The DC Organic Act of 1871 Changed Everything

The DC Organic Act of 1871 Changed Everything
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November 13, 2016 (NorthEast Texas). The 2nd Constitution of The United States of America established in 1871 is a new and different form of governance than that which was created by the 1789 Constitution. The first Constitution created a nation, the second a corporation that used this 2nd constitution to form a new government called THE UNITED STATES, Inc. on February 21, 1871. For THE UNITED STATES, Inc. to become a legal entity it had to have its own constitution, so the 41st Congress committed treason by illegally abandoning the Republic to form a corporation managed by the three branches of government from the incorporated District of Columbia. The Congress had no Constitutional authority to do so. It essentially used the same Constitution of 1789 and by changing one word in the title it in effect created a new legal document that became the corporate constitution for THE UNITED STATES, Inc. When government officials, including the President, take their oath of office it is to THE UNITED STATES, Inc. the corporation and not The United States of America, the nation formed by the true organic Constitution for the United States of America.

The June 1, 1789 Constitution and the first 10 Amendments referred to as the Bill of Rights written by our forefathers along with the Declaration of Independence guaranteed the God-given rights of the individual as sovereign beings whose freedoms are Divinely Ordained. By forming this new corporate government it abandoned both the organic Constitution of 1789 and the Declaration of Interdependence to the status of artifacts which no longer had any legal bearing to guarantees of individual rights. The second constitution is essence formed the municipal charter for how government is to be managed in the incorporated District of Columbia and no longer was the legal documents used to govern this nation. The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were never transferred to this new government being formed by the Act of 1871. The 1789 Constitution drafted by our founders was titled “The Constitution for the United States of America” while the 1871 document is called, “The Constitution of the United States of America.”  Any corporate changes made to the constitution of THE UNITED STATES, Inc. since 1871 need not be disclosed to the American people for frankly it is none of our business for what have the people of this land to do with the corporate affairs or governance? In fact, the 2nd constitution and its amendments, modifications, deletions and additions are most likely not kept in this country but in London, UK where the principal benefactors are located, the Rothschild clan. Who knows what changes to the corporate charter were made since then.

That one word change created a new legal document that was used to form the corporation called THE UNITED STATES, Inc. and done so without the consent of the governed which was mandated under the organic Constitution of 1789.  This is an act of treason for by forming a new government without consent of the governed violated the Constitution of 1789 that was in full-force and effect on that treasonous day, February 21, 1871. It was on that day The United States of America stopped being a Republic and became a formal legal corporation. Our Constitution went into effect on March 4, 1789 as a Constitutional Republic and while in the broadest sense a “corporation” in as much that it was an organizing document or gathering of delegates to formulate a concern of critical issues, but certainly not a corporation in the legal meaning and structure.

Though the First Continental Congress was formed in 1774, it was a self-governing body not independent from the Crown but there to help dissipate the unrest with the clashes among native Indians; and the Crown’s clashes over taxes and military control. We can say using today’s vernacular that the Colonies were governed under Marshall Law. The Colonists and the Crown had growing concern over the indentured servants, women and the Indians who neither paid tax nor participated in the affairs of proportional governance, taxation and representation. Though a bit off point, I want to digress by saying the 1789 Constitution’s 3/5 vote allotted to the indentured servants was a measure enacted to lay the groundwork to eliminate congressional powers of representation by the slave masters when enacting law and was not a commentary on the worth on the individual servant. This clause was a catalyst toward the elimination of the powers of masters over their indentured servants that may never have happened otherwise. The first Central bank was also formed in 1777 and called the Bank of North America; but more on that topic a little later for the formation of a central bank is highly significant regarding liberty and our nation.

Neither the Articles of Confederation nor the organic Constitution were drafted in a manner that formed a legal corporate structure. The nation called The United States of America that came into being in 1789 was no longer a Republic governed by “We the People” as citizens for beginning in 1871 we are governed by the board of directors, the Congress, with the President acting as the CEO, Chief Executive Officer and the Supreme Court to settle disputes. This new government formed in 1871 is a for-profit municipal corporation that was for the benefit of the corporation and not that of the sovereign people who formed a citizen government as codified in the 1789 Constitution. The Act of 1871 established the 10 square miles we call the District of Columbia, as the seat of governance and the day the United States abandoned being a Republic bound by the organizing documents of the Constitution of 1789, The Bill of Rights of 1781 and the Declaration of Independence of 1776. This new UNITED STATES Inc. formed a corporate democracy of governance and became the forerunner of totalitarianism and not at all what our forefathers established or envisioned.

In 1860, the District of Colombia was the central locale for slave trade; Abraham Lincoln is elected President without a majority of votes and without a single Southern electoral vote; South Carolina is the first to secede from the Union and in 1861 the remaining southern states secede and found the Confederate States of America; Lincoln declares Marshall Law 1861; Civil War ensues ending 1865; and the Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect on January 1, 1863. Though many believe it abolished slavery, it did not. The Emancipation Proclamation decreed that all southern slaves so held in the Confederate States of America, the legal nation formed after secession, be release from servitude; and any slave owner not in the Confederacy will not be considered in rebellion against the United States by retaining their slaves. On December 6, 1865 the XIII Amendment to the Constitution was ratified stating that slavery and involuntary servitude is permissible as punishment for conviction of any crime committed anywhere in the United States or other place subject to US jurisdiction.

