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Islam Is An Idiocracy, Not A Religion
0 comments, 05/08/2017, by in Islam

The biggest myth perpetrated upon the world is that Islam is a religion. Forget the religion of peace mantra for Islam is neither a religion nor peaceful. They are an Islam Idiocracy without borders. The Islam Idiocracy governs all Muslims and those who embrace Islam anywhere in the world regardless... Read more...

The War for Our Survival is On!
2 comments, 10/07/2017, by in Islam

I first wrote this article the day after the San Bernardino terrorist massacre on December 2, 2015. These terrorists legally immigrated to the United States and were fully ‘vetted’ by the Obama regime. A newspaper publisher picked up that article and published it in their January, 2016 editi... Read more...

The Denial of Islam is Our Titanic
0 comments, 17/03/2017, by in Islam

Why did only a few survive? It has to do with human nature. The greater the enormities of a disaster, the less likely people are to consider the propensity and reality of doom.  This applies to the case of the Titanic’s maiden voyage with all its pomp, circumstance and hype of being the first uns... Read more...