FBI Analyst Says More Than 70 Pedophile Arrests Pending

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Only the guilty say PizzaGate is debunked … Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

The impending arrests include around three dozen or so high ranking government officials including Senators, Congressmen, Journalists, Pundits, Central Bankers, DC Lobbyists and other demonic swamp creatures. The confirmation of Jeff sessions was the only delay for arresting the swamp creatures involved due to they being at the highest levels of Government. It involves around one-third of the DC power establishment, CIA, shadow government and deep state. Some initials of those being issued arrest warrants are: BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG, CS, HC. The Trump Administration and Jeff Sessions are fully appraised on the scope of the investigation. Just another motivation for the intense pressure to oust President Trump.

Video: FBI Pedophile Arrests Pending

Video: PizzaGate Arrests Imminent

Great pressure is being exerted on the FBI by the power brokers to not to proceed with these arrests and investigations. This is but the tip of the iceberg for the tentacles are international in scope and the very reason why it must proceed. Who knows how many more will be indicted once these people are interrogated and whether is leads into the Obama White House.

child Abuse - STOPPedophilia and its brother Child Trafficking with its Satanic Worship rituals that include torture, death, blood sacrifices and consumption are a scourge that targets and robs children around the world and in America of their innocence and their lives. Psychological scars of those children who survive the ordeal are abominable. Evidence obtained from the Wikileaks John Podesta and Hillary Clinton email dumps reveal those involved participate in satanic rituals using sexual perversions, homosexuality, torture and sacrificial deaths.

It’s been swept under the rug because it will indict some of the world’s most powerful people. The demonic left tries to portray pedophilia as a natural desire for men. As the reference articles below indicate there are pressures to decriminalize perversion as sexual choice and extreme left Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg advocates for a reduction to age of 12 for sexual consent as an ACLU Attorney. The propaganda New York Times and their cohorts in the LameStream Media all try to make the case for decriminalizing the scourge of pedophilia while criminalizing not vaccinating your child.

One must scratch their head in bewilderment on that one. What sick agenda is in play here? Pedophilia is a crime and it speaks to the darkness of the perverse mind. Goodness, the godless left attempts to make the case that murder is a sickness and not a crime as well. There is no statute of limitation on murder and neither should there be one for pedophilia.

Pedophilia is a criminal perversion and those engaged in such practices may very well receive their treatment in prison. Let pedophiles receive treatment they need in the very place they deserve … prison. This travesty has gone on long enough. Drain the swamp and prosecute all those involved in this heinous form of child abuse. FBI, follow the trail regardless of where it may lead.


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