Priebus Out; Kelly In; Let The Draining Commence!

Priebus Out; Kelly In; Let The Draining Commence!
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Drain the SwampReince Priebus follows Sean Spicer while DHS Secretary John Kelly assumes White House Chief of Staff. This is not good news … it is GREAT NEWS! Spicer and Priebus are establishment (GOPe) and probably the two most prominent White House leakers. Reince granting his first interview to Wolf Blitzer of CNN is also quite telling.

The question is not why they were let go but why were they hired? Reince Priebus deliberately staffed the White House with GOPe and Never Trump operatives to create the ‘disarray’ and ‘chaos’ from the start. White House Communications Director Anthony ‘Mooch’ Scaramucci still has his work cut-out for him with these holdovers.

Its high time President Trump started taking active measures to put down the coup d’état being waged against him and America. It’s coming from all branches of government and the deep state Obama and Clinton holdovers as well as the establishment politicians in both houses of Congress. This is expected from democrats but not the GOPe. Time to end this political hissy-fit for enough is enough. 2018 may be a blood-bath year for establishment politicians.

Everyone is cheering the appointment of John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff and lauding his work at DHS. I’ll contain my applause for DHS is not yet aligned with the President Trump agenda and there are more than enough Obama DHS holdovers throwing obstacles on the tracks of the Trump Train. If Elaine Duke is to become acting Secretary, there will not be any aligning to the Trump agenda at DHS.

Politically Kelly is a globalist and this in itself is contrary to the Trump agenda. Most the military leadership are globalists since Obama unceremoniously purged over 200+ generals loyal to national sovereignty. Obama was proactively and strategically protecting the globalist end game strategy against a military counter coup.

A military Marshall Law type strategy was always part of the globalist end time strategy under Queen Hillary. Now that President Trump won and continues to chalk up significant victories a military coup d’état is not out of the question when the soft coup fails. We are indeed in perilous time as the swamp continues to drain.

When the lamestream propaganda media applauds the appointment of General John Kelly, a red flag should be raised. Perhaps keeping General Kelly close is a good strategy for the White House is much tighter since bringing in ‘Mooch’ to address the leaks. Mowing the tall blades of grass cleans things up quite nicely.

Now the John Kelly era at the White House begins. Bringing another globalist into the White House at such a strategically important time is a high risk. Will national sovereignty Commander-in-Chief Trump be his true boss or will globalist Obama appointee General Joseph Dunford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs and National Security Advisor HR McMaster?

The President’s National Security Council is already bursting at the seams with globalists so will adding one more tip the scales? President Trump is staving off the advice of globalists Joe Dunford, HR McMaster; Dina Powell; James Mattis and the rest, but this too may have unintended consequences if not addressed. McMaster is doing much harm especially in denying security clearances to non-globalist Trump allies.

President Trump appeared early on to doing the bidding of the globalist with his air strike into Syria, but since then he’s been successful of keeping the dogs of war on a short leash … but for how long? I fear a time may be coming soon when those dogs will turn on President Trump in a military coup d’état. The cabal does not take kindly to defeat.

When I see stories coming from the corporate propaganda media singing the praises of General John Kelly it make me very apprehensive and cautious. Stories of his personal loss in losing his son to an Afghanistan mine killing him instantly are propping up in all media sources. General Kelly, as all US generals are elite soldiers and the best military minds alive today.

Being a globalist does not diminish one iota their ability to lead and garner the loyalty and respect of their troops. They’ve earned this respect on the field of battle. That’s what makes them so dangerous for soldiers follow orders and globalist orders do not come from the Commander-in-Chief.

If the assaults on national sovereignty President Trump loyalist Steve Bannon start to resurface, we know things are not going well. We’ll need to keep our ear to the ground and a watchful eye on how things develop. Will the White House leaks continue or do we shift to the deep state leakers?

I hope the President Trump offensive continues with appointing Special Counsel to investigate the criminal enterprise of the Obama regime, the Clinton’s and their foundation and on the many improprieties of the abominable Robert Mueller witch-hunt.


Article: President Trump Names DHS Secretary John Kelly to White House Chief of Staff

Article: Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost son to war, says U.S. largely unaware of sacrifice


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