Flynn Resignation & Intelligence Community Treason

Flynn Resignation & Intelligence Community Treason
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My Oh My, I’m not sure if Tom Clancy could top this reality but it continues on. Dennis Kucinich claims the United States intelligence community is committing treason by trying to overturn the election of President Trump and re-ignite the cold war with Russia. I’d be a bit more specific in the globalists embedded within the intelligence community is doing such. Too broad a stroke taints the already ugly enough picture.

Fox Business Interviews Dennis Kucinich

Spies - SabotageRobert David Steele, a former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer and American activist states in his blog that the intelligence services are in dire need of a purge for the acts of treason in seeking to overthrow our duly elected government by the people. It seems that this nation has grown too complicit in their feigning we had a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The people have spoken and all aspects of the government have launched into open rebellion and treason. Steele states, “This would not, by the way, be happening without the direct explicit support of Dick Cheney and Bob Gates among others — Flynn hurt himself to the point that Tillerson and Mattis were happy to see him go.”

Steele reveals but two member of that infamous ‘deep state’ we often hear about but rarely have names associated with those who grant permission for the treason and open rebellion. What I learned from Robert Steele is that both Tillerson and Mattis were not in his corner and hence he was strung up and left to flap in the wind.

While General Flynn appeared to had popular support from the pro-Trump masses that was not the case for the inner court and most likely why President Trump asked for his resignation so early on. While many are claiming that Reince Priebus fingerprints are all over the Flynn resignation, they are, it apparently was not sufficient for President Trump to make the decision he did.

I guess we’ll be finding out real soon where the loyalties of Jeff Sessions lies and just how deep and upstream he goes relative to draining the DC pedophile and child-trafficking swamp that goes deep into Congress and even the White House. A name mentioned in this article was stated to have direct involvement in some capacity. We should know before the end of the month.


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