Swamp Merry-Go-Round: David Bowdich Replaces Disgraced Andrew McCabe as Acting FBI Deputy Director

Swamp Merry-Go-Round: David Bowdich Replaces Disgraced Andrew McCabe as Acting FBI Deputy Director
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David Bowdich is up to his neck in treachery as another in a long line of DC swamp creatures heading the FBI. Bowdich is a scheduled to testify as a witness in the Russia-Trump farce and government coup d’état against the United States President.

Bowdich worked under James Comey, another disgraced FBI Director rightly fired by President Trump for his criminal activity as head of the FBI. David Bowdich worked under Comey and was consulted by him in the bogus Russia-Trump fiasco.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents by suing the FBI that reveal Bowdich was involved in conversations with Comey about the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. In June, 2016 he was also one of the bloodhounds dispatched to sniff-out the person who leaked info to the press about the meeting as the criminal leadership scurried to cover-up any evidence from leaking to the public.

We’ll need to have New Media sleuths investigate further just how deep David Bowdich dived into the swamp for the LameStream Media is little more than propagandists and co-conspirators and nothing they report can be viewed as reliable.


Swamp Strikes

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