General John Kelly on Border Wall Timeline and EO Stay

General John Kelly on Border Wall Timeline and EO Stay
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Can we get the state controlled militias to help with security on the construction of the border wall please? I don’t think we are alone in our utter disgust of having a handful of violent and destructive paid anarchists leading the paid-for mobs because they were told to.  There are growing numbers of citizens becoming more furious each day especially with the corporate lamestream media’s fake stories and obsession with the paid anarchist rioters and mobs being presented to America as a grassroots effort rising up to oppose President Donald J Trump. We know the difference between grassroots and AstroTurf for it was the grassroots that elected President Trump with the AstroTurf thugs opposing him.

Trump-Only Adult in the RoomPresident Trump is the only adult in the room providing common sense leadership among the globalist establishment republicans and democrats; fascist Soros and his funded anarchists, thugs, snowflake, cupcake and buttercup mobs; along with the usual lineup of suspects providing the fake news cover stories to deceive the American public. Enough of this phony baloney crap.

Perhaps it’s time to have ICE deputize the state militias to help provide border security by keeping the mobs and anarchist away from disrupting construction of the border wall. America has grown weary of these pretentious dissidents and their feigned contempt for securing America for most of them have no clue why they’re rioting and could care less. They are criminals, felons and thugs getting paid for what they do best … sociopathic tantrums.

General John Kelly on Tuesday February 7, 2017 informed the House Homeland Security Committee on the need to enhance strategic areas of the southern border where illegal breaches are most probable. Some sections will be built immediately while other sections will be built over the next two year period on a priority basis.

General Kelly was very diplomatic in not criticizing activist judge James Robart for his misinformation and false assumptions used in issuing his stay order against President Trump’s Executive Order. I have no such need for diplomacy in saying Activist Judge Robart acted illegally in issuing his order and it was done with malice and contempt for political reasons only.


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