With RINO Ryan & McConnell Who Needs Obstructionist Democrats Schumer & Pelosi?

With RINO Ryan & McConnell Who Needs Obstructionist Democrats Schumer & Pelosi?
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We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? The whining republicans saying they cannot get things done because: We don’t control the House; we don’t control the Senate; we don’t control the Presidency. We will not tolerate being lied to again by Republican leadership.

The 2008 General Election

We all but guaranteed that democrat election by having a GOPe John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket to succeed the economic collapse of 2007 under George Bush. Not even Sarah Palin could bring droves of conservative republicans to the polls. That led to the democrat controlled Pelosi House, Reid Senate and the Obama Presidency. Their evil globalist agenda went full throttle contrary to the will of 70% of the American people.  The non-violent protests we mounted then lead by a grassroots organic movement called the Tea Party.

Americans rose up in protest over the reckless spending called TARP; the transformation of America into a globalist totalitarian government by the democrat and GOPe regime led by Obama. We stood firm and demanded, begged, pleaded and cajoled any republican or democrat who would listen to not do this but none listened. For two years we were ridiculed, spat upon, ignored and treated with contempt by Congress and the President.

Obama Rides RINOThe Republicans treated us with disdain and feigned, “We can’t do anything to stop them because they control all three branches of government” which turned out to be a lie for look at what is happening now! Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, Senate and House minority leaders respectively whined, moaned, groaned and complained they cannot stop Nancy Pelosi, Speaker and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The 2008 elections had House democrats pick up 21 seats for a 59% majority 257-178 with the Senate having a 58-41 majority due to the contested seat in Minnesota. However after RINO (Republican In Name Only) Arlen Spector defected to the democrat party and the contested seat resolved in 2009, the Senate held a 60-40 majority. Both the House and Senate had veto proof majorities, not that they needed one with globalist Obama, for finding 4 RINO republicans to vote with democrats was never a problem with the plethora of RINOs to choose from.

The 2010 Mid-Term Election

Well the American people grew weary of all the whining of republicans unable to stop the transformation of America; repeal Obamacare; and stop the obscene spending and skyrocketing deficits. America then handed the democrats massive defeats in federal, state and local elections. These were not the typical mid-term election losses common for the incumbent presidential party but was colossal losses for democrats not seen since the Great Depression. The democrats lost 63 House seats giving the republicans a 241-194 majority. The Senate saw republicans gain 6 seats but not enough for a majority at 53-46.  It was in many Senate and some key House races that election fraud prevailed and this did not go unnoticed despite denials by both parties.

Tea Party candidates were now running for office and the GOPe, establishment republicans, wanted nothing to do with such outsiders. The tea leaves, pun intended, were forecasting massive democrat losses so the fraudsters decided to make their stand in holding the Senate to prevent a loss of both houses of Congress. The democrat majority and the RNC, led by Reince Priebus was more than happy to comply and worked with democrats in defeating republican Tea Party and other outsider candidates.

Yes, this is the very same Reince Priebus who is President Trump’s Chief of Staff who packed the White House with establishment and Never Trump staffers. Hmm, wonder where those White House leaks are coming from? All I can say is what the heck was President Trump thinking about? I said it then and continue to say it now, that choice was and is a disaster. Was this the deal for RNC election help? In retrospect it certainly appears so.

Boehner-Obama PuppetJohn Boehner was elected as House Speaker by his colleagues and needless to say, the American people not only saw no serious attempts to reverse and repeal the transformation of America into a totalitarian state at the hands of Emperor Obama, they saw no attempts at slowing him down either. Boehner, as a card carrying member of the GOPe refused to use his power over the purse to stop Obama and the democrats.

True GOPe colors began emerging to the American electorate and many more are now starting to pay attention to the behind the scenes collaboration and undermining of the electoral system. Frustration and voter futility is highly manifest and the reality of the cabal, which few understood at that time, maintained their power and control over both parties. Though still invisible for many this cabal seems to be whom the elected officials are beholden to and not the American people. Many eyes remain closed to this reality but many more are emerging from their slumber.

The lamestream media also appears to be controlled by the cabal. The media during this time was also being perceived by more of the electorate as an adverse power in addition to the betrayal of elected officials. The media is starting to be seen as a powerful force contrary to the will of the American electorate. Any movement away from what appears to be a grand scheme is met with hostility and attacks by the media. This puts the media on the radar of many who did not have them here before.

The 2012 General Election

RINO Undocumented DemocratsThis is what the American electorate was waiting for, the 2012 election and the time to rid ourselves of this fraud Obama for good. Americans are perched to make real change so who do the republicans nominate to run for office? GOPe candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get the nod and voter frustration with the republican party is at an all-time high. Why establishment globalist candidates beholden to the cabal keep calling themselves conservative is a mystery that will never cease to confound me.

Needless to say many conservatives did not turn out to vote in 2012. Election fraud once again rears its ugly head and the democrats retain control of the presidency and pick up two seats in the Senate and eight in the House based upon fraud and a lower than expected republican turnout. Predictably, both parties deny any fraud. The Obama scandals, cover-ups and lawlessness increase but none more devastating than Benghazi which dwarfed the fast and furious gun running scandal to arm Mexican cartels and terrorists coming through the porous southern border.

