Corporate Media Distrust And The Rise of The New Media

Corporate Media Distrust And The Rise of The New Media
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Polls suggest that Americans don’t trust corporate media as a reliable source of news. Most will agree with that statement prima facie. When it comes to polls we trust them even less. The problem with polls are they are admittedly skewered to favor democrats. That being said even the fake polls suggest that between 75% and 93% of the American public do not trust corporate news as reliable, honest and unbiased reporting. So where should Americans go to stay informed?

There is no question that the New Media, not the alt media like detractors like to call it, are taking over the news and information industry. Citizen journalism is on the rise and some of the older and more traditional outlets that were once considered fringe are mainstream. The once dominant networks, cable and print media sources like the New York Times, CNN, and yes even Fox cannot be trusted for not only how they report news but what they decide is not newsworthy to report.

What stories get ignored is equally as bad as what and how stories are reported. The election of President Donald J Trump brought into sharp focus just how corrupt the news and information industry has become. Most agree on that, but it now begs the question of where to go for news? So who are the New Media players and where can they be found?

It used to be a patented answer, “go online via the internet” but that doesn’t work either with the extreme corruption of Silicon Valley and their censorship of news and opinions that go contrary to the establishment narrative. The New Media and the Legacy Media are calling each other Fake News so what gives and how do we sort it all out?

Corporate Propaganda Media Being Replaced by New Media

I am about to reveal my personal favorites for where I go for information to report. The barometer is not to make decisions on what is accurate news based on what we are predisposed to; but rather is what’s being reported truthful and accurate based on performance and results. Easier said then done. My determining factor is over the long haul are the sources being relied upon generally accurate in their reporting?

 In many ways we need to be impartial judges in that we should demand evidence for the information be reported and/or positions being advanced and decide over time based on outcomes. Is the evidence being used reliable to draw conclusions. For example, there were articles published by NewsHawk Network that were lambasted for deviating from the norm or from a person’s disposition only to find they were indeed accurate when looking back. All raw data must be interpreted and only time will tell if the interpretation was sound.

So a track record is important. Being a New Media does not necessarily make you a Good Media. Reliability is essential. Nobody bats 1.000 but you need to have a high level of accuracy in reporting and interpreting. So let’s go to the pdf file embedded in this article that lists what I believe to be good reliable sources of news and information.

The selection is not whether you agree with opinions and conclusions but they are providing accurate confirmable facts. It is up to the reader and researcher to decide based on their own independent investigation.

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