The War for Our Survival is On!

The War for Our Survival is On!
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San Bernardino Terrorism

Islam Terrorism in San Bernardino, California

I first wrote this article the day after the San Bernardino terrorist massacre on December 2, 2015. These terrorists legally immigrated to the United States and were fully ‘vetted’ by the Obama regime. A newspaper publisher picked up that article and published it in their January, 2016 edition. A few days ago the Editor asked me to update this article for republication. I am happy to oblige.

The first article focused upon the removal and obstruction of Barack Hussein Obama. Turns out Obama is just as big a threat now as he was then except without ‘some’ of the resources he had at his disposal when he and his regime, far-left democrats and DNC fraudulently stole the Presidency of the United States for two terms. Yes, Obama is Islam and born in Kenya with that birth certificate freely available for view online. Sheriff Joe Arpaio proved his Hawaiian birth certificate is a 9-count forgery that exists only in cyberspace. This is fact not opinion.

Obama still has ‘some’ federal resources at his disposal for by now you are hopefully aware of the ‘deep state’ and ‘shadow government’ with the former being the non-elected ruling class of the US government and the latter being the COG, the continuity of government should the ‘official’ government suffer significant loss due to a natural or man-made disaster.

Men like disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is one such deep state operative. There are thousands more loyal to Obama and the Clintons that pose immediate danger for they seek the overthrow of the US government. The federal government was operating like a crime syndicate for several decades that crescendo’s during the Obama regime.

The constitutional form of government of the people, by the people and for the people was usurped a long time ago by the power elite who gravitate to corporate and government control over the masses. The power elite would not tolerate such a system giving power to the people. They orchestrated in stealth changes to our constitution that granted them legal authority to enable their globalist scheme and put in motion the mechanisms that brought us to today … the collapse of our form of government to be replaced with globalism.

Globalism is a scheme to eradicate the sovereignty of nations by eliminating borders, culture, language and a highly educated and informed population that could threaten the manifestation of global control. The scheme is to have the deceived populist ‘voluntarily’ yield control to unelected globalists through organizations like the UN, IMF, World Bank, international central bankers and courts. Other global institutions are yet to come once globalism comes to fruition and power.

Globalism is the № 1 threat to the world for its aim is to remove ‘sovereignty’ from the nations. To achieve this, the № 2 threat must be put in motion ‘Islam and third world immigration and terrorism’ to eradicate borders and culture and national identity including language. The globalists call this multiculturalism. Most of the US military command are globalists due to the Obama purge in 2013 of more than 200 generals loyal to US Sovereignty. All branches of government are predominantly globalist including the deep state operatives running the intelligence agencies and major departments of government.

These are the underpinnings of government. The danger with introducing these concepts is the tendency to digress from the main point by developing those underpinnings that form the foundation of government and globalism. Important as that may be it must be introduced but not developed in-depth in the context of a newspaper article. Pragmatism must be considered.

This truth has always been hidden in plain sight but was always couched with ‘conspiracy theory’ by the fake news media. The media desires the uneducated un- and mis-informed masses to reject truth under the guise of lunatic fringe ideas and concepts out of the ‘mainstream’ of societal thinking. No doubt some are, but certainly not the majority. Sorting it out requires critical thinking; skills no longer taught in our hallowed halls of indoctrination, oops I mean learning.

Parched for Accurate NewsSee what is happening with fake news CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post and other so-called ‘respected’ sources of information? Their treachery is waking up society to question things they never did before; and to see thing they never saw before. It’s a shock to most and chilling to come to the realization that we’ve been lied to by those we relied upon for accurate and truthful information. We formed our views and opinions on false information and for some that reality is too much to bear and why these aforementioned sources still have viewers and readers.

Two things turned the political world upside down, Donald Trump being elected President and Brexit. Having President Trump, a non-establishment insider sitting in the seat of power and information is exposing the vile filth and criminal enterprises of the Swamp Creatures selling this nation out for the false panacea of globalism. President Trump is shining the antiseptic light on the schemes and criminal activities of the swamp that operate in stealth and darkness.

Come on folks, did you really think this total meltdown in government, media and hollywood elites are due to criminal Hillary Clinton losing yet another embarrassing election? Donald Trump is the greatest threat to globalism and why the globalists made sure that nationalist Marine Le Pen was defeated using extreme ballot fraud for she would have France pulling out of the EU.

There is an active coup d’état on several fronts happening right now to depose of President Trump. The judicial coup illegally blocked his rightful Executive Order to temporarily institute a 90-day moratorium on immigration from 6 terrorist states. When such a rational, common sense order is met with such vitriol, you know something is seriously awry. When far-left extremist judges on the Supreme Court agree 9-0 on the legality of the Executive Order does that not confirm evil doing?

While many in the public are up in arms about the Trump Executive Order, the truth is far worse. Islam is the evil and no, it is not a small group of radical terrorists that have hijacked Islam. We have 1,400 years of documented history but to expose the truth on Islam will require dedicated articles and more. has a section on Islam with articles and references and a good place to start.

