The Act of 1871 Changes Everything, Part 2

The Act of 1871 Changes Everything, Part 2
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1789 US ConstitutionJanuary 23, 2017 (Northeast, Texas). The United States of America is no longer governed by the Founding Father’s Constitution of 1789 but the 2nd Constitution of 1871. Due to the nation’s inability to repay the loans coming due in 1871 to the foreign governments and central bankers that financed the Revolutionary and Civil wars in 1871, the central bankers demanded a restructure the United States government from that of a Republic into a Corporation. THE UNITED STATES, Inc. is what emerged before they would lend any more money. As mentioned in my first article, this changed everything and helps to explain many things. This first thing to note is that this 2nd Constitution is not for the people and by the people but is for the corporation by the central bankers who now control THE UNITED STATES, Inc. The UNITED STATES, Inc. is a for profit municipal corporation that exists to enrich themselves but primarily the foreign central bankers to whom they are indebted to.

You see, it is a half-truth to say foreign central banks control the United States; the full truth is they own and control us and always have since 1871. I hope this shocks you as much as it did me when the reality of this sank in. My knowledge of this act, when they still used to teach American history in schools, colleges and universities was that the Act established and incorporated the 10 square miles of land into the District of Columbia as a municipality which would act as the seat of government for the United States of America. Looking back I conclude this was a deliberate omission with the intent to deceive. While it did accomplish that there was oh so much more. That Act documented the treasonous 41st Congress of the United States by abandoning the Republic and the organic Constitution of 1789 as primary legal document for the United States of America. We are no longer recognized as a nation of sovereign individuals with unalienable rights granted by our Creator. The organic Constitution of 1789 is no longer the in-force legal document to guarantee our rights. The 2nd constitution of 1871 that was used to establish THE UNITED STATES, Inc. is the law of the land. What was once the United States of America is now THE UNITED STATES, Inc. and the latter is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The corporate constitution does not recognize the unalienable rights of sovereign man but rather reduced our rights into privileges granted by the corporation called THE UNITED STATES, Inc. which has all the power, control and benefits of rulership.

The implications of this treasonous act are profound. Whatever rights we think we have are not legally enforceable for under corporate UNITED STATES those 2nd Constitution 1871rights are no longer rights but privileges granted by the corporate entity called THE UNITED STATES. Our rights ordained by God were exchanged for privileges granted by the Corporation which exists entirely outside the first organic Constitution. When the first Constitution was abandoned it became a museum piece, a mere artifact of history much like the Articles of Confederation. This second constitution of is the governing document that every President since Ulysses S Grant affirms to uphold and defend including the 45th President of THE UNITED STATES, Inc. Donald J Trump. When President Trump took his oath of office on January 20, 2017 his oath is to uphold the 2nd constitution of 1871 that has probably been changed more times than we know. Pay attention to the oath for it clearly is to protect and defend the 2nd constitution of corporate THE UNITED STATES and not the organic Constitution for The United States of America. It has been this way for every President since after 1871.

Donald J Trump Oath of Office

Do not presume the United States to be the same as The United States of America for since 1871 these two terms are legally separate and distinct. Prior to 1871 the terms were synonymous but now that Corporation THE UNITED STATES exists they have very different meanings. Why are we kept in the dark about this? I can give you that answer in one word … REBELLION, perhaps a second … REVOLUTION. Americans do not take kindly to such levels of deception especially when led to believe for a century and a half that the organic Constitution of 1789 is the ruling law of the land! Self-preservation is the driving force for secrecy because the corporate structure can be dissolved and the abandoned organic 1789 Constitution’s reaffirmed as our guiding document and law of the land. That is precisely why I am writing and disclosing this information; we need to engage in this but first, let’s get the fullness of where we are today and how and why we got to this point.

THE UNITED STATES, Inc. is like all other corporations in that it exists as an economic entity to empower its owners to profit economically. We the People are not the owners any longer. It was on that treasonous day in 1871 that we the people became chattel and property rather than sovereign human beings with unalienable rights. The fullness of that did not manifest until some years later in 1913 when the trilogy of terror became the law of the land; the creature of Jekyll Island aka the Federal Reserve System; the creation of an Income Tax with Amendment XVI; and the abolition of the states rights in the Senate through Amendment XVII all of which are unconstitutional under the organic Constitution of 1789 but clearly not the corporate constitution of 1871. The sovereignty of man endowed by his Creator with inalienable rights is no longer acknowledged by that 1871 government formed to occupy the District of Columbia. Do the governing authorities even for a moment consider that it is we who elect or appoint and that they exist as public servants by the goodwill and consent of those governed? Not anymore. Now as I look back with a greater degree of critical thought, I must confess I’ve not seen human beings treated as the sovereigns we truly are during my lifetime. Let’s give some examples of how our Corporate United States operates versus how they were empowered to operate via the 1789 Constitution.