While some say this presumes the creation of forced manual labor in a penal system it is highly unlikely because forced labor for the incarcerated was already a practice of the penal system. The XIII Amendment was rather setting the groundwork for the central bankers control over the soon to be incorporated UNITED STATES, Inc. as was passage of Amendments XIV in 1868, Amendment XV in 1870 where we see the powers of government taking a sharp left turn by shifting powers away from the states and toward the federal government. In fact, all amendments from XIII on should be repealed for this is cementing leftist democracy through the manipulation of people and votes. Slavery and the freeing of slaves had little to do with race, for the first slave masters were black plantations owners; something not taught in American history classes. The Civil War was all about secession and economics, not race or slavery. The Rothschild’s of London may have been pressuring Lincoln to adopt a plan to cripple the confederate economy because the reality of southern prosperity was predicated upon a servile workforce. Lincoln floated a plan to free only southern slaves and send them to colonize Central America either as a real plan or one to be used as a bargaining chip with the Confederacy.

However, this in reality was a tool for the complete destabilization of the fragile banking system that would throw the entire Confederate economic, financial and currency into chaos and ultimate collapse. Thus trade with the North would cease and the impact of war debts and economic calamity would be borne by the entire nation. Mission accomplished for Baron Rothschild and his ultimate plan for control over the United States of America. Now once the reality and full weight of devastation began to crush the nation’s economy, Baron Rothschild could return as savior with a fist full of money to lend. A similar economic situation exists in 2017 America except in reverse. The year 2017 was to be the central banker’s strategy for financial, economic and currency collapse of the UNITED STATES, Inc. The proposed central bankers restructure plan due to bankruptcy would manifest the emergence of the globalist dream of a New World Order that would arise from the ashes and put an end to national sovereignty forever. This scheme was well under way worldwide except for Brexit and the election of President Donald J Trump; both posing grave threats to the central banker’s death knell to nationalism in North America, Europe and Asia. Do not think for one second that the planned invasion of Islam terrorism into a free and developed society is not a vital part of the NWO plan. Much more on this in future articles.

Lincoln was reelected in 1864 and assassinated in 1865 as Johnson assumes the presidency. When 1871 comes around the United States is bankrupt due to Civil and Revolutionary war debts that could no longer be paid to the foreign central banks; so the 41st Congress made a deal with the devil, and the foreign central bankers became the stakeholders and controllers of the newly formed UNITED STAES, Inc. with the primary bankers being the Rothschild’s of London whose fingers were in many international pies at that time and the Vatican. Control over this upcoming world power, The UNITED STARES, Inc. became a crown jewel for the UK for now they had America right where they wanted her after their humiliating defeat in the Revolutionary War … in their treasury pocket.

To sum what happened in 1871 is the Constitution of 1789 was abandoned to create a new government called the UNITED STATES, Inc. with a new constitution. This new corporate structure was the result of bankruptcy with new lopsided terms to favor foreign central banks. This act of treason replaced our original constitution and rather than we the people of the US being the owners and beneficiaries of our government we are beholden to the central bankers both foreign and soon to be domestic. All amendments since that time were enacted to garner power and control to The UNITED STATES, Inc. for its own benefit and those governed. We are now to this very day subject to the Lords of London and the Vatican, the other major foreign banker. They are but two members of what we simply refer to as the cabal. See why the American people are so frustrated?

The first time I became aware of this it was hard to swallow and put me on a path of comprehensive research because nobody and I mean nobody is truthfully teaching this aspect of American history, assuming it is taught at all. From the perspective of the central bankers and the cabal who control THE UNITED STATES, Inc. since 1871, we who are the true patriots seeking restoration of our Constitutional Republic are the corrupt and rebellious ones for it is we who stand in opposition to the treasonous government created in 1871 … but is that not the American Way?

Knowledge is power and though this information is readily accessible to any who seek to know, most still walk with their blinders on. Simply being armed with this knowledge means we can achieve the power to restore our government to the original 1789 Constitutional Republic upon the impending financial, economic and currency meltdown which I believe is inevitable. What can emerge is the restoration of this nation to its organic Constitution of 1789 as it existed at the time of abandonment in 1871. We can dissolve US Inc. and embrace the original 1789 Constitution, the first 12 Amendments up to February 20, 1871 and the Declaration of Independence as the rule of law with power once again restored to us, the sovereign people of the United States of America.

I pray the plan on how to achieve this will be forthcoming under the leadership of President Donald J Trump, for I merely indicated what I believe to be one plausible scenario on how to do this. President Trump is at war with the cabal, central bankers and the corporate media who is under their full control. Their globalism scheme for One World Order is under assault and subject to defeat, but not without ugliness. Knowing this should shed light on what we see unfolding before our very eyes and why it is happening. The violence and riots posing as protests is just noise to distract from seeing the true picture. Even with this little bit of information, does what is happening now make a little more sense?


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