North Korea Successful Missile Launch Only Part of The Story

North Korea Successful Missile Launch Only Part of The Story
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Kim Jong-un successfully firing another ballistic missile is being ALLOWED by the United States. There is so much more to this story. It is connected to President Trump firing globalist and Deep State operative James Comey and his sabre rattling to remove the globalist domination on the National Security Council.

Deep State WarWelcome to the high stakes game of international 3-D chess. The successful missile firing by Jong-un was allowed by the globalist controlled US military to tell President Trump to get back in line or else!

President Trump’s firing of James Comey removed a major clog in the domestic cover-up of globalist criminal activities. While Andrew McCabe is also a globalist puppet, he does not possess the skill-set of a James Comey and may not be able to control the honest and faithful FBI agents from another uprising.

Comey was able to perpetuate the Russian ‘Illusion of Collusion’ myth concerning President Trump even though the investigation to examine any collusion was closed long ago for there was never any evidence of such to warrant further investigation. In fact, the Russia collusion scheme was hatched by Obama and spread to his deep state operatives and Clinton Campaign to leak and advance the false flag narrative.

The corporate fake news media outdid themselves with keeping this ‘Illusion of Collusion’ narrative alive with daily stories and interviews with far-left democrats. Under no circumstances could they allow this story to fade as long as Donald Trump remains President. They were prepared to let this story fester for 4-8 years if necessary even though it is wholly based on a lie.

Agencies that are cloaked under the veil of secrecy like the FBI, CIA, NSA and other IC agencies and departments, will only tell you what they want you to know. Investigations and hearings can only go so far for without a full-blown audit of their files and servers. We are at the mercy of deep state operatives that manage and control these agencies.

IllusionCollusionThe Comey tiresome mantra of, ‘that’s classified information requiring a classified response that I cannot do in this setting’ got real old real quick. Some of that was legitimate but most was not. It’s the old DC two-step in action.

When President Trump properly and rightly fired James Comey it blew the lid off the scheme to distract everyone with the ‘Illusion of Collusion’ false flag and to direct criminal investigations into the criminal activities of the Obama regime and the Clinton criminal enterprise. Illegal spying, unmasking, weaponizing agencies like the IRS, EPA, BLM and others to go after citizens and corporate threats contrary to the globalism agenda would surely surface.

The pedophile and child sex-trafficking investigations would also serve to bring down the globalist key player ‘perks’ and with prison sentences. Pedophilia is an international scourge that sullies every branch of government at its ‘highest’ levels. All this is being suppressed by the FBI Director. The person who fills this position is critical, and we can only hope it is Sheriff David Clarke.

Now that the Illusion of Collusion false flag has been exposed and refuted, the globalists are in a deep state of panic and frenzy to remove President Trump from power by any means necessary. Reliable sources say that National Security Adviser HR McMaster and David Laufman, Chief of Counterintelligence for the DOJ are the next to be fired.

Leak or Tsunami

Post-Comey leaks have become a Tsunami

Laufman is an Obama holdover and has all classified information regarding espionage pass by his desk. According to Mike Cernovich, a very reliable author and journalist, Laufman is the DOJ leaker and he along with HR McMaster are next in line to be fired. McMaster is also a key Obama appointee and firing these two are critical to have removed from the ‘official’ government loop. I say official for there are legitimate and illegal shadow governments in place, one being headed by Obama that are committed to the destruction of the American nation-state.

Laufman is a huge DOJ leaker and a member of the illicit Obama shadow government along with McMaster and these three, Comey; Laufman and McMaster respresent a significant blow to effectively derail the globalist military and deep state control over the Trump Administration.

How does all this tie into North Korea? Here’s how. The US military through the CIA has cyberweapon technology that it used successfully against NK to detonate missiles at or immediately after launch. By not doing so the US military is telling President Trump to be a good little boy and stay in line. The massive deep state leaks are saying the same thing.

The decisions directly effecting North Korea, Syria, China and Russia all come from the grand-daddy of the globalist deep state Industrial Military Complex Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Dunford was appointed Chair by Obama and this position arguably makes Dunford the most powerful man in the world. He is of late known for his ban on ‘Ooh-Rah’ for Marines and telling troops not to revolt due to the election of Donald Trump. Sure, he’s in tune with his troops.

President Trump has the authority to fire or replace Dunford at any time. Due to the power of Dunford, removing him from Government all together is preferable. Obama fired and purged 100 elite military generals and high ranking officers from serving in the US military that were loyal to the United States and therefore hostile to globalism. Where was the outrage when Obama did this?

Donald Trump fires Comey, a deep state operative put in place to provide cover and protection for the Obama and Clinton criminal infestation of government and the corporate fake news media loses their mind. General Paul Valley provided a partial list of 100 terminations of the more that 200 high ranking terminations by Obama during his eight year reign of terror. The lists are available below under References.

Donald Trump was elected mainly because Americans have lost faith in government. The perception is Trump was not controllable by the cabal and its globalist network seeking to destroy the American nation-state so a new world order can emerge. That perception is wobbly at best. We are now in the globalist end-game strategy and the globalists have control of foreign affairs and the National Security Council under President Trump.

I believe very strongly that many of the generals dismissed by Obama must be reinstated. The globalists have taken control of all our military academies so what are being produced is new crops of globalist minded officers. President Trump needs to address both these issues immediately along with firing Laufman and McMaster.

These unprecedented moves by Obama are typical when ‘dictators’ of communist countries assume power and fear a coup d’état. Under no circumstances can President Trump allow globalist control over our military to continue. Reinstate the generals dismissed by Obama and seek their advice and consent for replacing the administration and faculty at our military academies.

Now is the time to make our stand against globalist tyranny. Now is the time to depose the forces of evil. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? Our survival as a free nation-state may very well depend on restoring our military.


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