Mueller Russian Indictment Covers-UP Travesty of Justice

Mueller Russian Indictment Covers-UP Travesty of Justice
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This coup d’état by the deep state conspirators led by Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller to overthrow our government by spying on President Trump would be laughable if it were not so criminal. The information flowing from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) regarding the true crimes committed by the Obama regime, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, CIA and DOJ criminal enterprises are nowhere to be found in the Mueller indictments though there are mountains of evidence of crimes committed.

This chapter in American history is the laughing stock of the world. Not one mention of the criminal activities of lying to FISC to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Candidate, President-Elect and President Trump using a DNC and FBI financed ‘dirty dossier’ which is a political hatchet job produced by foreign UK and Russian agents to influence to 2016 Presidential Election.

This so-called indictment of 16 Russians (13 individuals and 3 Russian organizations) is a futile attempt to save face and cover-up a year and a half mock investigation into a non-crime and Russian boogey-man led by rogue conspirators in our own government hatching a coup d’état .

The first chapter is written for this Second American Revolution to put down the conspiracy to fundamentally change our government into a globalist totalitarian fascist regime. Donald Trump winning the nomination to run against Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States of America unhatched a conspiratorial coup d’état to prevent exposing of monumental criminal activities in our government.

The indictments presented by political assassin Robert Mueller, who incidentally was directly involved in the Uranium One scandal by personally delivering  stolen Uranium to Russian agents on the Moscow tarmac in Russia, is a farce to cover-up wasted time, money and conspiracies investigation a non-existent delusion of collusion. This was the insurance policy to take-down Donald Trump should he have won the election, which in fact he did.

Chapter Two begins with the dissolution of the Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller by Rod Rosenstein who must now recuse himself in light of the revelations by HPSCI which directly implicates Rosenstein in lying to FISC. AG Jeff Sessions must immediately un-recuse himself and fire Rod Rosenstein and appoint a new Special Counselor to investigate the real crime being committed by conspirators in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Federal Judges and democrat and some republican congressmen involved in the coup d’état.

Lives have been lost with the FBI preoccupied with TREASON rather than doing their real job and investigating crimes that could have and should have prevented the senseless murders of high school students in Florida. The cost of this coup is enormous and the conspirators must face justice starting with a real investigation apart from the FBI.

I’m still shaking my head and reeling that such a thing could happen in America due to the total collapse of justice. A cleansing and rebuilding of the departments and agencies of the federal government must commence immediately. Most republican incumbents running for re-election in 2018 must be defeated in the primaries and ALL democrats running in the general election must be sent home.

The democrat party has imploded is has nothing but socialists, communists and tyrants in their party and as such must not hold office until such time that the democrats purge themselves of their scurge. The Second American Revolution is now well underway.


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