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Trump Orders Voter Fraud Commission
0 comments, 11/05/2017, by in Government

The creation of the “Election Integrity Commission” is one campaign promise that must be implemented long before the 2018 mid-term election. The Commission Chair is Vice President Mike Pence with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach serving as Vice-Chairman. Kris Kobach is a long-standing op... Read more...

Shame on You Google!
0 comments, 18/04/2017, by in Technology

Do we need to boycott all advertisers supporting the Google platforms to get Google's attention? We’ll be doing shame on you articles on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others but they’ll just have to wait their turn. Here’s why we're starting with Google. Google is defrauding their advertis... Read more...

Four Mega Scandals Rock America
0 comments, 05/04/2017, by in Politics

There are four major scandals that are shaking America to the core. Three have been revealed and denied by state and federal officials with the lamestream media scoffing and seething at the very mentioning of them for they too are implicated and party to the scandals. Pedophilia and Child Sex T... Read more...