The 2014 Mid-Term Election

Many of the American electorate has given up with voting for the frustrations in not seeing anything positive occur with high voter turnouts and clear majorities. Those who voted for Obama twice are at this point are also disillusioned and frustrated with the lies, false promises of hope and changes they never wanted. This time around the republicans received sweeping gains in the Senate, House and state gubernatorial offices.

Ryan-McConnell BetrayalThe Senate picked up 12 seats for a 57% majority 54-46 and the House picks up 13 seats for a 57% majority 247-188. The republicans control both Houses of Congress and Mitch McConnell is now Senate Majority Leader; and John Boehner is now facing his third House revolt to remove him as Speaker. This time the House sort of succeeds because rather than hold an honest election as required, Reince Priebus, GOP Chair intervenes to install GOPe Paul Ryan as Speaker and then have the House vote. Yes, politics is indeed a rigged game and Paul Ryan is no different than the globalist establishment Boehner whom he replaced.  Names change but the rigging stay the same.

While peace in the House was restored the voting public remained furious. This nation needs a true conservative Speaker not beholden to the cabal globalist agenda; big government; the GOPe and democrats. Now many more of the electorate have come out of their deep sleep and start clamoring for alternatives to the GOPe and diligently start listening to more of what the alternative media has to say while ignoring their conspiracy theorists labels. Those tactics worked for many years by rolling in the “kooks” with the politically astute who understand that the handful of the uber-wealthy and the central bankers control the developed nations of the world.

The more those elected officials remain beholden to the globalist vision for new world order and yield to the cabal rather than the people who elected them the more they begin to clamor for a third party. A third party may not be a viable solution without making sweeping changes to restore the electoral system back to its constitutional standard. The better solution is the elimination of the cabal who control the corporate media, the central bankers and those beholden to them who occupy the shadow government, deep state, intelligence agencies and law enforcement.

The 2016 General Election

If I can be so bold as to define with a common phrase to mood of the electorate it’s, “Throw the bums out.” The manifestation of Donald J Trump into the political scene seems just the right guy to do it by “Draining the Swamp” so we could “Make America Great Again.”

Trump-Only Adult in the RoomThe cabal power and control over the government, economics, the corporate media, corporations in general, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education and religion. A common philosophy was designed under the general heading called political correctness that was now being infused into every aspect of society and all the aforementioned institutions to control how people think, perceive and act. They were winning for this plan under the label of new world order was put into motion back in 1913 and the end-game for the fullness of its fruition is to take place in 2017-2025 for the plan is anchored into the cyclical movement of population demographics.

All was going well for the rebellion of the people can be controlled and the key instrument was the installation of another two term globalist called Hillary Clinton. The globalist have had a 30 consecutive year run and the final stages of the new world order is ready for implementation until two consecutive events came to be: Brexit and Donald J Trump winning a great landslide victory sufficient to neutralize the election and voting fraud designed to put Hillary Clinton over the top.

The fraud in California alone amounted to 3 million fraudulent votes and when we add the high population states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Texas that pushed total fraud into the 12 million vote range and when the rest of the nation is factored in we are looking at a conservative number in the 18 million vote range and higher. Government speak is to take that which is overwhelming and proclaim it to be so low and infinitesimal as to not be a factor to sway outcomes so they can deny the very existence of fraud.

When states find election fraud it is rare for the corporate media to report it for such must be covered up to maintain the myth of non-existence, very much like pizzagate and child sex trafficking rings that operate with impunity internationally among the heads of state and the so-called elite.  Fake news, invented and manipulated stories are nothing new. The only thing new is our exposure of those doing it.

During the President Trump administration we see the same old cast of characters playing their same old games. Just today I watched Reince Priebus lie to C-PAC in proclaiming himself a true Trump supporter as he stuffs the White House with GOPe Never Trump staffers leaking information to their cohorts of the lamestream media. We see House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delaying, obstructing, and yielding to obstructionist democrats like senile Nancy Pelosi and vitriolic Chuck Schumer to delay confirmations, Obamacare repeals, Obamacare replacements and poorly the written immigration Executive Order to name but a few.

So far Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have done far more to oppose President Donald Trump than they have Barack Obama. Why not? They agree with Obama more than they do Trump for all embrace the globalist agenda and President Trump is clearly a nationalist dismantling the globalist NWO as his campaign agenda. This 2016 election marks the first time since 2000 in which the party in opposition to the elected or reelected presidential candidate made net gains in the Senate picking up two seats in New Hampshire and Illinois, two states where fraud was prevalent. A similar scenario exists in the House where the House lost six seats to hold their majority by 241-194. Democrats gained seats in Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Jersey but no, there is no fraud here. An investigation must take place and that is why the democrats and media are having a conniption because for democrats fraud is an election strategy and not a crime. Florida, Illinois and New Jersey are strong illegal alien states with Sanctuary Cities.


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