1789 v 1871 Constitutions

Without question all the people are being deceived that we are being governed under the Constitution of 1789 and not the corporate constitution of 1871. Federal law is to determine how the federal government operates and is to be limited to the District of Columbia and as such have no authority to impose federal law upon the several states. Foreign central bankers own and control THE UNITED STATES, Inc. and as of 1913 added their own central bank called the Federal Reserve Bank, aka “The Fed” and created an income tax (Amendment XVI); and disenfranchised the several states from their constitutionally mandated voice in federal government by eliminating the state legislators electing or the Governor appointing their two Senators (Amendment XVII) as representing the interests of state governments in federal governance. Because THE UNITED STATES, Inc. is owned by foreign central banks it is they who determined that corporate US shall be governed by a central bank that is also a separate and distinct corporation and not subject to THE UNITED STATES, Inc. as a “subsidiary” as are the IRS, Treasury, FBI, CIA and the like. This trilogy of horror (XVI, XVII & FED) paved the way for what we see happening today because that is what the foreign central bankers so decree. Though called departments and agencies of THE UNITED STATES, Inc. they are their own legal entity subject to the management of Congress but not so with the Fed. The American people see the Fed as the arbiter of chaos and mismanagement but the reality is they are indeed the entity designed to enrich the stakeholders, the foreign central banks by diminishing or elevating the value of the currency as a mechanism to enrich by pillage the people and states of their wealth and resources. When one debt-backed fiat paper currency fails and is rendered worthless another is issued and the cycle continues to repeat itself. Would it surprise you to know our tax dollars do not go to the operations of the federal government? I will embellish upon that in part 3, so for now let’s continue.

The 27 point checklist above is a partial listing of the key elements and though your knee jerk reaction is probably to dispute some or all these points, we see upon an honest examination that all are true and factual. A few of these points will be discussed now starting with how we are subjects, chattel and property, yes as in slavery type of property and not as sovereign individuals with rights. When a right exists we just engage in a behavior of that as an exercise of volitional will. A right does not need to seek permission from anyone or anything prior to enactment. Under this second constitution of US, Inc. the sovereignty of man is an illusion.

The easiest way to understand this is whenever you must obtain a license, permit, registration, or some other form of notice rendered to government that in fact may be denied or limited prior to engaging in such behavior or action that is a “privilege” and not a right. Let’s list some things our organic Constitution of 1789 grants us as rights that are now privileges of federal and state government starting with our second amendment, “…The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” To keep means to own; bear means to carry; and not infringed means there is no legal means for any government to require licensing, registration, permits or any other governmentally imposed process that falls under the meaning of “shall not be infringed.” The amendment begins with the phrase “A well regulated Militia…” which means each sovereign individual who chooses to “keep and bear” are automatically considered militia. This is speaking of the sovereign man and not the weapon of choice that is being “regulated” as peace officers or soldiers for that “being necessary to the security of a free state.”

Regulated by whom? The state and/or the federal government are the free-states being referenced here. Should there become a need for the armed citizens (militia) to be “called-up” to defend the security of the state (state or federal), those who exercise their second amendment right to “keep and bear” arms may so choose to heed the call to serve and defend “the security of the free state under the authority of said state. There is nothing in the 1789 Constitution to preclude the state from having a full-time police or military force. The armed person is regulated and only upon their responding to their call to serve. The weapons they carry, if their own are not ever regulated.

What is prohibited under the 1789 Constitution is infringing upon the sovereign man’s right to “keep and bear” and by exercising that sovereign right to actively serve as militia. Does this sound like the governing entities are honoring that? Rhetorical question? Well sort of for whenever we are required to licensed or register a weapon we are certainly not operating under our organic Constitution of 1789 but rather the treasonous and illegal constitution of Corporate UNITED STATES Inc.

Does sovereign man have a right to eat and feed his family? Yes, so under the 1789 Constitution he simply takes his weapon or fishing pole to any public forest, woods, lake or ocean to get fish or game for food. Should any government require a license to do such they are not operating under our organic constitution of 1789 but the treasonous constitution of 1871 by violating the “shall not be infringed” clause of sovereign man’s right as codified in the second amendment. Are private property rights afforded under our organic constitution? Not yes but Absolutely Yes! A sovereign man who owns a private lake or land with game cannot be infringed upon by another sovereign man without first obtaining permission to hunt or fish on the private property of another sovereign. Not so with public land. It seems that any license or permits that are issued to hunt or fish may only be done by the individual sovereign upon whom they choose to grant or not grant permission. No government whether federal, state, county or municipal has any such authority to issue or require a licenses or fines for not obtaining a license to hunt or fish on public land.

