PIZZAGATE IS REAL! Our AG and FBI Also Gets Real

PIZZAGATE IS REAL! Our AG and FBI Also Gets Real
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child Abuse - STOPThe malevolence of pedophilia cannot be tolerated one more day in the DC halls of government if justice is to prevail. Has not the scourge and blood-lust of the DC pedophiles been tolerated long enough? It seems our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions agrees.

Reports that the FBI along with 23 other law enforcement agencies had a nationwide sex trafficking sting that covered 14 states and arrested over 500 offenders with ABC News reporting over 750 arrests is a great first wave success for the FBI and AG Jeff Sessions. Police Officers, firefighters and state officials are among those nabbed but the really good news is the more than 70 children, teens and young adults were rescued. The intel gathered from the Super Bowl arrest provided much of the impetus for this sting operation.

The sheer number of arrests should provide a boatload of intel that leads the FBI directly into the cesspool we call DC. As part of President Trump’s Drain the Swamp campaign promise, Americans pray that those who have operated with impunity for many years in DC are all rounded up and brought to justice. The all-powerful satanic perverts who believe their power, money, position, influence and connections endow them privileges to criminally operate above the law will hopefully be drawing to a close very soon.

The FBI has been investigating this and currently has enough evidence to arrest more than 70 of these repulsive individuals who prey upon and literally feast upon the children of America. Who knows how many more DC sex-traffickers and pedophiles may be added to that number after this sting operation. President Trump has ushered in a new era of government; one that upholds and enforces the law. After 8 long years of lawlessness, this truly is a breath of fresh air. Just waiting to see how many judges get swept up in a DC operation?

The stench of such depravity with these in DC is depravity supreme if only some of what is being uncovered and reported by Wikileaks, the new mainstream media on the internet and video websites by citizen journalists. Regardless the investigative evidences stimulated in its aftermath can no longer be contained or dismissed. We must open our eyes to the truth however unfathomable it may prove to be for justice to triumph.

Pedophilia is international is scope and the arrests made here will no doubt open the international floodgates. I still shudder to think the very men and women charged to protect our children as they who violate them. The evildoers must now be exposed and brought to justice.

Trump-Only Adult in the RoomWe see the lamestream media engaged in the circus sideshow act of smoke and mirrors to deceive and deflect the masses from seeing the horror of the satanic elite. When such evil permeates the mainstream, it far exceeds fake news and propaganda and enters the realm of partners-in-crime, accomplices and co-conspirators. Conspiracy … how ironic is that! The very thing the lamestream media used to accuse truth seekers and citizen journalists.  May they all rot together in prison!

Lamestream media and the maladjusted leftists have since the 1960’s been laying down the foundation for all forms of sexual deviancy to enter mainstream acceptance. They routinely site fake, inaccurate, unscientific and sometimes invented behavioral “research” and “studies” as their means to justify perverse desire. What was once socially and medically accepted as abnormal sexual acts of depravity are now being lobbied as “normal” human expression of sexuality. Imagine that.

This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to mainstream pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, cannibalism, bestiality and Satanism. They have generally succeeded with prostitution, group sex and multiple marriage partners along with the grand-daddy of them all homosexuality as a mainstream lifestyle choices. It is very well documented that in 1973 Dr. Robert Spitzer is the psychiatrist renowned for declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), the handbook used by the APA to classify mental illness.

The declassification was not due to any scientific studies on the subject but wholly due to heavy political pressure from homosexual activist groups and other prominent homosexuals in the medical profession to declassify homosexuality as a mental disease. Dr. Spitzer capitulated a second time to homosexual activists in 2012, when he apologized for his involvement in a study he had done indicating that some homosexuals who undergo therapy or otherwise seek to change their orientation, experience meaningful change in their sexual urges and behavior.

No such thing can ever be tolerated by the left. Deviance has continued to progress. Now that Pizzagate is entering mainstream consciousness, the deviant left is probably going to attempt to tie in these satanic rituals, blood lusts and sexual perversion as a form of religious rites to garner “constitutional” protection. There are already many judges who advocate for the acceptance of these sexually deviant acts as mainstream with at least one of them sitting on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It is important to bring this to trial now while decency is still mainstream behavior and the courts are not become overtly decadent by the democrat deviants.


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