Charlottesville: What Happens When The Left Normalize Political Violence

Charlottesville: What Happens When The Left Normalize Political Violence
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The violent American Civil War II has commenced in large part due to the far-left media and democrats embracing and inciting political violence. Predictable for only the blind and stupid could not see this coming. Did the left really think that the right would sit idly by as far-left extremists’ wale upon peaceful American citizens?

Now the Commie News Network, MSLSD, Faux News and the entirety of the Lamestream media (LSM) feign outrage and shock over what they created? Does anyone wonder about why their viewers are abandoning them in droves?

The violence was once again initiated by the usual extreme left suspects: antifa, BLM, BAMN et al.  They threw bottles mixed with concrete at the #UniteTheRight protesters, smoke bombs, and other deadly projectiles including acid bottles, rocks, bricks and the like.

The left are violent ones and they are the fascist they foolishly apply to others. These far-left thugs appoint themselves as purveyors of who has the right to exercise their Constitutional rights or protest against legitimate injustice. Once the #UniteTheRight permit was issued antifa applied and received a protest permit for the same day, time and location. Was there any question how this was going to turn out?

NBC News is reporting that the vehicle that drove into the crowd killing one and injuring several others was driven by James Alex Fields, Jr., age 20, of Maumee, Ohio and arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder and other counts. They also do not call violent far-left antifa, blm, bamn by name in their article, only ‘anti-racism protesters’ which is a lie because they hate whites and call for violence against white Americans.

It appears local government shares in this violence by issuing a permit to antifa and having the local police drop the ball by allowing these two groups to commingle. It is disingenuous to throw a match into a powder keg then feign shock and surprise at the result.

Eye witnesses are claiming that James Fields drove his car into the crowd after the Unite the Right protesters were assaulted by bottles and bricks. This is no justification for the violent act by Fields but is certainly understandable given his age and the provocation of having deadly weapons like bottles and bricks thrown at you. He could also be an agent provocateur.

What is very disconcerting and offensive is antifa, blm; bamn and many other violent leftist groups all receive our tax dollars to support them. This is unconscionable and we must petition congress to cease this abominable practice. No group promoting violence should receive government tax subsidies.

Our Constitution preserves the right to assemble, protest and speak in public. The leftist and democrat assaults on the confederate flag and monuments are very legitimate concerns. The fact that they are being removed from the public square is an evidence of what this nation is becoming under the tutelage of the globalists and leftists. Liberties and individual right are being assaulted and reserved for a selective few.

The call for a state of emergency is a gross overreaction by far-left criminal Governor McAuliffe and consistent with the extremist democrats to demonize white Americans as racists and NAZI. Where was that call in Berkeley, DC, Portland and other cities where riots and extensive property damage was commonplace?

As long as these two sets of standards are applied by government and law enforcement we should expect more protests to turn violent and deadly. Rest assured that there will be more.


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