Islam Immigration to United States Prohibited Under US Immigration Law

Did you know that Islam immigration is already prohibited under current immigration law? The Immigration and Nationality Act updated the laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality for the United States. That Act became Public Law 414 and established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and is current law.

Among the many issues PL-414 address, the one in particular relevant to this topic is found in Chapter 2, Section 212 which is the prohibition of entry to the United States by any alien belonging to an organization or entity seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by ‘force, violence or other unconstitutional means.’

This by definition rules out Islam for Islam is NOT a religion but a governing ‘Idiocracy’ of global conquest based on forced submission to Islam or death. Islam literally translated means submission and the Islam Idiocracy has civil, educational, political, economic, monetary, religious, legal and military components. All Islam is required to be in subjection to sharia, the legal component regardless of where they may live. Islam is like our Constitution and Declaration of Independence except Islam has no borders to confine its authority.

The Islam Idiocracy holds it laws as higher than all law in the universe for they claim divine origin for their Idiocracy. Their very existence is predicated upon forcing all human life into subjection to Islam or forfeits their life for their rejection. Because the entirety of the Islam Idiocracy is ‘divine’ Islam believes no other form of government has any authority over them.

PL-414 has been ignored by nearly all Presidents since Kennedy with the Bush’s and Clinton increasing Islam immigration dramatically. But none have trampled the law more than our first Islamic President Barack Hussein Obama who seemed to fancy himself more of an emperor for his utter lawlessness and contempt for our Constitution … except of course when it suits his cause to invoke it.

Such disregard for the supreme law of the land placed all American lives in imminent peril as evidenced by the increased terrorism in the United States since the reign of Obama. Deep state treachery has taken over the State Department under Rex Tillerson and they are in utter defiance of the temporary moratorium on immigration enacted by President Trump and the SCOTUS ruling.

The State Department has embarked on recklessly increasing the numbers of Islamics coming to America from those six nations. Brian Hook, Director of Policy Planning is the deep state operative defiantly increasing unvetted Islam immigrants from these six nations to levels that surpass what was done under Obama. Unless an immediate cease and desist order is enacted and Hook terminated our nation remains in imminent peril.

PL-414 prohibits entry of ‘Aliens who the consular officer or the Attorney General knows or has reason to believe seek to enter the United States solely, principally, or incidentally to engage in activities which would be prejudicial to the public interest, or endanger the welfare, safety or security of the United States.’ Enforcement of existing law was all that is required.

Our laws also prohibit entry of Aliens who are members of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the US and all forms of law (including sharia); Aliens who publish, circulate and distribute materials, teaching or advocating the overthrow of the United States by force, violence or other unconstitutional means.

How does Islam Idiocracy not qualify as a prohibited group? They are bound by quran, sharia law and hadith to use jihad to force submission to Islam. Are not all the above without exception antithetical to our laws, the Constitution and our Republic?

All who attest Islam as their belief system are bound to complete and total submission to all its idiocratic forms of governance. Now the leftists, democrats, GOPe, globalists and ‘politically correct’ falsely argue Islam cannot be prohibited from entering the USA because Islam is a religion and as such prohibition violates our establishment clause of the Constitution. That was the very argument used in the judicial coup d’état twice by the activist judges and lawyers who blatantly and illegally usurped executive powers to themselves. SCOTUS defeated that coup 9-0 in their stay on the Executive Orders, but still they persist. So far unsuccessfully but the left continues to file suit after the SCOTUS decision.

My fear is there will not be any argument before the Supreme Court to make the case that Islam is not a religion but an Idiocracy. Without making this case there is a very strong possibility SCOTUS may rule against the EO and prohibit the denial of extreme vetting of any Islam on religious grounds. Islam has 1,400 years of documented history as an idiocracy. To lose this case on religious grounds would be a travesty. But this is exactly what may happen unless the Trump administration can establish that Islam is not a religion.

The enhanced vetting may go down as unconstitutional under religious discrimination and the ‘refugee’ status may be upheld for that same reason thereby denying the right to prohibit any Islamic from entry into this country. Any request would then guarantee entry based upon religion. Should that occur, and there is a strong probability it will if the religion argument is not challenged. I can even see an affirmative vote by Judge Neil Gorsuch for he is a strong advocate for religious liberty regardless of the religion.

Without defeating Islam as a religion there will be nothing to stop the unfettered immigration of Islam into this nation. Within a relative short period of time Islam overwhelms the population. Sweden, Germany, France, UK and the Philippines (which we hear little about) will be a walk in the park compared to what will befall the United States. Gee, do we need to learn Polish and immigrate there? The Poles, not their government, is mounting a huge fight and I for one prefer to be with those who fight for what is right and not rely on unreliable politicians to do the fighting for us.

Sharia LawUnder sharia law it is permissible to force submission under the threat of criminal penalties; imprisonment; death; decapitation; amputation; torture; physical, sexual and emotional abuse as mandated by Islamic law. According to Islam the United States is powerless to impose it laws upon Islam for Islam is not subject to any laws of man.

