Open Letter to Judge Neil Gorsuch

Open Letter to Judge Neil Gorsuch
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Dear Judge Gorsuch,

Your recent comment that was made and publicized by the obstructionist democrats is very disturbing to say the least. A man of your so-called legal caliber should not be making such statements when this nation is in an epic fight for its survival to exist as a sovereign nation. President Trump did not attack the judiciary but exposed it as a subversive and seditious element with many in the judiciary.

This country is under siege by globalist forces that have infiltrated every aspect of the American culture, business corporations and all branches of state and federal government including activist judges who seek to overthrow not merely The Constitution for the United States of America but the nation as well. You are touted as one who upholds Constitutional rule of law as contrasted to “case law” which is used to move the judiciary away from constitutional law.

To attack our President as you did is obnoxious and begs the question, “Do you condemn activist judges who legislate from the bench?” What say you specifically about judges, legislators and the executive branches of government who violate their oath of office by not upholding and defending the Constitution? Ignore it as usual and let the offenses carry on? Violating one’s oath is not punishable? How is that?

Your statement seems to have an undertone and premise that judges are idyllic and above reproach individuals that cannot be called out for their reckless and illegal activism that underlie how they make decisions. Is this correct? For if it is, you would better serve this nation by a public apology to President Trump prior to sitting on the Supreme Court of this land. We have four justices on the Supreme Court who are little more than political hacks subverting the Constitution in order to establish the globalist agenda for a one world order. Are they too beyond reproach?

This nation needs to establish control over an activist judiciary by establishing mechanisms whereby judges who subvert the constitution, the supreme law of the land, be censured and if necessary removed from the bench and disallowed to serve as a judge. A lifetime appointment is not license to undermine the judicial system’s obligation to uphold and defend Constitutional law as the supreme law of the land.

Much harm has already been done by replacing a “case law” standard to supersede a constitutional law standard. Case law has put this nation on a steady march in diametric opposition to our Constitution. We are now experiencing the cumulative effect of such undermining.  So what do you do about this? It is time for the judiciary to enact policing efforts over renegade judges at every level. I and others want to hear your opinion on how to reign in activist judges. The democrat globalists continuously use an activist judiciary to subvert constitutional rule, so how do we fix this?

I hope you will speak to these issues in your confirmation and/or make a public explanation as to your intent with the statement you made about President Trump’s comment on activist judge James Robart that you find demoralizing and disheartening. Truth be told, it is your statement that is far more demoralizing and disheartening for it appears to support the status quo of activist judges who are marching this nation off the globalist cliff. You sir have shaken my confidence in you. Please speak to why you support the judicial hemorrhage that is sucking the life out of this nation.

NewsHawk Network Editorial Board

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2/9/2017 UPDATE: Neil Gorsuch clarified his statement that apparently was deliberately and maliciously misrepresented by extreme left democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut when he applied the “disheartening and demoralizing” remark of Judge Gorsuch to President Trump. The judges statement was made in private behind closed doors to a party other than Senator Blumenthal. Nonetheless when Sen. Blumenthal spoke on MSNBCs “Morning Joe” program rather than report honestly the facts and circumstances he opted instead to politicize the event for political gain as an occasion to discredit President Trump. What Judge Neil Gorsuch did do was to emphatically state that his comment is not specific to any particular event but rather a general statement regarding the importance of having an impartial and independent judiciary free from political bias. Any judiciary not being so would be “disheartening and demoralizing.” Just more fake news from the usual suspects, democrats and their propaganda arm the lamestream media.

The general statements made in this open letter still apply regarding activist judges who circumvent the Constitution and engage in a political Coup d’état by having judges like James Robart and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals removing powers specifically granted to the President and usurping it to themselves is sedition. We have a lawless and corrupt judiciary and this nation cannot and will not endure such treason.

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