Migrant Invasion Force Sues President Trump?

Migrant Invasion Force Sues President Trump?
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The Central American migrant invasion force heading to the United States Southern Border filed a class-action lawsuit against President Trump for … wait for it … violating their US Constitutional Rights? Huh?

Gee, it seems that foreigners believe they have ‘citizen’ rights under our United State Constitution? When did that happen?

It seems far left activist lawyers want to make a federal case against President Trump and the United States of America for violating the “due process” clause for an alien’s right to asylum. While the right to petition the United States of America for evaluating an asylum request does exist as it does every government on planet earth, it does not appear the migrant invasion force qualifies for asyluum.

There is no such thing as a right to asylum.

At this point the migrants are in Mexico, and any request for asylum must be because the Mexican government is persecuting the migrants for political, religious or other life threatening reasons. Please enjoy the short video and comment as you see fit.


Video: Caravan Migrants File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Trump

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