Ballot FRAUD Marshals Macron to Victory

Ballot FRAUD Marshals Macron to Victory
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Malicious tampering by the French electoral system ushers illegal victory for Emmanuel Macron. Millions of French citizens receive damaged and invalid Marine Le Pen ballots or no Marine Le Pen ballot in their voter package. French citizens must not tolerate such deceit.

Ballot tampering by the globalist French establishment carries severe penalties but be sure criminal acts by globalists get swept under the rug and ignored. The EU has elected Macron, not the French citizens.

Ballot tampering and manipulation has a long tradition in France. Polling stations are notorious for closing doors for a few minutes, miraculously reopening intermittently after leaving the necessary time to fill up boxes with votes from deceased people; illegal aliens and foreign nationals living in France.

There are no voting machines used in French elections so fraud, ballot stuffing, ballot manipulation and other creative illegal activities run rampant.

Ballot Stuffing is FraudBarack Obama slimy hands were involved in the French election and his skill at deception, fraud and criminal activities made their presence known on this fateful Sunday in May. Europe is lost! Europe has succumbed to Islamic terror and France will soon look like Sweden under far-left globalist Macron.

All the talk of ‘Russian Election Tampering’ will miraculously disappear for that was being floated as a stop-gap measure in the event Marine Le Pen was to somehow overcome the fraud and win. Islam and other terrorist groups like antifa were prepared to ‘take it to the streets’ if they did not get their way.

Violence and intimidation are the tactics of the far-left globalists and the use of terror is consistent with their acquisition and control of power. Macron on several occasions has stated that terrorism is the ‘new normal’ for the people of France. Will ‘Viva la Terrorism’ become the new battle cry for France?

This loss if not challenged by Le Pen will have international repercussions. With Donald Trump making a sharp left turn into globalism combined with the Marine Le Pen defeat, I fear the prognosis for Brexit is not good. It appears the globalist forces seeking to undermine Brexit may have little to no opposition.

The world has just become an even more dangerous place than it was already. The cancer of corruption is just too widespread and the liberty loving people have waited too long to mount any meaningful political push-back. What remains for the nationalists to do?


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