Betrayal of America Deeper Than Imagined

Betrayal of America Deeper Than Imagined
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The corruption, depravity and betrayal of America by our elected leaders, the deep state and the Obama shadow government have reached critical mass. The democrat and propaganda media hissy-fit has gone beyond reason as have republican betrayal. We entered sedition and treason territory in November 2016 and it’s getting more perilous daily.

Treason and Sedition

The attacks and sedition upon President Trump by all aforementioned parties is an attack on America. THIS MUST STOP NOW!!! We the People are an inch away from mounting a march on Washington with pitchforks and torches to publicly tar and feather all the seditious elements.

I pity the paid violent anarchists and snowflake mobs that would dare oppose us for it will get ugly and you will end up a bloody mass of pulp to be scooped and put in prison where y’all belong. This asininity has gone on too long and we have had enough. Are there any adults left in America?

The latest “Trump Tweet” once again exposed the lie that Russia hacked and altered the election outcome and the lie that President Trump worked coercively with Russian agents. There is not now nor never has there been any evidence of such. However, there is evidence of emperor Obama saying on a hot mic that he would have for he’ll have “more flexibility” to cut a better deal for Putin and Russia.

Where is the media outrage? Or how about days before leaving office  in January, 2017 Obama, DNI Clapper and AG Lynch restructure the Intelligence Community treatment of raw signal data thus increasing the propensity for illegally leaking classified and top secret 1700 percent? These felony leaks are precisely what are happening now! Where is the media outrage? Nonexistent! The Lamestream use this as yet another occasion to attack President Trump, the victim along with America to sabotage and sedition. Where are the DOJ investigations? Jeff Sessions’s capitulation is mind-blowing. Are they too part of the corruption? Where are sedition charges for Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder?

Here is the PDF document created by Executive Order 12333 referenced by Jay Sekulow in the video above.  What about the more than 100 counts of treason committed by Obama and his regime while in office? Silence! What about the 9 counts of forgery to manufacture a fake certificate of live birth? Deafening Silence!

Not only is Obama free from any accountability for his fraudulent presidency and treason of America, he is now leading a shadow government to orchestrate the overthrow of the US Government and is orchestrating with George Soros and the Clintons all the town hall and street violence, riots and protests! Again, where is the media outrage? Where are the investigations? Where are the arrests? Yawn, I guess not this century, huh?

Satanic Depravity of Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking

This pedophilia endemic and international child sex trafficking ring is without question the most depraved activity plaguing elite government, media, religious, entertainment, education, law enforcement and business leaders in the USA, UK, EU and other nations. Satanic blood rituals involving the captivity, abuse, torture, and murder of children have been going on for nearly a century! How can this be?

YT Video: WikiLeaks Satanic Pedophilia

The ritualistic abuse is so pervasive it corrupts every community in America, every school, every child agency, every industry and most likely every family in America. Is this the reason law enforcement and judiciary are so reticent in the arrest and prosecute these satanic pedophiles and the child sex trafficking rings that keeps them flush with fresh blood and tender innocent bodies?

YT Video: Pedophilia Cover-Up

Even a majority of women and their groups are eerily silent and why not? Once the sacred veil of life gets viciously wrenched from the wombs, a cold murderous hardness sets in allowing degeneracy to flourish.

YT Video: The Abortion Industry Pedophilia Connection

What’s it going to take to snap out of the malaise? Nonetheless, despite the vitriolic assaults, threats and cover-ups by the media and pedophiles, the demonic cruelty is real and thriving in American culture. Investigative Reporters exposing pedophilia and child sex trafficking are threatened, sued and sometime murdered.

YT Video: Pizzagate Threats on Investigative Reporters

There are many reporters that have been murdered and a simple search will reveal countless stories on the deaths of investigative reporter murders. Murdered people reporting on this include such people like Seth Rich, a Finnish Mayor and two reporters who were shot dead; Monica Peterson found dead in Haiti after finding Clinton smoking gun; Liz Crokin receiving death threats for investigating Clinton; David Seaman, and investigative reporter who helped break the Pizzagate story is receiving threats and media hit pieces; Ben Swann, a CBS reported exposing Pizzagate and it goes on and on and on. Does this sound like the stuff of “fake-news” the perverted elites want you to believe?

Betrayal by Media, DNC, GOPe

The betrayal of America by democrats and their willing accomplices in the Lamestream Media is well documented for this has been going on for decades. The leadership, more like the lack thereof, of the republicans in the RNC, formally Reince Priebus, now White House Chief of Staff; Paul Ryan, House Speaker and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader have betrayed Americans who voted them into power to specifically stop the fundamental transformation of America, especially Obamacare.

Ryan-McConnellTheir betrayal continues. The majority of republicans have no intention of fully repealing Obamacare. Paul Ryan has floated his healthcare plan which is Obama Light. THIS IS NOT what we elected President Trump to do. The republicans are neither repealing Obamacare and their replacement plan is more government control over the healthcare and insurance industries. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the federal government to be in the healthcare business or the insurance business and their plan is still a foundation for single-payer, the critical element for globalist takeover of our sovereignty.

The HSA component should NOT be tied into the purchase of any insurance plan but made available to every citizen, including dependent children, self-employed and seniors. The HSA is the vehicle for anyone to contribute tax deductible dollars into paying for healthcare and/or insurance if they so choose. Even infants may get a plan to start funding their future medical care needs. It is clear there is no trust in free market healthcare solutions.

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