Shame on You Google!

Shame on You Google!
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Google AdsenceDo we need to boycott all advertisers supporting the Google platforms to get Google’s attention? We’ll be doing shame on you articles on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others but they’ll just have to wait their turn. Here’s why we’re starting with Google.

Google is defrauding their advertisers by victimizing all news and information websites who promote a message inconsistent with the globalist, leftist and democrat ideology and policy positions. Their assault on free speech is unconscionable and their being a privately held company does not release them from public liability.

Google receives substantial government funding in the form of grants, low-interest loans and other subsidies. They are a $Billion business with an operation that as a result promotes unfair competition and trade practices; and violates anti-trust, anti-monopoly law and regulations.

It is an extremely rare event when I can say I agree with B Hussein Obama, but this is one time that I do. Obama said on April 4, 2012 during an Easter prayer breakfast, “Google, Facebook would not exist, had it not been for investments that we (US Government) made as a country in basic science and research.” The fact is he is correct, they would not.

Google has received over 250 awards and contracts in the $Billions of dollars from the US federal government and this does not include foreign awards or money provided in the name of special projects and programs that do not contain the term Google in the award. This is a common tactic to disguise the number and amount of awards received.

It takes a dedicated sleuth to research the google owned projects receiving money, contracts and the total amounts. It’s there in public files but just not so easy to sort through all the grunt work to see who owns the projects for only the project name is listed as recipient. One such tool is USA Spending website (link below) to uncover many of these awards using their search facility.

Google SpyingWe know the CIA has and is funding significant research and technologies developed by Google for spying, data mining, and electronic eavesdropping provided to populate the CIA and NSA information databases.

So what does Google do with our money paid to them? For one develop algorithms to suppress companies, websites, internet articles and information rankings based on key word searches that do not compliment their leftist leaning and globalist positions and ideologies.

For example, during the 2016 election cycle only favorable Hillary Clinton information was highly ranked in search results. Is this not trying to illegally influence election results? Forget Russia when we have Google.

While Google denies doing this they have already been reprimanded more than once in cases and suits filed against them. They did it then and are continuing to suppress and censor information now. Advertisers are losing $Billions in this type of fraud and Google needs to undergo a criminal audit and investigation especially concerning their algorithms used for internet search and other functions.

Providing personal information to the federal government without a warrant is another area of serious concern. This end-run bypasses privacy law and when it ends up on the database of federal agencies subject to obtain warrants, does the fact this is obtained via a loophole in the system truly exempt all parties? My position is no it should not.

Google wrote the legislative language for the ‘Net Neutrality’ bill that strips away individual freedoms and privacy and is an abomination for government to control all aspects of the internet. Obama also did an end-run when he gave control over to the UN, but that is a story for another time.

Investigate GoogleGoogle has quite the relationship with the swamp in DC and their $16.8 Billion spent on lobbying Congress earns them the right to be an ugly, hideous creature of the swamp themselves. They are in the tank with democrats, the totalitarian globalist agenda and the efforts to strip away individual rights, liberties and protections by by-passing the US Constitution. Not classifying Google as a NGO: Non-Governmental Organization is a travesty.

Many ex-Googlers worked with the Obama regime in creating and staffing the United States Digital Service the Obama White House declares, “Is pairing America’s top technology talent with the best public servants to improve the usefulness and reliability of the country’s most important digital services.” Pairing technology talent, (Google personnel in reality) with government? … Anyone else frightened by this?


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