Media and Government Globalists Assault Free Speech

Media and Government Globalists Assault Free Speech
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My, my, my how things have changed. It was not too long ago that the internet was called the beacon of free speech; the place where the politically oppressed people could turn to have their voice heard.  Well, those were the days prior to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook becoming full-fledged, card carrying members of the fascist globalist democrat party. You see, free speech and the first amendment in many ways pose a greater threat to them then the second amendment. The old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword is that way for good reason … it rings true.

Our government has passed an evil law removing the freedom of speech with the passage of NDAA. It got passed by the democrats (expected); from Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House who was very instrumental in strong arming House Republicans to pass the bill; same with Mitch McConnell, the then minority leader in the Senate. They snuck that bill into the NDAA that Obama signed into law in the dead of night on Christmas Eve with little to no coverage from the LameStream Media. Globalism needs dumbed down, uninformed and misinformed snowflakes and mind-numbed robots to pass such unconstitutional law.

The more informed Americans become the more of a threat they become; and if you’re a fascist globalist that simply cannot stand. Yes the left are fascist, just look at the violent riots and destruction of property and people whenever they cannot get their way. The left suffers from mental illness and I do not say that glibly or as a form of insult because they could all be diagnosed as mentally ill. When violence and intimidation becomes the means by which people use to get their way they manifest deviant behavior.

The LameStream Media exercises such deviant behavior with their fake stories… Social media also exercises such deviancy from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and several others who censor threats to their agenda; and so do many of the people associated with the extremism of the far left, aka democrats and the fascist globalist in the republican party. The Federal government, many state governments, the corporate owns media, large social media that support the fascist globalism agenda are now, at this very moment engaged in censorship of free speech they believe may pose a threat to the hostile takeover of American liberty and freedom. Here’s a partial list of what the globalists find offensive:

  • Nationalism: Antithesis of globalism and must be destroyed.
  • Patriotism: Love of nation.
  • Borders: Established boundaries of a nation.
  • American Flag: Symbol of the nation.
  • National Anthem: Music that renders national pride
  • Immigration: Globalists hate immigration for the nation sets standards for admission.
  • Citizenship: Supports nationalism and states right, especially for voting and claiming national rights.
  • Rights: Globalism supports “privileges” administered by them.
  • Individualism: Globalism supports collectivism for it is totalitarian by nature.
  • Independence: Globalism wants people dependent upon them for survival.
  • Education: Globalism wants indoctrination. Critical thinking is a threat.
  • God: Globalism believes they are the highest power and not some “invisible” deity.
  • Religion: Globalism rejects all religions that support individualism or human rights. Why they embrace islam, for the time being because they may be useful in eliminating all the above to where they are no longer a threat. Once that is achieved, they will eliminate islam as well.
  • National Currency: Globalism ultimately wants a global digital currency. A digital currency grants full powers and control over the masses by the ruling elite. Until then national currencies must be fiat debt based currency and by no means will globalists ever tolerate any hard asset based currency like gold, silver or other precious metal or asset for they cannot collect interest by printing paper fiat currency.

This list could go on for it is quite extensive. The plan is long term and is started very long ago for the rest of the world but for a free America it started in 1861, perhaps a little earlier. I think we can see now why free speech is such a threat for it exposes their true agenda which is full totalitarian control globally. This scheme is simply what we refer to as a new world order NWO. In order to achieve this scheme of total control all information must be controlled and any media must be converted to propaganda. When this is exposed it must be ridiculed, called lies, fake news, conspiracy theorists and the like. The internet is the only communication that was not propagandized and why their end game failed.

Their time is now. The economic collapse of 2008 was a demographically predictable collapse as is the demographic reality for the next major collapse of 2017-2025. This was the time for Hillary to finish the job. The advancement of globalism by Obama exceeded expectations. He is a non-citizen, America-hating politician elevated illegally to occupy the presidency who brilliantly executed the “fundamental transformation” which was the systematic destruction of the United States. The election of globalist Hillary Clinton was to be the final blow to America and the fait accompli for globalism. It was the internet, alt-media and the charisma of Donald J Trump that defeated their plans in a big way. They had to make their move now for the people of the free world were beginning to rebel across the globe. The devastating 1-2 punch that knocked the globalists to the canvass came first by Brexit and then by Donald Trump winning in such a landslide to make the rigged elections that favored Hillary Clinton vanity.

The globalists are stunned and wobbly… desertions are taking place and the threat of defeat looms larger than life for the first time in 150 years. What President Reagan did was a speed bump and an assassination attempt was able to derail that movement until now.

censorshipThe globalists learned their lesson quickly and are now aggressively and desperately looking to silence free speech for they arrogantly believe they may still pull this off. There will not be another time as this for close to a century. They have revealed themselves and shown their cards. The flurry of activity during the Obama “lame duck” period was worse than what he did in 2012 and the sabotage was quite extensive. The threat of California secession is part of their strategy to diffuse the wall and cause President Trump to fail. The wall would be a majoe setback and one they will do everything in their power to defeat, including assassination of yet another President. But this time, this President is anticipating such a move and prepared to defeat it. The die we must complete the wall for the globalists are in panic mode over it; we must repeal NDAA for the bill to establish a government controlled “ministry of truth” is tucked inside it and law, even if it will not be implemented by President Trump, someone after his will; and we must stop the UN from internet control. Obama transferred power over the internet to the United Nations in an attempt to keep it out of the reach and protection of President Trump. The war is on!

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