Obama Ordered NSA-GCHQ to Spy on Trump

Obama Ordered NSA-GCHQ to Spy on Trump
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The more we investigate into the spying on President Trump the worse it gets. It seems there were multiple agencies spying on then candidate Donald Trump … foreign and domestic! The evil of the Obama regime keeps increasing exponentially.

There were two FISA requests, one denied and the second issued in October for spying on Donald Trump and his campaign. The FBI also investigated an eMail server planted by operatives of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The server was planted in a building adjacent to Trump Tower with a fake Trump Organization name that initiated contact with a Russian bank. Return pings from the Russian server got the attention of the NSA, CIA and FBI to initiate the false Russian-Trump narrative. The FBI was able to investigate that server without the need for a FISA warrant and found nothing.

The Emperor Obama regime went outside the chain of command to contact the UK’s NSA-GCHQ: Government Communications Headquarters to spy on private citizen Donald Trump. The GCHQ has 24/7 access to the NSA database and why those agencies are generally linked together when GCHQ uses the NSA database to spy.

Obama went to GCHQ for the explicit purpose to provide plausible deniability to all IC: Intelligence Community agencies. They could legally answer “NO” to a direct investigation question, “Did your agency engage in any spying on Presidential candidate Donald Trump prior to the election?” without technically and legally be lying. Three IC agencies confirmed to FOX News that Obama ordered GCHQ to spy on Donald Trump for political purposes.

The more the facts are disclosed the more likely that Hillary Clinton; Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama; Loretta Lynch and many others may be subject to prison time if convicted of illegal spying and criminal activity to frame Donald Trump. The entire Russian connection to Donald Trump is totally manufactured and fake news.

Allegations of Trump visits and his aid going to Russia are all false; claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia are false for it was information planted by the Clintons to frame Donald Trump; John McCain’s mischief to float a British investigator’s report to frame a Trump visit to Russia; Russia hacking the election was most likely a CIA attempt to blame Russia; The election was not influenced by or altered in any way by Russian hacks as all investigations substantiate. So why do democrats and lamestream media continue to advance this false narrative?

I hope such evil people do indeed get long prison terms. Hate to be cliché but reality is indeed stranger than fiction.


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