Classifying Islam as a religion should be irrelevant if we lived in a just judicial system, but unfortunately we do not. Islam is an ‘organization’ that advocates the overthrow of all government not Islam and should be prohibited on that basis alone.

Their writings plus history validate this. I do not have confidence in our legal system or SCOTUS to arrive at a sound Constitutional decision. When the ‘black robe brigade’ proclaims they can see homosexual marriage and abortion as protected ‘rights’ under the ‘Constitution’ just how much confidence do you have?

Will the quran, sharia and hadith qualify as ‘literature’ under the statute? There is ample evidence in such that teaches all man-made governments must be destroyed and those who survive have no authority over Islam. How much suffering and death under Islam must manifest before people admit this reality? Their denial is pathological at best, and treasonous at worst. It matters not which for the outcome is the same … death!

Call to Action

Somehow, someway this position to have Islam classified as an idiocracy rather that a religion must be undertaken. If it takes years to litigate the case … good; as it should be. The stakes are high for our survival as a nation is on the line. Globalism lays siege to Western Civilization using Islam as their weapon to eradicate culture, borders, language and national identity.

Petitions and calling Congress is a fruitless venture but still must be undertaken as evidence of opposition. Do not however expect such to yield fruit … it will not. The ballot box is the only reality politicians know and we must stop voting these establishment globalists into office. The democrats no longer care and are up front with who they are … fascist, totalitarian globalists who will take by force that which they seek most … power and control.

The Republicans on the other hand must still operate in a stealth manner. The GOPe must still deceive the voters and hide who they truly are. Every republican President between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump was GOPe big government globalists.

That essentially makes them democrat in that they want obamacare, big government, big budgets, bigger deficits, centralized control and globalism. Paul Ryan, House Speaker and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader are GOPe and contrary to President Trump though they need to disguise it as best they can. The best we can do now is to try and mount their defeat come 2018 for Paul Ryan and the majority of RINO GOPe republicans in Congress.

We need to try to get this Islam idiocracy information to Jay Sekulow, Attorney for President Trump who will likely present and defend the EO before SCOTUS later this year. He is a staunch defender of the first amendment and has successfully pleaded cases before SCOTUS on free speech and religious issues. I don’t know the tact the government will take but to allow Islam classification as a religion is toxic, even if we win the SCOTUS case.

There will be a globalist elected as President sometime after 2024 for I am convinced Donald Trump will be a two term President. What happens after that? We must think beyond ourselves and a short term victory. Leaving Islam classified as a religion is a loss that will come back to bite us hard in the next decade or two.

Let’s please love our children more that ourselves and not leave them with a ticking time bomb. Even losing this ‘idiocracy’ case today establishes doubt and lays the groundwork for future cases. Something I hope merits serious consideration from the White House.

San Bernardino TerroristsIn my first article I developed the case that the San Bernardino terrorists were vetted and still they massacred innocent people, including those they developed personal relationships. Americans have a hard time wrapping their head around the Islamic Idiocracy. I studied Scripture and Islam for the purpose to defeat their theological beliefs. My engagement in that study is when I discovered Islam is not a religion but an idiocracy with a religious component. I will share with you my conclusions in the January article for they are still relevant now.

Yesterday, December 2, 2015 Islamic terrorists attacked, slaughtered and wounded more than 20 Americans in San Bernardino, California and Islamic emperor Obama will not acknowledge this as a jihad act of Islamic terrorism. He rather chose to use this massacre as an occasion to further erode American rights under our Constitution by calling this ‘gun violence’ and called for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

The wisdom of our forefathers was to put the 2nd Amendment in place as the anti-tyranny provision and not the ridiculous position by the totalitarian left to ensure hunting rights. The Second Amendment and Citizen Militia is how we preserve our freedom. Liberty demands that government fear the people; Tyranny demands that people fear the government. Our Constitutional right is for individuals to ‘carry arms’ on their person in public and not merely the right to own arms.

The blood spilled at San Bernardino and all other Islam terrorism that spills American blood is on his head of Obama and his regime, democrats and RINO GOPe. We must therefore do these four things immediately:

  1. Force Obama to resign or face immediate arrest for his more than 50 counts of treason, conspiracy and criminal negligence while in office
  2. The immediate closure of out Southern border with Mexico until such time we can adequately secure the safety and protection of our citizens
  3. The immediate strengthening of our Northern border with Canada
  4. The immediate cessation of all Islam immigration

These are steps that must be taken immediately to ‘stop the bleeding’ until we can assess the Islam situation that exists within our borders. Waiting until the 2016 election may be too late for American lives are in immediate peril and Obama and his regime are reticent to engage in any common sense and rational measures to safeguard the citizens and residents of the United States of America.

With Obama continuing to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump by orchestrating his shadow government in getting the deep state to leak incessantly; have the media report on false information based on these allegedly false and occasionally criminal leaks; orchestrate the terrorism groups like antifa, BAMN to engage in acts of street violence and property destruction; his shadowing President Trump to interfere with foreign affairs by meeting with the same heads of state to sabotage talks with the Trump administration are but a few of Obama treason. For these reasons item one above remains a viable option. God Save the Republic!

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