US Trying to Instigate War with Russia?

US Trying to Instigate War with Russia?
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All the major fake news media outlets are reporting two incidents of Russian bombers flying within 100 miles of the United States on Monday April 17. They then report a second incident the next day on Tuesday the 19th this time with bombers flying 36 miles north of the Aleutian Islands. Scary news … until one takes the time to look at a map and get the facts.

Russia-Alaska MapWhen we look at the map we notice this may not be as scary as reported. The first airbase where the flight departed is in Petropavlovsk, Russia and the second where it returned is in Anadyr, Russia about 1,000 away. Both these cities are marked on the map.

At its narrowest point, the gap between Russia and the mainland of Alaska is 55 miles wide. However, if including the Russian-owned island of Big Diomede and the American-owned island Little Diomede, Alaska and Russia come as close as 2½ miles to one another.

This event is not normally newsworthy for the US and Russia has poked at each other forever. However, now that the cabal and central bankers have determined that an impending war with Russia and Middle-Eastern regime changes are on the table incidents are being distorted and faked to provoke conflict.

Russian bombers coming within 100 miles of US territory in that region does not warrant the response we gave. It was well beyond the 12 mile radius to warrant the US scrambling two F-22 stealth fighter jets and an E-3 airborne early warning plane to intercept the Russian bombers. The next day when they came within 36 miles the US sent up a single E-3 AWACS to make certain there were no additional aircraft being masked by the radar signal of the bomber.

This is all happening one week after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson returned from Moscow where he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and reported that US-Russian relations were at a low-point. Well duh! What do you expect when we launch a 60 missile barrage to destroy Russian made Syria aircraft all based on false information of a chemical attack that Bashar al-Assad had nothing to do with?

Both the 2013 and the 2017 alleged chemical attacks in Syria were staged to justify military intervention and regime change as one aspect of the new world order strategic initiative. Brexit and the Hillary Clinton defeat set the globalist back on their heels and are playing defense to get their globalist plans back on track. With President Trump stacking his advisory team and administration with globalists they are gaining valuable ground to reset their strategic plan.

In retrospect, the removal of Mike Flynn due to extensive spying on the Trump team for nearly two years is paying dividends. The Flynn departure is more devastating than we imagined. Not being able to dethrone Donald Trump, Mike Flynn was the next best thing for he is a staunch nationalist and patriot. He would most certainly throw a wrench into the globalist agenda for America.

I fully expect the globalists to keep pecking away until they achieve their plan of removing obstacles to their NWO dream. Their next target is Steve Bannon and if he is removed from the Trump team we can kiss our hope for an American restoration goodbye. America and the world will suffer greatly as a result.


FoxNews: Russian Bombers Fly Near Alaska; Air Force Scrambles Jets

FoxNews: Russian Bombers Again Fly Near Alaska

NOTE: There are many more fake news reports that can be cited here, but because Fox is considered by some to be the least offensive purveyor of fake news I opted for their reporting on the ‘incidents’

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