Deep State in Deep Damage Control

Deep State in Deep Damage Control
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Deep State - Deep RootsIt’s terrible when you fancy yourself as the true power that runs government but when you illegally exercise those perceived powers you could be looking at 15-20 in Club Fed. Yes, it’s minimum security prison for white collar criminals and government espionage but still prison.

Not uncommon to hear deep state officials proclaim, “Elected administrations are a revolving door I watch come and go while I remain in my office chair. So who do you think really runs government?” The cabal makes sure their power is cemented through their extensive and deep roots network of corporate and permanent government appointments, the central banking system of the Fed and international bankers.

And yes, elections have always been rigged for the last 200 or so years to make sure their candidates of choice duke it out for the win. The house always has the edge and if you beat them, they will always cry foul because to beat a rigged system they presume you must have cheated. How else can a rigged system lose?

Rigging does not always constitute election and voter fraud though traditionally it reliably accounts for 2-3% of the popular votes. The critical rigging is in the corrupt two-party political system designed to eliminate the bright eyed, bushy tailed “outsiders” who foolishly believe they can change things if elected to Congress or the Presidency. Often enough a populist does get through but once they arrive in DC they will either be corrupted or buried into the wilderness of the wishful blissful committees if in Congress or iced out completely if President. You can be sure a non-establishment candidate will have as their running mate one who is. It was true for Reagan with Bush and is true now with Trump also. Either way their fate is to wither on the vine and die as far as implementing changes contrary to the deep state.

How dare these upstarts think their election gains them independence and power to act of their own accord. This was all true until the nomination of Donald J Trump who defied the odds and had enough money, skill and power to defy the odds of the rigged process. The cabal, central bankers, two-party establishment, deep state and shadow government for the first time in a long time are generally in lock-step agreement that Donald Trump must not succeed … but he did. Now he must go regardless of cost but we’ll see.

The deep state typically uses their red tape and regulations to achieve their ends. They occasionally use illegal leaks and wire-taps, which is sedition and treason if caught, to manipulate the impudent in doing the will of their masters. However, the election of Donald Trump brought about a grave threat to their status quo, and if this were a normal election cycle they could easily survive a four year Pollyanna term then return to business as usual.

This however was not a normal election cycle for this was the globalist end-game strategy for the final nail in the sovereign nation, Constitution and liberty loving coffin. Probably the very reason Donald Trump ran for office in the first place. The left is so consumed with their sense of self-worth and their “my way or the highway” form of governance they have yet to figure out the workings of President Donald J Trump.

The deep state is split in their support for President Trump and ironically there are many patriots who do not desire globalism. It only takes a handful of cabal and establishment loyalist to drive the agenda with strategic leaks to dismantle the opposition or to have them conform. Sporadically it takes an assassins bullet. However, with President Trump it takes an activist community organizer who has his loyalists in strategic positions, and to further provide cover Obama ordered an overhaul of how raw signal intelligence data is dispersed days before leaving thereby increasing the probability of leaks by 1600-1700%.

Deep State NetworkObama is also remaining local and assembled his team of agitators and loyalists to decapitate President Trump initiatives and to systematically destroy his team, thus neutering the call to Make America Great Again. The return to nationalism; the restoration of the manufacturing base to America; Eliminating open borders with a physical wall; keeping hostiles out of the country along with all other President Trump initiatives sets back the globalist agenda a minimum of 50 years and possibly a full Century depending upon how much of his agenda is implemented.

When engaging in subversive activities under the Obama team as private citizens they neglected to factor in the power of the Presidency and those in the deep state supportive of President Trump and his agenda. Remember, it only takes a few loyal patriots to make thing happen. Obama has been orchestrating the destruction of National America so globalist North America can emerge while as President without meaningful opposition. The power of the presidency in never neutered and the opposition now being directed against subversive Obama, Clinton, Soros and the globalist cabal is formidable.

Traps set for President Trump may be their undoing for paper and electronic trails still exist that cannot be fully deleted or erased. The WikiLeaks dump yesterday does not help the cause of the left and can be useful to direct where the investigations should look. The noose they hope to wrap around the neck of President Trump may very well be strung around their own. We see this happening with walking back from illegal surveillance, false flag and fake narrative stories being floated about by the globalist left, but … this time the full power, weight and might of the federal government apparatus is in the hands of President Trump. Prison terms result from these actions.

The evidence of this insurrection by the left is mounting and investigations have been called by the President and therefore legal wiretaps, legal surveillance, and other legal congressional and intelligence tools will be used by President Trump to counter the coup being waged against America and the White House. An attack on President Trump is an attack upon America. We may be seeing indictments and arrests coming soon. America is not a giant that will come down easy with the likes of a Donald Trump at the helm.


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