Delusional Democrat Message Makeover as Dead as Russia Collusion

Delusional Democrat Message Makeover as Dead as Russia Collusion
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Mentally Ill democrats accept defeat with a delusion of victory. They still believe that their far-left message did not get out. They are imploding because it did … and America wants nothing to do with it.

The Clinton and Sanders factions of the democrats are totalitarian. It’s Hillary the fascist-socialist or Bernie the communist. Both suck and no message make-over is going to change the fact they are totalitarian globalists who want to overthrow America.

Trump was elected not only because he is not of the evil corrupt swamp but because he promised to purge and drain the swamp in DC and across America. The establishment democrats and GOPe have done such extensive damage to America and her value system; but America has defiantly risen to purge the system of its utter venality.

America is risen! America will surgically remove from the political specter the carcinogenic globalists who fundamentally changed America beyond recognition. The globalists recruited and empowered the mentally retarded to embrace pseudo-science as their new godless religion.

Man-made climate change is a lie. When was there never climate change on Earth? We have 4,500 years of documented climate change to prove the man-made narrative as false.

The far-left globalists and their pseudo-science claims there are more than two genders! Science says xx and xy … nothing else! Beyond that is evidence of derangement and perversion, especially when they try to impose irreparable medical and psychological damage upon children well below the age of reason and decision.

This form of child abuse is criminal. Seems if they can’t kill them while in the womb they’ll destroy them shortly thereafter with transgenderism, pedophilia, sex-trafficking and satanic blood rituals that include enslavement, torture and murder. For these survivors are robbed of their childhood innocence and normal human development. Deviancy will not be future America!

Destroy marriage and family and you destroy America. Rob children of mother and father and your nation is soon lost. Replace education with indoctrination and you soon raise a generation of snowflakes and cupcakes as dependent minions waiting to be told their opinion and what to think, feel and act. This became manifest after the election of Donald John Trump as President of the United States of America by those who engaged in a coup d’état against America.

The far-left is beholden to the war-monger cabal and central bankers who profit greatly from their Military Industrial Complex that arms both sides of conflicts and creates these conflicts when not occurring fast enough. Peace is their enemy as is economic prosperity. Only the selected few they want economically empowered.

The far left is dysfunctional and paranoid so they must spy on everybody, everywhere to see where their next perceived threat may come from. Those who embrace national sovereignty over globalism are threats. Those who worship the Christian God are threats. The globalists state sees itself as god over the masses and will not tolerate faith in any other.

Well almost any other for cults and apostates who worship false gods are tolerated if not welcome. The majority of humanity at its foundation is afflicted by spiritual groping in the darkness of falsehood and lies. This is the root cause that underlies everything.

Globalism and Islam are the two biggest threats facing western civilization for terrorism and immigration by people who refuse assimilation are the tools of globalism to destroy culture, borders, language, laws and economic prosperity. We see it happening in Europe and Australia and the violence is being imported to America thanks to the deep state and the judicial coup d’état.

America is at the precipice of collapse and had it not been for Divine Intervention our collapse was a fait accompli had Hillary Clinton won the election. WW3 with Russia and a collapse of our economies and currencies were always the plan of the globalists. The globalists need to collapse our current system completely before they install their new system that will emerge from the ashes.

That’s why the Russian narrative was so prominent in America. Under Madame Hillary we’d be at war with Russia already because they are staunchly anti-globalism and pose a grave threat. When Donald Trump became President, an on-the-fly new narrative had to be concocted as justification for the disposition of President Trump so the globalist agenda could move forward. That Russian narrative became their Delusion of Collusion.

With President Trump sitting in the Oval Office the litany of crimes perpetrated by the globalist criminal empire lay naked on a slab before him to be opened for examination. This simply could not be tolerated for such exposure spells doom for the globalist. You didn’t think this was just about an election loss did you?

This is much more than a serious setback to the globalist agenda for it is now mainly about the globalist staying out of prison. President Trump has access to all their precious secrets and evidence of their criminal enterprises is no longer stealth. Their safety was in having their globalist deep state gate-keepers in the FBI and Spy agencies as protection.

President Trump removed the king of the deep state gate-keepers with James Comey. His removal put them into a desperate frenzy to prevent it from crashing down. James Comey was the Gate-Keeper-in-Chief and his removal had the enemies of state who took control of our government in a deep panic.

Comey was immediately replace by another deep state operative Robert Mueller as a stop-gap and political assassin. He is mounting the assault on President Trump and all the other globalists are chomping at the bit to unleash their fury. It is now clear to me that the DOJ is still under the control of the deep state with AG Jeff Sessions and DAG Rod Rosenstein at the helm.

Sessions was most likely compromised similar to Chief Justice Roberts and why he recused himself. Justice Antonin Scalia was likely murdered for refusing to be compromised which opened a vacancy for Obama to install Merrick Garland, a deeply radical judge who would make Ruth Bader Ginsberg seem like a girl scout by comparison. The GOPe Senate rejected confirmation hearings under Obama and Justice Neil Gorsuch filled the vacancy under President Trump.

Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller must all be removed from their positions for all have key roles in the coup d’état against America. The FBI under deep state operative Andrew McCabe is also serving as gate-keeper but he does not have the skill-set of a Comey and why Mueller had to be appointed to advance the Russian narrative and become President Trump’s political assassin.

President Trump’s advisory team is chock full of deep state advisors and that includes Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and most of his National Security Council under globalist HR McMaster, Dina Powell, Chair of Joint Chiefs Joe Dunford, Gary Cohn and many others. President Trump is up to his eyeballs with deep state swamp creatures.

The US Congress led by globalist RINO and GOPe Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and RINO GOPe Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader are the Congressional gate-keepers aligned against President Trump and part of the active coup d’état. It is not democrat versus republican or right versus left. It is Liberty versus Tyranny.

Democrats and the GOPe are both establishment and both on the tyrant side of the equation. The true conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists are on the Liberty side of the equation and it is these people we must send to Congress in 2018.

Getting these globalists to alter who they are is an exercise in futility as we have seen every time we sent GOPe republicans to congress. We sent them there for change and change it did … it got worse. No more democrats and GOPe can be sent to congress if we love America and our children’s future.

We must be vocal and loud in our support for President Trump. We need to hold many rallies in DC and across the country to defy the fake news media’s claim that the majority of America is against President Trump. America supports President Trump.

Impeachment requires the support of the American citizens and close to 60-65% of America supports President Trump. Let the corporate fake news with their fake polls continue to spin all the false stories and Russian Collusion Delusion narratives they can muster. None of it is real but is still must be countered.

President Trump is in real political danger and mortal danger as well should the political assassination fail … it will fail. Do not fear or be silent fellow patriots and loyal deplorables. We greatly outnumber them … always have. The true power lies with us … always has. Let them not deceive us or rob us of our power.

We are like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz in that the power of home was always with her and her ruby slippers. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are our ruby slippers. Let’s exercise our constitutional rights and restore our Republic. We are a Republic, not a democracy.

Let’s click our heels three times and say USA … USA … USA! Could it be this simple? Yes, it’s really that simple. Let’s take our country back. 2016 got us halfway there by pulling off the impossible. Let’s finish it in 2018! We can do this! 2018 shall be our fait accompli.


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