Get a Good Whiff of FBI Director Comey

Get a Good Whiff of FBI Director Comey
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James Comey at BC Cyber ConferenceSure you want this guy leading an intelligence and investigation agency with access to the plethora of surveillance tools? If you’re not sure check out the references below from his Boston Conference on Cyber Security speech at Boston College on March 8, 2017 and why the impeachment drums were beating loudly for his head.

Does not their oath of office say to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States? It sure does and we include his oath below. Why is this important? Only because he states that the 4th Amendment was a compromise for American sovereignty and that we the people have no right to privacy; and that even of thoughts belong to the government. I can see why emperor Obama loved this guy and appointed him FBI Director. WOW!

Within the first minute of his speech he brazenly proclaims we are “stuck with him for the next 6½ years for he is not going anywhere” … unless forced. Well I think that time for force has come for he should not complete his 10 year term. Look at the absolute mess our federal government has created with their reckless disregard for law.

The WikiLeaks dump earlier this week is yet another God-send for we see first-hand the level of contempt the deep state has for America and Americans. James Comey has no problem breaking the law and did so many times while serving as FBI Director.

Jay SekulowJay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for law and Justice states, “He conducted a faux investigation into the State Department email scandal … He handed out immunity deals to most of the major players involved in the investigation … He ignored evidence … He made secret deals to destroy evidence, thwarting congressional subpoenas. That’s called obstruction of justice. It’s a crime. James Comey violated the law. He violated his oath of office. It’s corruption at the highest level.”

Not exactly glowing praise from a well-respected attorney who argues cases before the Supreme Court to defend Americans when their rights and freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution are violated.  These statements were made during the Obama regime and Sekulow felt so strongly about his removal he was leading the movement to impeach Director Comey from office, and I wholeheartedly agree.

So why is President Trump keeping him in office? According to Paula Reid, reporter for fake news CBS states, “He (Trump) decided to keep him on because he really doesn’t have enough evidence to fire him for cause.” That statement is misleading because it presumes a new President may only terminate a Presidential appointment for cause. This is false for all appointments serve at the pleasure of the President. Did President Trump need cause to ask for the resignation of General Flynn? President Trump, it’s time to say goodbye to Director Comey for all the reasons mentioned in this article but in my opinion it’s chilling his words at the cyber conference why surveillance tools should not be at his disposal. The Intelligence Community is out-of-control.


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