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The Glowing Orb in Saudi Arabia
0 comments, 25/05/2017, by in International

Lots of mystery and wacky theories emerging from the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia during the President Trump visit. The orb was revealed during a ceremony to introduce The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As soon as the pictures taken by the Saudi governm... Read more...

The Denial of Islam is Our Titanic
0 comments, 17/03/2017, by in Islam

Why did only a few survive? It has to do with human nature. The greater the enormities of a disaster, the less likely people are to consider the propensity and reality of doom.  This applies to the case of the Titanic’s maiden voyage with all its pomp, circumstance and hype of being the first uns... Read more...