most in their ranks suffer from some form of mental illness that is undiagnosed, untreated and not limited to homosexuality. Studies are being done on those whom rely on brute force, intimidation, threats and violence to achieve their goals. The left as a whole suffers, as do we, from their mental disorders for more often than not we become the targets of their ire.

This is domestic terrorism and an assault on traditional Judeo-Christian American values. Illegal immigration, open borders, and welcoming terrorists who will not assimilate into the culture add injury to injury. There is much to be done before we can Make America Great Again.


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