Globalist Democrat’s Judicial Coup d’état

Globalist Democrat’s Judicial Coup d’état
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Have the democrats not yet learned from their failed political coup d’état that President Donald J Trump will not be defeated via sedition? This latest attempt by the judiciary to illegally seize power away from the Presidency is treasonous. This coup attempt by the globalist left to have activist judge James Robart blatantly and seditiously seize power away from the Presidency to the judiciary is unconscionable.

Judicial ActivismThe globalists are desperate, dangerous and must be stopped. This nation will not tolerate four years of daily obstruction, sedition and impeachment attempts. This judicial power grab and stay by activist Judge Robart to prevent President Trump from exercising his legal powers of the Presidency simply because they do not like President Trump should have been ignored.

The Robart stay is prima facie illegal and seditious. The strategy to bring this before the most activist and overturned appeals court in the land during a time when the Supreme Court has a vacancy is foolhardy. It is begging for a constitutional crisis. In fact, the President Trump administration, now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is confirmed must put down these illegal attempts at preventing our duly elected President from governing. It is one thing to have an obstructionist Congress but unacceptable for a renegade judiciary.

I listened to the entire appeals process argued by the justice department to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals and it is no mystery why they are referred to as the 9th Circus Court. I was flabbergasted at how ill-prepared the justice department appeared in presenting their case. Was this also deliberate by the globalist plants in the justice department? While Sean Spicer indicated satisfaction with the appeal, the truth is President Trump must be beside himself for I certainly am. How is this not a national travesty?

9th Circuit Court of Appeals: Oral Arguments

The simple acknowledgement by President Trump and his legal team in drafting the Executive Order make it very clear that this power is an absolute power of the President. Obama exercised this specific immigration halt 19 times and was far more restrictive in his executive orders during the eight years he was in office. Every President in the last five administrations also restricted immigration 43 times: Reagan 5, Bush Sr. 1, Clinton 12, and Bush Jr. 6.

The magnitude of this evil is already manifest for the Obama and Clinton plants in the State Department imported 100 Islam terrorists from Syria immediately upon Judge Robart issuing his stay without any vetting by the United States because they claim the United Nations vetted the Syrians! I hope you are as outraged as I. This stay on the Executive Order is of such magnitude that it warrants only one evidence of the Presidential power being usurped by the judiciary.

8 US Code: §1182(f)

“Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate”

The democrat shenanigans are the antics of a banana republic and inconsistent with the historical precedence when this nation changes power. The Trump Administration must in no way show tolerance for any and all inappropriate judicial and legislative attempts to prevent the American people from exercising their electoral powers.

In addition, Americans have the right to personal safety and protection of their property from riots, illegal protests and violence that infringe upon the rights of Americans to travel using their feet, cars, trucks, automobiles and emergency vehicles upon sidewalks, streets, highways and byways. Protests are legal when they are peaceful; do not infringe upon the rights of sovereign individuals; do not demonstrate blatant disregard for the properties of sovereign individuals. When such right are violated such violations must be subject to swift law enforcement and prosecution.

Now that key positions of the President’s Cabinet are in place let us restore law to this land. The nation lived under a lawless President for eight years and we now see the tragic results of such bedlam. End anarchy now!


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