Brett Kavanaugh Nominated for Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh Nominated for Supreme Court
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President Donald Trump nominates swamp creature Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony M Kennedy on the Supreme Court. President did not look very enthused when he made the announcement on Monday night July 9, 2018. This was most likely an orchestrated retirement with behind the scene dealings for Kavanaugh is a far cry from a true Trump selection.

Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is DC establishment and at the heart of the swamp he is ‘allegedly’ seeking to drain. While Kavanaugh is alleged to be pro-life we will see in his recent writings that he probably is not. He appears to be more and more pro-abortion in that he believes an infant and infant illegal alien invading our nation may have the ‘right’ to an abortion. Just how sick is that? Murder is not a right and the legalization of infanticide is nothing short of an abomination.

Kavanaugh is pro-second amendment … what a shame that this is even an issue to be pro-Constitution for is not protecting and defending the US Constitution the oath of all judges and federal employees? Is not protecting and defending the Constitution grounds for dismissal? Well in a bygone era, yes and our battle is to reinvigorate that era and restore the rule of law.

In this day of hostile democrat revolt against the United States and our beloved Constitution it’s a plus to see Kavanaugh is pro-law enforcement. However, that too is a balance for we do not want to energize a potential police state like that of totalitarian regimes and the fact that there are so many government agencies armed and highly weaponized to implement their will apart from the rule of law is chilling. The Bureau of Land Management is a case in point. The weaponization of our federal agencies and departments literally and figuratively is of grave concern.

The downsides of Kavanaugh are many. He is pro-big government, a globalist and pro-obamacare. Kavanaugh believes the President of the United States has close to unlimited powers to act. That too is chilling. Totalitarianism is so unconstitutional in this Constitutional Republic; we are NOT a Constitutional democracy, for that is the thing of mob rule and dictatorships. The erosion of the rule of law was incremental and a slow drip for over a Century but of late has greatly accelerated. That trend must be reversed.

The democrat party has become so lawless, and so socialist, communist and fascist that it behooves me they are not classified as a domestic terrorist organization. They’ve orchestrated an active and violent coup d’état against America and can only be relied upon to oppose everything lawful and constitutional by obstructing everything President Trump and Congress advances to restore American greatness.

Much of the opposition to Kavanaugh will be coming from conservative and principled Americans rightly opposed to empowering a swamp creature on to the Supreme Court. RINO Senators like Lisa Murkowski-AK and Susan Collins-ME may oppose Kavanaugh based on their pro-abortion stance. Rand Paul-KY was opposed on principle but it appears he is already acquiescing from opposing Kavanaugh to being ‘open’ about him. Who knows, he may have been brought up to speed with ‘the deal’ to pick Kavanaugh and may be going along with it.

Regardless of how many republicans oppose Kavanaugh there just might be enough democrats voting to confirm, for Kavanaugh is Senior Executive Services (SES) and listed in the 2004 Plum Book. They may also hang him out to dry for their hatred for Donald trump is off the charts. Regardless, don’t be sucked into the myth of democrat versus republican for that is fiction and illusion to confound the masses. It is and always has been tyranny versus liberty and the tyrants occupy 100% of democrats and ⅔ of elected republicans. That means Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed before the midterm election. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that the corporate media and politicians play.

I oppose Kavanaugh in addition to what was mentioned already mainly on the basis of the cover-up of the Vince Foster murder, oops, I mean ‘Clintoncide’. Kavanaugh was lead investigator into the murder and covered-up of Vince Foster and did a job that Robert Mueller and the other SES members are proud of. He was on the Ken Starr special prosecution team that impeached President Clinton and wrote the majority of the Starr Report. He also led the Bush-Gore lawsuit in the contested ‘hanging chad’ election of 2004 that he argued for going to the Supreme Court to make the decision. The democrats were so livid by this they held up his confirmation for three years. By the way, 2004 is the same year Kavanaugh was awarded SES status. Coincidence? Hardly for Kavanaugh is Bush, Cheney guy.

You see, once you become SES, your power and earnings never goes away whether you’re in or out of government. The SES is the shadow government that control of the deep state. SES earnings begin where Civil Service pay grades end. That’s right; their minimum pay is larger than the highest grade of civil service. Welcome to The Swamp!


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