MA Swamp Rivals the DC Swamp For Most Depraved

MA Swamp Rivals the DC Swamp For Most Depraved
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WOW! If you thought the battle was between republicans and democrats here is yet another evidence to prove you wrong. The battle is between the establishment democrats and GOPe. The swamp in Massachusetts rivals the DC swamp and that’s not easy to do.

It is abundantly clear to me the vile corruption in the political two party system is worse than that in the media. Let’s focus on the MA swamp for Senate for this is critical to expose as we draw toward the 2018 mid-term election. If you though the dirty dealing with the Clinton Campaign with the DNC to screw Bernie Sanders out of his 2016 Presidential bid was bad; just watch the corrupt Never Trump GOPe in Massachusetts.

The GOPe republicans dominates the party in MA and is seeking to promote Never Trump GOPe Geoff ‘Dirty’ Diehl as a ‘Fake Trumper’ against conservative republican candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who is a true Trump supporter. Watch the half-hour interview with Owen Shroyer. This is a MUST SEE.

Did you notice the ‘third hand’ of President Trump in our cover photo? Criminals are indeed quite stupid regardless of who the criminals are. President Donald Trump had in 2016 as one of their major platforms to ‘Drain the Swamp’ in DC. We all knew the disgusting political swamp of corruption was not limited to DC or the democrats. Political corruption is rampant among GOPe and democrats throughout at least a dozen states.

Diehl - Trump

President Trump not happy with Geoff ‘Dirty’ Diehl

The video exposes it is the establishment elites of democrats and GOPe who brandish their criminal enterprises to win elections. The GOPe and democrats are the swamp creatures that are destroying America and we the people can do something about it.

The stench of corruption is unbearable. The GOPe corrupted the republican party in Massachusetts and the dirty politics that exist there between the far-left democrats and GOPe is mind-boggling. This is but the tip of the iceberg. We will be tracking the Massachusetts senatorial debacle up through the 2018 election.

Spread this article to all your social media accounts and do everything in your power to wake up the people of Massachusetts. They cannot be too happy with the stench of fraud in their state for I’m certain this trickles down to county, city and local governance.

Hopefully the Trump administration’s Voter Fraud Commission can help impact the integrity of all state run elections. Massachusetts is one of the many states refusing to cooperate with the Trump commission. After this article exposes the fraud and corruption is it any wonder why?

There are around a dozen states just like Massachusetts and DC pushing back on the voter fraud commission. We need your help in exposing and fixing the fraud before the 2018 mid-term elections. Honest elections must be the epicenter of a free republic and right now we are not remotely close to fair and free elections. We the people must change that.

We should support the Trump Voter Integrity Commission by pressuring our state officials to work with the commission. We as citizens can to help drain the swamp in our state and without our support the noble effort may fail.

Remember, ignore the noise in the corporate fake news media screaming about how unfair the election fraud commission is. The swamp depends upon fraud to win elections for they long ago stopped representing the people. Did you think the creatures would not complain? I say drain the swamp and remove its creatures!


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