I made a statement earlier that under the second constitution of 1871; man is not treated as sovereign but as chattel. That warrants some explanation as to what were some of the terms the 41st Congress made with Baron Rothschild of London and other foreign central bankers represented by him, especially those of the Vatican. Since the advent of the Fed, every man, woman and child are born as debtors to THE UNITED STATES, Inc. I’m not specifically speaking about the $20 Trillion deficit that gets allocated to each individual. No, what I’m speaking of is far more sinister and evil. This 41st Congress was truly a complicit bunch to the chief negotiator Baron Rothschild, (Nathan Mayer Rothschild II) on behalf of the foreign bankers many of whom were of the Rothschild family and the Jesuits who oversee the Vatican Bank. It is very likely that Amendments XIII and IV came to be at the behest of this deal for with this amendment we see a dramatic shift away from the sovereignty of man toward the restrictive adherence to government after the 1871 Act. This Act set in motion a perpetual shift in control away from the rights of sovereign man which are reduced to privileges granted by government as the sovereign.  The XIII Amendment specifically empowers government to enslave and require involuntary servitude for being convicted of any violation of law, including debtor’s law which all individual are born into; and Section 4 of the XIV Amendment in favor of slavery or loss of emancipation for remedy for any debts due. These amendments are empowering economic slavery upon what was once the document to bind government against such assaults upon sovereign man. These are but a few evidences of governmental shifts away from the confines the organic Constitution of 1789 impose upon government and documents its new path of tyranny. Those in government who abide by these new rules of the second constitution are greatly rewarded and those who do not are not. Ever wonder why many who enter government leave with millions more in net worth than whence they came?

THE UNITED STATES, Inc. owns every individual from the moment of their birth to their death, including all property and assets even after death (Estate Tax). Everyone goes through life a debtor to Corporation UNITED STATES Inc. because we are pledged as collateral for government borrowing from the Fed, the central bank. We went from sovereignty to privileges to a commodity used as collateral in 1871. Every child’s birth certificate gets hypothecated as collateral for loans to the foreign central banks and to the Fed issuing debt upon currency lent to Corporate UNITED STATES, Inc. Each person who is a citizen or born of a citizen collateralizes all their current and future properties, assets, and earnings as collateral for the corporate US to receive currency. The corporate US also collateralizes unincorporated federal territories; national parks and non-profit organizations which are all transferred to foreign central banks as collateral against repayment of the federal debt. This means we are all inventory of the central bankers, they literally own us. That is why there was never any prohibition or abolishment of slavery. We are nothing more than property and assets of Corporate US. In 1871 when the United States became incorporated they attached birth certificates to a number on the stock exchange which in essence became a form of slave trade and is done every time a baby is born to this day. Rather than the overt sale of slaves in the District of Columbia to plantation and property owners who came to the slave auction, the covert trade of human beings on the stock market now became the new slave trading as authorized by Amendments to the Constitution by THE UNITED STATES, Inc. There is a bond trust account set up for each person receiving a certificate of live birth or berth; and we are traded as human commodities on the stock market. This is all documented and not difficult to discover with internet search engines. More on this in part three where the economics and the judiciary will be addressed along with more in-depth treatment of the Fed. About the judiciary, every time a person appears before a judge we stand before them as a debtor to THE UNITED STATES, Inc. and not as sovereign individuals. Imagine that!

Under our July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence, which is not embraced by THE UNITED STATES, Inc. and not factored into their governance though it is an organic document and applicable to sovereign man not consenting to governance by TRHE UNITED STATES, Inc. Restoration of our status as a sovereign person is achievable. While I and probably you stand upon our God-given gift as a sovereign individual endowed with unalienable rights, THE UNITED STATES, Inc. as dictated to by the central banks, the owners of Corporate US do not see us that way and have established laws and regulations to that end. To successfully navigate our way through this system requires knowledge and the ability to extricate ourselves is painful and difficult but nonetheless achievable. All these times when we see innumerable miscarriages of justice, inequity and scratch our heads in bewilderment, now you know why.

Our Declaration of Independence rings loud, true and applicable to us today perhaps more so than the day it was penned by Thomas Jefferson. So much so that I’d say delivery of said document with a new set of signatures of key sovereign individuals is in order. Just how applicable has the phrase … “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…” apply to us now? We have come full circle in history but rather than install a new Government for I am convinced that those who would become involved in this process are bereft of coming up with a more perfect form than what was delivered in 1789. Therefore we should rather reinstall that which was abandoned back on February 21, 1871 … our organic Constitution of 1789.

In part 3, I shall endeavor to discuss the evils of our current economic and judiciary systems under the oppressive, unjust and tyrannical actions of The Fed, Congress, the executive and judicial branches of the presidency and the courts for corporate UNITED STATES. Since 1871 all branches and aspects of government were actively in violation of our fundamental inalienable rights of sovereign man as codified in the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution as put in-force on March 4, 1789. This is available to us now and there is more work to be done for us to achieve a transfer of power from corporate US back to the Republic when the next severe economic and crisis unfolds most likely in 2017.

Regarding the economic and constitutional restoration of the Republic of the United States of America and all nations of the world have access to 1.7 million metric tonnes of gold that can be used for backing national currencies held in trust by the Global Debt Facility. The catch is each nation must ask for it. However, before this can happen we must release ourselves from the cabal; the network of corporate control; corporate US, Inc.; The Federal Reserve system and all worldwide central banks whose aim is globalization, New World Order, global currencies and an end to nationalism. Why do the central banks not want gold backed currency? Because they would lose $Billions of dollars annually in lost interest charged on worthless paper we call fiat currency.

Feb 25, 2014 Sean Stone interview Karen Hudes who since that time became a co-trustee to the Global Debt Facility that controls 1.7 million tonnes of gold available to any nations who wants gold to back their currencies.

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