Trump Election Exposes Corruption of America

Trump Election Exposes Corruption of America
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Corrupt GovernmentThe venality of the United States Congress; Supreme Court; Judiciary; Intelligence Community especially the NSA, CIA, and FBI, the Federal Reserve Banking System; Wall Street; Healthcare; the Lamestream Media; Hollywood, Education: Judaea-Christianity and every Religion; Science and the two party political system may be too overwhelming for President Trump to defeat. One does not need to look for corruption for it is everywhere and in everything. The challenge is finding something not infested with corruption.

Taking on a few or even half of the list above is daunting enough but the magnitude being shamelessly paraded by depraved minds is depressing. Interviews of protestors marching in the streets of America are discouraging. Most are college students or college educated with half displaying symptoms of mental illness and the remainder utterly clueless and devoid of critical thinking except for rare exceptions.

Since the election on November 8, 2016 there have been three coup d’état and two assassination attempts that we know of with the insane leftists calling for more. Those in Congress from both parties are obstructing President Trump at every step with other mindless maniacs calling for impeachment based on fake, phony machinations. We have a defiant and activist judiciary who think they have the right to rule this nation by disregarding Constitutional law because they regard President Trump with contempt.

Still we are defeating all these seditious enemies as rapidly as cascading dominoes lined up for our wonder and amusement; but with every victory that wounds that globalist beast they become more hostile and dangerous. With all these knives and daggers being wielded by the deranged left I should be extremely fearful for the safety and preservation of President Trump and America except for one thing … Divine Providence!

Even the demonic left must realize that the power and hand of God is upon President Donald J Trump. Since his announcement to run for POTUS look how much he had to overcome. God’s grace did not lift this man up to be taken down or out by these satanic enemies … at least not yet.

The war being waged is between principalities and powers on high and the odds are exactly the way God likes them. The more I research and investigate into what I believe to be the single most devastating threat facing America today, the international pedophilia and child trafficking ring anchored in DC that is wrapped in Satanism and the occult, the more I am convinced it is this very thing that will take down this enemy arrayed against President Trump that defiles America. The deeper I dig the more rabbit holes I find that segue into the deepest and darkest belly of the beast.

John PodestaI believe that the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta and others will be what bring down this evil consuming the children of America and the world. Just how corrupt is the Washington Post to hire John Podesta as a columnist? Their arrogance to throw this in our face with Podesta vindicating himself from allegations of pedophilia by his own hand with FBI revealed pedophile code words used in his emails. The minions involved in such repulsive and perverted behavior are uncaging the wolves to attack those exposing this horror. May I suggest those involved and protecting the guilty read the biblical story of Haman.

The satanic left is on a hissy-fit and aggressively going after anyone and everyone who reports on pizzagate as true with venom and rage. BuzzFeed, an extreme left wing rag-site well known for its fake news has attacked David Seaman, a renowned investigative journalist on Pizzagate and the international pedophile and child trafficking ring. Just moments ago I heard reports that YouTube and Vidme have deleted all David Seaman videos; Twitter has deleted his account and PayPal has frozen David Seaman’s accounts allegedly over Pizzagate. This is chilling to say the least.

I guess these actions demonstrate there is nothing to the pedophile and sex trafficking ring operating out of DC and ensnaring close to ⅓ of our elected leaders? Oh contraire! As I said, Pizzagate is real and will bring the entire globalist cabal and power structure down. This involves prison time for a long time for those convicted. They are going after lesser known people as well with lawsuits, perhaps David Seaman also to drive them out of business and ruin and destroy lives. This is why I write. Google algorithms have already buried NewsHawk Network from having articles appear in key word searches. The war for liberty, free speech and justice for all, even the most powerful is on. This is why I fight.


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