End Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking Protests in DC

End Pedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking Protests in DC
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What is being called the “Week for Lost Children” because two separate organizations that are not working together have managed to arrange bookend peaceful protests and marches in Washington, DC beginning on March 18 by the Million Lost Children March that ends on March 25, 2017 with the “Investigate Pizzagate” protest.

800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. Worldwide, lost children number in the millions.

Global criminal networks, catering to those who sexually exploit children, will trade in human babies, child porn and snuff films in order to capitalize on the terrible suffering this creates. Sex with underage boys and girls, is regularly offered by criminal cartels to our world leaders in order to seduce, entrap, blackmail, coerce and control them.

Eradicating this obscenity should be our focus. While some arrests are made, ending child trafficking has not been a national priority. Clearly, our institutions are failing us, so Stand Up For the Children is asking all concerned citizens and anti-trafficking organizations to co-sponsor and participate in the MILLION LOST CHILDREN MARCH ON WASHINGTON, on Saturday, March 18th… to come together, and with one voice, hold our leaders and ourselves, accountable.

On November 4, 2016 Blackwater founder Erik Prince told Breitbart News that the NYPD was ready to make arrests in the Anthony Weiner case and wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making, but received “huge pushback” from the Obama administration Justice Department headed by then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

According to inside sources, the more than 500,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer implicate the Clintons, elected officials and their associates in child trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals and worse. Why is it that more than FOUR MONTHS later have there been NO arrests? We know President Donald Trump has stated he wants to “Drain the Swamp” and is on record saying Washington, DC is a cesspool of pedophiles and child sex traffickers. What is Attorney General Jeff Sessions waiting for, a wrapped case with a bow?

It’s time to march on Washington DC, this MARCH 25TH, to raise awareness of this miscarriage of justice. The fate of these lost children can be horrific.

Too often child sexual abuse, torture and murder are filmed for those who trade in this sick perversion. Increasingly, and terribly, the organs of these children are harvested and sold—This is an inversion of all that is good. We have no choice but to stand up and demand accountability from politicians, law enforcement, media, intelligence agencies, religious, government and civic institutions. Nothing asks more of us than the need to protect our most precious resource: our children, and our future. No burden is more precious to bear.

Only by joining together can we exercise our power as human beings to change the narrative of our time. We don’t have to live in a hell on earth. We can shine light on the darkness and your participation is what it takes.

The March 18th permit is in place, and will rally in front of Beyond Borders, Haiti on Connecticut Avenue at 9am and walk five miles to the Halls of Congress and the Whitehouse. They will gather on the ellipse to hear speakers and to network for forward action.

For those unable to attend you should consider organizing protests at local Child Protective Services, the Sheriff or Mayor’s office, by City Hall or on the Court House steps, or at your local newspaper or TV station. Find out who in your area has not been doing their job to protect our children, and hold them to account.

Let March 18th through the 25th be known as the Week of Lost Children. Together, we will end this travesty once and for all.

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