Charlottesville: Confirmation President Trump Surrendered to Coup; Yields Control to Deep State

Charlottesville: Confirmation President Trump Surrendered to Coup; Yields Control to Deep State
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When President Trump signed the Russian Sanctions bill earlier this month he surrendered all Presidential authority to the deep state coup d’état. Confirmation of this surrender manifested in the Charlottesville Charade which is a 100% staged setup by cointel agent provocateurs of the US Intelligence Community (IC). The two primary culprits are the CIA and the FBI.

In past videos by the editor of NewsHawk Network, he stated the signing of the Russian sanctions bill was the worst thing President Trump could have done. This hamstrung the Trump Presidency at a minimum but more likely was a complete surrender to the forces behind the coup. NHN was looking for confirmation before reporting and that came August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville.

The confirmation of surrender at Charlottesville was a direct assault upon the American people by the deep state. Now that President Trump has surrendered, they will be focusing their attention upon the American people for daring to defy the ‘true authority’ of the state. We have to be ‘taught a lesson’ for our defiance on who the deep state designates to run the country.

Charlottesville marks the beginning of said lesson. What better place to launch a cointel operation than Virginia with its far-left democrat governor Terry McAuliffe, a partner in crime with Hillary Clinton on down to extremist democrat mayor Michael Signer. It worked perfectly … assuming you’re an idiot. Here’s why.

The KKK was rendered irrelevant at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan presidency. Who on Earth believes the absurdity that they now suddenly emerge in full klan robes and pointed hoods waving NAZI flags? The KKK never endorsed or aligned themselves with NAZI, but then again this is staged for the cameras. Only the zombie leftist snowflakes who collectively cannot garner an ounce of intellect among themselves are prey to the propaganda zombie media both foreign and domestic who toe the globalist line with fake news and deceptive reporting. Millennials and the retarded left generally have no clue what NAZI and fascism are and would not believe you if you told them.

The police were issued stand down orders by mayor Signer to not interfere with antifa, blm, bamn and other leftist groups from wreaking havoc. The police in fact are caught on a montage of film and photos that when studied show them directing the so-called alt-right into isolated ‘beating zones’ at the hands of antifa. The facts on the vehicular homicide still need to emerge for there too may be the presence of a cointel provocateur. Who paid for the hundreds of out-of-state provocateurs to travel into Charlottesville?

The goal of the globalists and the propaganda media is to meld the American Nationalist movement that believes in US sovereignty, constitutional rule, national culture, borders, language and laws that stand in opposition to globalism with the German nationalist NAZI party of WW2. Only the brain dead could remotely accept such hogwash but that is precisely what represents a large segment of the left. They are sufficiently mindless and ignorant of history and why such drivel is accepted.

Those who voted for Donald Trump generally reject any such notion of racism and fascism. Race riots that escalates into civil war is what the globalists need to enact draconian laws ‘for the greater good’ that further erode liberty and the Constitutional rights of individual citizens. Let no crisis go to waste even if you have to orchestrate the crisis yourself.

That is exactly what the deep state did in Charlottesville. Expect the lamestream media and far-left politicians to make a living using terms like ‘white nationalist’ and ‘white supremacist’ in an attempt to paint those seeking to restore Constitutional rule and national sovereignty with racism and NAZI fascism.

That was one of the goals in Charlottesville but it goes even deeper than that. They must further eradicate all forms of nationalism, sovereignty and its symbols; the 1st and 2nd Amendment must go as well the remaining Bill of Rights. All are targeted for extinction. There already is movement underway to prohibit public assembly and protest using Charlottesville as justification to do so. I guess there was not problem with the $Billions in property losses by antifa for the last year?

Charlottesville is the beginning so expect more cointel operations like this nationwide. The propaganda media was begging for aggressive action so they could smear and associate the NRA to the Charlottesville charade. Any politically leftist run city is fair game moving forward. City and state government need to participate in the cointel op for maximum media exposure for they have access to police and national guard as operations accelerate in human carnage.

There does not need to be gun violence to smear the NRA and associate them with the violent ‘alt-right’ who for now are the victims. Pictures and live footage of cointel provocateurs taking aim in the mob; or a snapshot or footage of a provocateur waving an AR-15 for a photo op is all that is needed by the propaganda media. Liberties embraced by conservative and libertarian Americans are sufficient enough for the left to justify their assault on those individual liberties. Disarming America is what must happen for the fundamental transformation into globalist totalitarianism to take place to minimize resistance.

You didn’t really believe any of this was about confederate monuments did you? Now that President Trump has surrendered the coup descends upon the American people. The globalist no longer seek a revisionist history but the obliteration of all American history for that represents a link to nationalism. That’s why true American history is no longer taught and why indoctrination centers have replaced schools in the globalist world.

All vestiges of nationalism are under assault and Charlottesville represents the first battle of this new wave in assailing American history and culture. The leftist, globalist and politically liberal cities across America will become ground zero battlefields moving forward.

I do not think President Trump has gotten the full ramifications of his capitulation to the deep state. The pragmatic path of least resistance may work in business but not in government policy. Policy remains long after presidents do and President Trump’s removal from office is a fait accompli unless he recognizes the folly of his acts and makes a dramatic and bold move by immediately terminating ALL deep state operatives starting with generals McMaster, Kelly and Mattis. This must be done now and in one fell swoop. His presidency is on ‘life support’ and a miracle is what patriots and America are looking for right now.

President Trump and his family are in dire straits; very soon the American people will be joining their predicament. Mike Pence is deep state and his relationship to Trump is the same as the George Bush relationship to President Ronald Reagan. The failed assassination of Reagan did not remove him from office but it did terminate the conservative revolution from gaining further momentum. A similar scenario exists for President Trump except patriots are woke.

The deep state will now be going after all the ‘leaders’ and so-called ‘agitators’ of the ‘uprising’ and the most vulnerable of them all is Mike Cernovich. He more than anyone else got under the skin of McMaster and provoked his ire. I hope Cernovich has armed security for he and his family are at grave risk. The deep state sees Mike Cernovich as a ‘bug’ that painfully stung them so he must be squashed.

All the things accomplished by President Trump can be undone in a week or less, so his accomplishments are of little consequence. They amount to little more than a speed bump on the road to globalism. I fear there will be nothing to prevent the globalist goal of WW3 with Russia. North Korea is and has always been a false flag and irrelevant for they do not pose a threat to globalist objectives. The moment they do they’ll be dealt with.

Short of a ‘miraculous light’ getting turned on in the head of President Trump to stir him to rise up and fight; the political solution for America has failed. Here’s but one of the many scenarios that may possibly happen with the Trump presidency effectively over. North Korea continues to provoke the United States and there may or may not be a ground war in DPRK; there will be 150,000 troops put in Syria to begin to provoke Russia into WW3; and Poland needs to protect themselves from the wrath of the EU.

Domestically the deep state provokes race riots leading to Civil War II; President Trump is removed from office; Any insurrection is be negated by Civil War; congress funds Obamacare; does not enact any tax reform; the wall will stall; the Fed will continue to sabotage Trump’s economic gains; the economy will begin to erode; the currency will collapse; and globalism will become fait accompli. Just like if Hillary were president.

The successful coup d’état negates the Trump election of 2016. America, it’s time to pray for that miraculous light; otherwise … Game Over for Trump!

Patriots we were in this for many years already. Some deplorable have come late to the political party. Should the above pan out, many of them will melt back into the landscape. The rest of us must tighten ranks and move forward to begin phase III … Game ON!!!


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