Violent Coup d’état Happening Now

Violent Coup d’état Happening Now
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The globalist regime that has taken over the democrat party and the GOPe the acronym for the Grand Old Party establishment republican is well under way in America. This faction is being led by none other than Barrack Hussein Obama, the Islam Emperor who usurped the Presidency of the United State for 8 years. His reign of terror in the Oval Office set up the framing architecture for the globalist takeover of the United States of America under the auspices of Hillary Clinton had she been elected.

This is no longer limited to dissatisfaction with President Trump being removed from office but with carrying out the globalist plans that Hillary Clinton would have accomplished over her 8 year reign. All peaceful attempts to depose President Trump have failed so the violent military type coup is underway. The globalist powers will not accept defeat by Brexit or President Donald J Trump. Please view the Hagmann and Hagmann Report it is a very reliable first hand source of information.

The globalist intent is to transform sovereign nations into globalist enclaves or regions. Key regions are Africana, Eurasian, North and South Americas, and the Australian-Oceanic regions. The power players in these regions are to be deconstructed from their national identities with the United States representing the vital player along with the European Union. The globalist “cabal” was always scheming to establish control over the nation-states through the control of the monetary system and currencies. That world order has expanded into a New World Order achieved via restructuring sovereign nations into fewer dependent continental regions.

The globalist plan for the emerging power of the United States was formulated in 1861 and implemented incrementally by the two major international central bankers of that day: the Rothschild Group and the Vatican Bank run by the Jesuits. New players have come into this cabal under the world order that stated to control a nation’s money is to control the nation. Once a nation’s wealth comes under cabal control the next logical step is to expand that control into a New World Order that states to control the nations is to control the world.

This information has always been available to the initiated and since the information age and the internet which has until now eluded cabal control it is still available to sift through the quagmire of fiction to ascertain truth. For that reason, NewsHawk Network will bring together the historical and blend with the current for this information has traditionally been perceived with skepticism. That natural skepticism was parlayed into creating the stuff of conspiracy theory in order to remain hidden in plain sight. Who can deny that information and its flow came under cabal control in that 90% of the media is owned by six corporations with some common names serving on their board of directors? Those on the board play musical corporate chairs and come with lots of access to money … if. I think we all heard about that game.

The references below are vital reads to bring into perspective what is happening. The riots over the election, inauguration and those subsequent were trial balloons to see police tactics and responses. Expect much unrest and riots on the streets that will escalate into armed assaults with automatic weapons and heavier military weapons to more effectively destroy property and strategic locations. Obama made sure to arm these groups while he was still president. Most of the attack will probably take place in very liberal states and cities to minimize opposition with police being issued stand-down orders.

The media will proclaim the country out-of-control and beat the drum loudly to impeach President Trump for his failure to govern. These are the tactics of the left.  The violence may perhaps attempt a military coup if possible with the Obama loyalists in the military though the likelihood is rather low due to the outstand men selected by President Trump. What is very likely are massive leaks of highly sensitive and classified due to the Obama Sabotage of the intelligence operations days before leaving office concurrent to an all-out multifaceted assault on deposing President Trump. This is what a soft civil war looks like.


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